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Establishing a Biblical Worldview for a Teacher in a Public School

Updated on January 5, 2015

Who I am :

To open my introduction I would like to write upon how Psalm 139 instructs me as to who my creator really is. I know God is my creator because, he has told me so. Even, when I was but cells in my mother, He was there. I must conduct myself accordingly. As a student of the Bible and a teacher of men, I have been fighting against my inner nature to actually try to instruct on Biblical principals thinking “I am just a sinner, I can not deem myself good enough to share His words.” It is astonishing that in the focus of my own misery I forgot such a simple fact. I am His creation. So simply put, yet so elegant a statement. It now has control over the majority of my life, and I do not seem to mind. I can now act with the confidence that I am supported by Him as His creation.

How can I relate?

I am a teacher and as such the bible has many guidelines for me to obey and cautions to keep in mind. In the second book of Timothy 3:16-17 it tells me that the scripture is Gods and should be used as a standard not only for teaching but as to how I should live my life. I can not teach falsely, as that shows disrespect for Gods roll as our teacher. Our minds need much training in order to understand the nature of righteousness so that we can better combat sinful temptations and be aware of it in our neighbors. While I can not teach Gods word in a public school, I do often exemplify what I believe to be living up to a christian standard, as well as showing how God gave me the tools I need to do my job right.

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What is the standard?

The book of Romans 2:21 tells me that as a teacher I can not be dishonest, nor allow dishonesty within my classroom. Here at Liberty I have learned much about things like plagiarism. Scripture tells me that I have to be honest in my instruction and give credit where it is due. Expecting the same from my students, I can not allow them to follow false trails and steal information for their assignments. Another example is found is in 2 Timothy 2:23-26 and it says not to allow conflict within my classroom, and I am limited by instructional material. Unfortunately, our classrooms are the forefront of this battle, not to allow church to influence what and how things are taught within our classrooms (Acts 5:27-29). As a teacher I am compelled to try to teach in a non-conflicting and safe environment. Yet even the pledge of allegiance to America has come under fire. My duties as a christian and as an American veteran scream for me to follow Gods words and do what is right. To this end, I may be forced to work in a Christian school instead of a public one.

A word to the wise

Finally, in the book of James 3:1, this verse speaks to me in a most stringent manner. I know that not everyone is cut out to be a teacher. To see that the Bible issues strong cautionary statements saying that there is greater responsibility on one who could be so bold as to become one. As a teacher my decision to be a follower of God means that I must be extra careful, I can not take this lightly. I am the shining example that I plan to teach about, leading by the statement of my faith and moving forward. My students may never know if I am christian, but will know that when I speak, it is out of love and genuine concern for them as fellow creations (under God).

Putting it together

When reflecting on forces affecting my life, page 81 of Praxis comes to mind. Addressing the material and immaterial within mankind.(Etzel.Gutierrez.2012) When I am conflicted within myself as to which takes precedent, it is evident that I should be following Gods examples. Within the Bible are simple step by step instructions on how to build my relationship with God. Praying to God brings illumination(Etzel.Gutierrez.2012). When I am unsure of how to perform as a teacher I pray for guidance. It is not often withheld. The Holy Spirit works in my classroom often and I can see it at times with startling clarity, Even if I can not teach these truths in my classroom, I can acknowledge their effect on my class and my teaching methods. Honesty, forthrightness, and clarity of instruction are mandated traits in the Bible for anyone who would become a teacher, and it is how I strive to be.


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