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Essential Liberty

Updated on December 7, 2009

Personal Freedom Requires Personal Responsibility

Crashing a party at the White House. A lot of news about this. A couple, the Salahi's, slips into the White House for an event they supposedly weren't invited to. So now people are outraged about how they, just two ordinary people, were able to slip into the White House, where Barack Obama was for goodness sake.

That outrage is misplaced.

The real outrage from any lover of freedom should be in the fact that we have in this country what our founders feared most, a ruling class. A group of elite that decides the fate of a Nation of supposedly independent States.

We are no longer a Nation of individuals depending upon their own resources to get through life. We are no longer a Nation of individual States where people are able to decide what role Government has in their lives. We are no longer a Nation whose heart beats with the blood of essential Liberty.

Instead we have become a Nation of fools.

We have willfully established a Government with the absolute power to control our lives. We have allowed a Federal Government to grow and grow, to snatch one freedom after another. We have become lazy, expecting to be supported, to be cared for, to have all our problems resolved by Government. Our towns and cities now turn to a Federal Government for large amounts of funding. Willfully giving up freedom to make decisions locally, in order to sup at the Government teat. Our independent States are constantly giving up the ability to determine the direction of their citizens for cash. Cash that came from the State's citizens in the first place!

All because we have become too lazy to care for ourselves. All because we believe a small group of ruling class can provide better for us than for ourselves.

Why though? Who would trust a politician to babysit their kids? What politician would you take a thousand dollars out of your pocket, hand to them, and say, "Here, you use this to provide something to me that I need". Are people really so stupid as to believe a politician? Have people really become so engrossed with the idea that they aren't able to care for themselves that they are willing to allow complete strangers to take that responsibility?

Have we really become so idiotic as to trust that a politician in Washington D.C. is somehow able to know better than we what we need in our independent lives?

It would seem so. And it doesn't matter Democrat, Republican or whatever. The simple fact is that we have come to believe that our personal problems aren't our fault and the fixes to those problems are somebody else's responsibility.

When you allow Government to involve itself with your personal life and to rely upon that Government to provide for you, you have become the property of that Government. You have to do what you are told, when you are told, by people who you will never meet, or you lose that which you taught yourself to rely upon.

And so we lose our freedom.


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