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European Disunion?

Updated on April 15, 2016
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An author who believes in freedom of speech and being opinionated. A great gift is having a will and the courage to enact.

Is it time to leave? Arguments for leaving

The forthcoming election on the 23rd June 2016 to decide if the UK is to leave the European Union is based on a number of factors and these are portrayed by both sides of the debate, those who want to stay, and those who want to leave. Lets look at the debate in more finer detail:

Britain is "obliged" to accept European Union laws and judgments, according to an official report slipped out by ministers ahead of the formal start of the referendum campaign.The 96-page paper, which was published without fanfare, was described by Brexit campaigners as the "Government report No.10 does not want you to read".The document highlights the fact that Britain has to adopt EU law and accept the rulings of the European Court of Justice.It also says that the EU's Charter on Fundamental Rights, which has been heavily criticised by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, is "binding" on Britain.

Great Britain decided through voting to join the so called " Common Market " in 1973 in which it was allegedly a union between European Countries to trade goods and increase job markets, and prosperity between themselves. I don't think it was anything to do with what its become today, a seemingly entrenched Political Union, which has a central nervous system, known as Brussels. I for one, don't particularly know about the economics and day to day lives of the people of the newly expansive European Union, however I have visited quite a few recently for short term holidays. There are quite a few countries no doubt, who have gained markedly in joining the union, and there is no-one alive today who could blame them? Back to the UK and the effect of the last 40 odd years or so, the UK has changed somewhat, and it is arguable as to whether it's for the better as these figures say:

Office for national figures ONS states that 919,000 EU Migrants had arrived in the UK since June 2010, but officially 2,200,000 National insurance Numbers were handed out? The increasing tension and pressure, for truer figures of Migrants into the UK to be disclosed is going to be a pivotal moment in the referendum, possibly helping the leave campaign. The UK Statistics Authority, believes that the people arriving " falls short of providing a full picture" Officially 257,000 EU Nationals arrived in the UK last year (2015) but 630,000 from the EU were given National Insurance numbers. These figures included 209,000 to Romanians and Bulgarians, however only 55,000 Romanians and Bulgarians settled in the UK?

It is arguably why the leave campaign, states that figures such as these has a detrimental effect on infrastructures such as housing, job prospects, and public services, for British Nationals. There is also a debate on the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK as these figures clearly state: Between 2005 and 2014 there were 475,000 births to live mothers from other EU countries, and that's equivalent to say a city the size of Liverpool. It is estimated that the costs of providing NHS services to those families could be more than 1.33 Billion GBP and proving a major factor in the Health Service's forecast of a 2.4 Billion deficit. Statistics also show that in GP surgeries up and down the UK in the last three years alone, increased registrations of over 1.5 Million. The A&E departments in hospitals had risen by 59% between 2002-2003 and 2014-2015 from 14 Million to 22.5 Million.

The UK pumps in £350 Million every week to the EU, and what she gets back every year is a population of the equivalent of say Newcastle Upon Tyne (288,000).

The unanswered questions as yet are these? 1. Can Britain do without the policies of the EU? 2. Can she flourish outside the EU trading with the rest of the world globally? 3. Can she trade with the numerous Commonwealth Countries, unshackled by EU rules? 4. Can she control her own borders? Minimise migration through a selective process, ensuring the right people are chosen to drive the economy, and integrate well? 5. Can she limit the costs of overseas aid, which is a bane of contempt in the debate, and thus ensure the right amount is donated to the right people in the right circumstances? 6. Can any monies, saved be donated to help build communities, create training programmes to create jobs in the NHS nurses and midwives, trades for the construction industry, joiners, plumbers, electricians, painters, bricklayers, plasterers? 7. Can she introduce a points based immigration policy, which would help the UK to achieve what seems like a pipedream at the minute?

Thinking of staying?

Obviously there are always two sides to a coin, as well as an argument. It's no secret that in the UK there is much going on between the political parties, as well as the "In" and the "Out" campaigners, as to whether the UK should stay or go, remain in the marriage or divorce!

The case for staying can be afforded on a number of issues such as :

If the UK were to leave the union, there is the very arguable "Risk" of job losses on a grand scale, as depicted by the UK Governments Chamber of Commerce, the Chancellor of The Exchequer, numerous heads of big corporations and companies, however it is arguable given that the UK economy is doing rather well, and much, much, better than any country inside the EU. The argument to this, depicts from the belief that the reasoning behind this statement is not exactly factual, as it is not proven as yet, because the UK remains, but rather that being in the EU is good for these corporations and big players, as it has allowed and continues to suppress wages, by cheaper labour supplied by the EU invasion of the last decade or so. British Nationals argue that they have had to endure low wages for a long time, as well as the pressure on infrastructure within their region of the UK.

It is also debatable,however, that in the current climate of the real and undoubted terror threats to us all in the EU, and the wider world, that the UK would and should be stronger in the EU? It would be hard to fathom out as to accept that any country, whether in the EU, or not would actually " Cut off the phone line" to the UK in circumstances where both parties have vital intelligence of possible forthcoming danger, or the whereabouts of wanted criminals, and terrorists and terrorists threats? But this is a creditable reason, as given by the authorities, to stay in the EU. I would have thought that not only would the UK be part of NATO still, but also have the undeniable help and assistance of "Our greatest Ally" across the pond. With the military might of the US and the brains and knowhow of the UK, whom shall we fear? But seriously, we should fear the threats as they are REAL and they are NOT going to disappear overnight, if ever.

A reformed EU could possibly be the best of both worlds for the UK, if she could trade on a global scale without any hindrance from Brussels, and the supposedly bureaucratic rules and regulations that comes from within, control of immigration, increased security, and an even dispersion of wealth and opportunity to all, instead of the few controlling countries (not mentioned) holding all the aces.

One final thought however, if by any chance this apparent impending doomster approaching as depicted as Planet X / NIBIRU, is in fact real, which creditable proof says it is, then WE WILL ALL BE LEAVING.


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