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Europe’s Migrant Crisis: The Greek-Macedonian Border Situation

Updated on March 7, 2016

Migrants and Refugees

Germany is known to have caught the attention of most migrants from Syria. This is based on the fact that the Germans accepted over a million migrants last year. The question is – why have migrants turned their focus on Greece recently? Greece is one of the European countries known to be struggling with their economy. Greek economy is already under pressure from its citizens and European Union.

There is so much pressure at the Greek-Macedonian border as migrants are still flooding in and hoping to be allowed into Europe through Greece. There is also a plan to close the Western Balkan State border, of which Germany disagrees as the summit on the migrant-refugee crisis is still on-going in Brussels. Turkey, in my opinion, is a problematic country for the European Union and a European response is highly needed. Thousands of refugees are still sleeping on the streets. The Turkish government has been asked to help reduce the number of migrants trying to get to Greece to one thousand (1000) a day as recent report shows that about two thousand (2000) migrants/refugees arrive at the Greek border each day. The Turkish government is also under pressure from the European Union as it imposed itself on a pro-government newspaper to shut it down, raising eyebrows on their democracy. This recent development shows Turkey’s deviation from European political values.

It is known that over 500 migrant deaths have been recorded for this year alone. This is the biggest migrant crisis ever experienced in Europe since World War 2. The migrant situation is not going to stop any moment from now as war still rages on in Syria.

EU Crisis IMG

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