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Eugene Ivanov, Kirkland Lake Community Leaders Stupider Than A 'Retard'?

Updated on September 13, 2018
Stephen Sinclair profile image

Stephen Sinclair is a Canadian freelance writer who has been publishing professionally for several years.

Kirkland Lake's Kinross Pond
Kirkland Lake's Kinross Pond | Source

Canada's Nether Regions

My name is Stephen Sinclair. When I was 39, six-and-a-half years ago, I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. I am what Kirkland Lake residents call a "retard."

How do I know I'm a "retard"? Some Kirkland Lake residents have been calling me "retard" for years. In the past, most would save such comments for times when they could hurl them without anyone but me hearing. Recently, however, Kirkland Lakers have become more emboldened with their ableist hate.

After going on a rambling diatribe that would make Steve Bannon blush, apparent Kirkland Laker Tim Wilberforce declared, "I like to end things on a positive note, so Mr. Sinclair, your spelling is excellent. For a retard. Good day, sir."

Looking over the Facebook profile that appears to belong to Mr. Wilberforce, it seems that he is a fan of South Park. He appears to take particular joy in the character, "Timmy Burch." An image of the wheelchair user and barely verbal youth is featured in Tim Wilberforce profiles on both Facebook and HubPages.

The South Park Archives "Timmy Burch" page states that the character was born with "a strange combination of palsy and Tourettes." There is an excellent chance that such an individual would be fully aware of the words and actions of people they come in contact with. Let that sink in: "Timmy" would likely be able to hear and understand the pejorative term. Further, as the late physicist Stephen Hawking's life so aptly underlines, it's entirely possible that a wheelchair user and nonverbal individual may posses genius-level intelligence. Yes, a character like "Timmy" may even be smarter than Mr. Wilberforce.

Between South Park and likely some other influence, Tim Wilberforce has achieved a level of offensiveness and sullen hate befitting a member of the alt right or Nazi-affiliated group. What could this other influence be and is this really surprising from a person from a town that clings to the name of its borough, "Swastika," as featured with the National Post, like a heroin addict clings to smack?

A reasonable place to look might be the words and actions of community leaders like OPP officer Sandro Cave and retired St. Cyr & Associates Certified Financial Planner and town council candidate Eugene Ivanov.

Tim Wilberforce Teaches 'Retard' A Lesson


Kirkland Lake Leaders Setting Examples For Citizens?

Recently, in reaction to this article, which features the potential connection to seeming fraud of deleted Northern News articles, Eugene Ivanov waxed philosophical on the debate surrounding differently abled citizens.

"More crap news created by some nutbar!!! Don't believe this crap!!!" Ivanov wrote, for all of Kirkland Lake to read and enjoy.

When asked how shares sold by mayoral candidate Todd Morgan's former company, Armistice Resources, differ from those sold by convicted U.S. swindler Jordan Belfort, as well as what happened to the disappearing Northern News articles, Mr. Ivanov's philosophical missive abruptly ended, and his profile disappeared from my view, likely indicating that he has blocked me.

Is Eugene Ivanov too much of a coward to debate a "nutbar" "retard"?

Seeking opinions from other town leaders, this writer wrote to several, asking if they had anything to add to Mr. Ivanov's words. Those approached included Community Living Kirkland Lake (CLKL) Executive Director Heather Topliss, town Community Services Director Bonnie Sackrider, former Veterans Affairs Canada Director of Commemoration Jerry Robazza, council candidates Rick Owen, Patrick Adams, Stacy Wight, and every other candidate in running, and apparent organized crime-connected Ontario Provincial Police officer Sandro Cave, among others.

Only a single person responded: Stacy Wight. And even she, a former CLKL worker, could not bring herself to condemn Mr Ivanov's or Mr. Wilberforce's words. Not one out of this group of apparently reasonable adults appears to see a problem with a council candidate calling an autistic adult a "nutbar." Similarly, none were able to offer any type of answer to my questions. All appeared to be content with Eugene Ivanov's childish name calling and inability to answer questions that fall directly within his area of expertise: capital markets and finance.

Eugene Ivanov: Unable Or Unwilling To Answer Questions About Seeming Fraud


Sandro Cave: Too Big A Man To Answer Questions From An Autistic Writer?

Sandro Cave has been featured in at least one Northern News article, playing basketball with other OPP members against a team composed of developmentally challenged adults who are served by CLKL. At the time Mr. Ivanov made his above comment, Mr. Cave was listed among the retired financial planner's Facebook friends.

When asked about members of the CLKL team, "Do you call them 'nutbars'? Would you find it acceptable if others did?" Sandro Cave appeared to be unable to muster any reply, at all.

If Eugene Ivanov's words were offensive and dangerous, isn't Sandro Cave's and other Kirkland Lake leaders' silence just as much so? Isn't this silence sending a clear message to citizens, such as Tim Wilberforce?

And here we get a glimpse of the environment in which Mr. Wilberforce was possibly raised. If a town leader like Eugene Ivanov can haul off and call an autistic man a "nutbar," then it must be the right thing to do. When other town leaders like Sandro Cave, Rick Owen, Patrick Adams, and Stacy Wight remain silent, Kirkland Lake citizens take notice.

Furthermore, when community leaders and law enforcement officers refuse to take part in a reasonable conversation about fraud and suicide, malleable minds like those of our "Timmy Burch" fan become formed. Despite the silence of the town's elite, everyday Kirkland Lake citizens who recognize this hate for what it is do exist. It is the town's loss that none appear among the leaders surveyed.

Shouldn't people like Eugene Ivanov and Sandro Cave, not to mention other council and mayoral candidates, be asking the completely reasonable questions I have asked? How are the shares sold by Todd Morgan's and Paul Antoniazzi's, the brother of current Mayor Tony Antoniazzi, former companies any different than those sold by convicted swindler Jordan Belfort? How many elderly Canadians have they ripped off? How many other suicides and deaths can be connected?

Did Nadine Antoniazzi, who reportedly suffered with depression, encounter similar abuse before she took her own life in 2008?

Stepping back and viewing the bigger picture, isn't this behavior consistent with that of a "mob boss"? As the behavior of renowned ableist U.S. President Donald Trump has been compared, as reported by Vanity Fair. Is Eugene Ivanov taking a cue from Donald Trump? Are some Kirkland Lake residents learning the same lessons Trump supporters apparently have? The U.S. president would likely find himself quite at peace in Kirkland Lake. This is not something residents should be proud of.

"I think he has behaved in a hateful way," U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren was quoted with regard to Trump's mocking of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, by the Boston Globe. “When he makes fun of someone who has palsy ... and then when it’s pointed out and he won’t apologize, that’s hateful."

It is nothing short of remarkable that none of the Kirkland Lake community leaders contacted appear to share Senator Warren's common sense point of view.

With regard to how shares of Armistice Resources (now Kerr Mines) (TSX: KER), Opawica Explorations (TSXV: OPW), and RT Minerals (TSXV: RTM) differ from those sold by Jordan Belfort, readers need only be aware of the 99-plus percent losses suffered by investors in each, as reported by Yahoo! Finance. This means that every $100 worth of stock purchased by investors is now worth less than $1.

If these companies aren't frauds, any reasonable person can reach the conclusion that their management teams, including Todd Morgan and Paul Antoniazzi, were completely incompetent. At least three such companies among such a small, seemingly hate-filled social clique can only serve to intensify suspicions.

This article has been corrected, removing the adjective "young" to describe Mr. Wilberforce.

Donald Trump And Eugene Ivanov: Comfortable With Their Ableism?

© 2018 Stephen Sinclair


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