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Europeans and European Americans fed up of political correctness, multi - culturalism

Updated on November 10, 2016
Donald Trump who pulled off a stunning victory against all the odds.
Donald Trump who pulled off a stunning victory against all the odds. | Source
Marine Le Pen taking inspiration from Trump's victory.
Marine Le Pen taking inspiration from Trump's victory. | Source
Nigel Farage who got Brexit in the end.
Nigel Farage who got Brexit in the end. | Source

It seems in the victory of Trump he tapped into a largely though not exclusively European - American feeling of seeing themselves left behind and not represented by a politically correct American establishment. An establishment that has veered left in some ways where the rights of minorities are put before the majority like Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims etc and while I agree everyone should be represented no group should have a special right to be represented in whatever sphere of industry like the BBC is doing now giving a whole season of programmes just to Black people in my mind that does them no good and certainly not the majority population.

Equality is mean't surely that people do well on merit and not because their singled out because they are not represented that well in the media or in the board room for example. As political correctness has it now groups like Blacks, Gays or Muslims keep being highlighted over other groups and how is that equality when one group or groups are raised above other groups and that to me makes a nonsense of the word 'equality'. In fact those groups not represented at all or very little feel resentment for those groups being more represented than they and feel all political correctness has done and the mantra of diversity is wipe one of form of inequality out for some groups and impose another form inequality on them.

It may well be that Donald Trump may not believe all he said about building a wall to keep Mexicans out or stopping Muslims from entering the USA. He may just have said that to get the angry vote and if this is the case many who voted for him will feel conned but we will have to wait and see.

However this groundswell of dis - satisfaction is not only in the US it is sweeping Europe too with the UK and Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen in France, Frauke Petry in Germany, and in places like Holland and Hungary and many other European countries too.

Many are inspired by Vlad Putin who seems to act for his country and his people refusing to introduce political correctness and diversity and many of the above leaders look to him as a role model rightly or wrongly. You could put Binyamin Netanyahu in that right leaning category too as he espouses policies and sentiments similar to Vlad Putin and maybe these people are not necessarily racist but they put their own people first something leaders like Obama and Cameron governed by political correctness seem to be opposite to. Cameron and Obama and their ilk are career politicians representing the establishment as Hillary Clinton was hence her defeat though she did pick up large numbers of minority voters and of course European - Americans too but on the night it was not enough.

People not necessarily racist seeing their communities changing around them and feel the governments are more interested in these migrants and their descendants then the people who have lived in these areas for years. Hence people will turn to populist politicians who say they understand their grief and worry and hence this results in things like Brexit or the Trump victory.

But its not just right wing populist leaders look at Greece in Tsipras where they have a left leaning government in coalition with a right wing party and in Spain and in Italy populist parties of left and right have been doing well and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK is another example of this.

Are we seeing a sea change in politics not just in America or Europe but across the world look at the Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte. Will this populist trend in world politics continue or will the status quo re - emerge again we will have to wait and see.

Sex Pistols caused a storm in the seventies with Punk Rock kicking against the establishment.
Sex Pistols caused a storm in the seventies with Punk Rock kicking against the establishment. | Source
Nigel Farage Punk Politician.
Nigel Farage Punk Politician. | Source

Punk Politicians.

When the band the Sex Pistols came out in the mid to late 70's nothing would ever be the same again in music with their anti - establishment lyrics attacking things the establishment and some of the populace held dear like the Royal Family and their general attitude to music back then and their hatred of Hippies and the state of politics back then. No one had ever seen anything like Punk Rock before and this encouraged other bands to form and challenge the norm of life back then.

Similarly with Nigel Farage with Brexit and Donald Trump with his victory they challenged despite being belittled and made fun of (as the Sex Pistols were) and hated in some quarters (as Trump and Farage have been now) delivered a stunning two fingers to their enemies and beat them.

These men are Punk Politicians as like the Sex Pistols they challenged the status quo and won. Just as the Pistols encouraged people to form bands and get out there with their message of rebellion saying they do not have to take what society and the establishment expects of them so these two men have got people out to vote for something different instead of the same old establishment.

So as Farage said himself if people stand together whether it be in politics, music or whatever things can change


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