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Ethnic Violence Erupts In Sudan

Updated on January 7, 2015

It seems the age old ethnic conflicts and political turmoil in Sudan is not going to end in the near future, as violence broke out in rural outlets of the country recently. Continuing violence in Sudan is often portrayed as the repercussion of 1984-2002 civil wars, which paralyzed the region. Frequent conflicts in Sudan reaffirm the significance of pointed and decisive action towards communal riots. Political factionalism, land dispossessions and growing unrest among tribal groups are found to be the root causes behind ethnic conflicts of Sudan. Mysterious social etiquettes surrounding ethnic equations underwent a radical change in the previous decade. Tribal clashes in the Darfur state of Sudan killed more than five hundred people and left thousands injured. It is reported that many villages in the Darfur region were burned and thousands of displaced families are in need of emergency assistance.

Real Bloodshed Between Tribal Groups

The El Serief region in North Darfur is the most affected area in the country due to recent violence and disputes regarding region’s gold mine. A peace deal was signed between two rival groups of Sudan last month, but unfortunately it was in vain. Violence hit El Serief again last week resulting in the brutal killing of sixty local people, including women and children. The situation in El Serief has temporarily come under control after the Sudanese national government ordered air strikes. Seriously injured civilians of El Serief were taken to El Fasher, the capital of El Serief, for better medical treatment. World nations have expressed grave concern regarding the safety and well being of the war affected Sudanese population. The United Nations Peace Keeping Mission deployed their representatives in Darfur to coordinate rescue operations.

Conflicts Back with a Bang

The Sudan Government has called for an immediate end to attacks in Darfur, which has crippled the region. Learned from reliable sources that peace keeping operations will be conducted taking in confidence all the ethnic groups of Sudan. Humanitarian organizations working in Sudan fear that many displaced locals still remain without food, shelter and basic medical facilities. According to residents of El Serief, the situation in the area is worsening. Large sections of El Serief residents have fled their homes due to violence between the two prominent tribal groups of the region. Local community leaders of El Serief claim that about eighteen thousand people have been displaced due to recent conflicts. The United Nations estimate that more than 30000 people have lost their lives during the ten year conflict in Darfur. With political turmoil that never ends North Darfur continues to be the most vulnerable and volatile tribal region in Sudan despite lots of peace negotiations, international mediations and interventions of civil society groups.


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