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Evan McMullin: The Conservative Presidental Candidate in 2016

Updated on October 17, 2017
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Marcus Caine has a bachelors of science and he has worked for a local campaign in 2014 and with was a member of Young Americans for LIberty

From Hillary Clinton's emails and her many scandals to Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric, third party candidates have used the opportunity to launch their respective parties into the national spotlight. Now another independent candidate has stepped into the presidential ring. He is the republican alternative to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

His name is Evan McMullin and he differs from the mainstream candidates on many different issues, such as the following: education, the economy, healthcare, abortion, how we defeat ISIS, and the Iran Deal. His Vice President is Mindy Finn.

Independent Presidental Candidate Evan McMullin
Independent Presidental Candidate Evan McMullin | Source

Background on McMullin

First and foremost, Evan McMullin was born in Utah on April 2nd, 1976 to David and Lanie McMullin. According to his LinkedIn profile, he went to Bingham University and obtained his bachelors in International law in 2001 and completed his MBA in 2011.

He volunteered as a Refugee Resettlement Officer in Jordan and was a Mormon missionary in Brazil. McMullin also served our country as a member of the CIA from 1999 to 2010 and worked on “operations related to counter-terrorism, counterinsurgency, energy, political stability, and counterintelligence, while serving mostly in hostile environments”.

After his tenure at the CIA, McMullin worked for Goldman Sachs as an Investment Banking associate from 2010 to 2013 and then a senior advisor to the Foreign Policy Committee in the U.S House of Representatives. He eventually became Chief Policy Advisor for the House Republican conference and then became a presidential candidate on August 8th 2016.

Fixing Education in America

Evan McMullin believes that Common Core should be eliminated and instead believes that providing more alternatives outside of the public school system would help improve the education system in America.

According to his interview with Mark Halperin on Bloomberg politics, he believes that providing vouchers for poor families to go to the schools of their choice will give poor children a better chance to succeed.

Fixing the Economy

Also, Mr. McMullin advocates for a reduction of regulations on business as well as a lean, simplified tax code for everybody to encourage investment in America.

He advocates for a flat tax with fewer tax brackets. According to his interview on Bloomberg with Halperin, he supports most conservative solutions to entitlements.

Solution to healthcare in America

He believes that Obamacare is a failure because it has increased health care premiums for families across the country.

Deregulation, competition and innovation will lead to a decrease in prices and an increase in quality for all members of American Society. Patients with pre-existing conditions should also be covered by insurance companies as well.

Abortion stance

Evan McMullin is vehemently pro-life and if elected president, he will appoint judges to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Moreover, according to his interview with Brett Baier of Fox News, he believes that “A culture that subsidizes abortion on demand runs counter to the fundamental American belief in the potential of every person - it undermines the dignity of mother and child alike.”

How to deal with Terrorism/ISIS

Mr. McMullin believes that we should “speed up the pace to destroy ISIS” and that the Obama administration is not doing it fast enough. He would utilize indigenous troops, CIA operations, and special forces to take down ISIS. He would use ground troops only as a last resort.

Furthermore on Fox News, he also supports keeping Guantanamo Bay open, stating “I don’t think Gitmo should be closed. I think these are enemy combatants and they deserve to stay where they are until hostilities are complete…. These are very motivated people, who eat, drink and sleep [while thinking about] destroying America…”.


Iran Deal stance

On September 1st, Evan McMullin issued a statement in response to the Reuters article called "U.S., others agreed 'secret' exemptions for Iran after nuclear deal: think tank" stating that the Iran Deal was made from "a position of deliberate weakness". He also believes that the exemptions are part of a disturbing pattern of the Obama administration hiding information about the Iran deal from Congress and the American people.

As President, McMullin would impose very strict sanctions on Iran to force more concessions from them. If Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons, he states, "We’ve got to leave all options on the table. We simply cannot have the world’s greatest sponsor of Islamist terrorism also be a nuclear arms state. We simply cannot allow that to be.”.


All in all, Evan McMullin is running as an Independent running for president in the 2016 presidential election. He was born in Utah on April 2nd, 1976 and is a Mormon. Mr. McMullin was also the chief policy director for House Republicans. He believes Common Core and Obamacare should be repealed and is an advocate for cutting regulations for businesses, as well as simplifying the tax code. He is also planning to appoint judges to overturn Roe v Wade, and he was against the Iran deal. He is currently running as a far more palatable alternative to Trump and Clinton in the 2016 election.

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