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Even More Guantanamo Bay Terrorists Return to the Battlefield Under President Obama

Updated on September 15, 2016

Releasing Terrorists Back Into the World is Gambling With the Lives of Americans

A little while ago this Hubpage wrote about the absurdity of terrorists being released from Guantanamo Bay. It was pointed out that too many go back to the battlefield and the countries that receive them are sympathetic to terrorists. Not only are they sympathetic but they lose track of the terrorists too often.

According to the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) nine terrorists are confirmed to have joined Islamic militant groups since 2009. Others cannot be confirmed because their whereabouts are unknown. Although its important to treat human beings with respect even in a detention facility such as GITMO, these aren't just petty criminals who are selling pot on a street corner or stealing some televisions. They're whole existence from the moment they pledged their allegiance to a militant group is to destroy western civilization and the values that come with it. Guantanamo Bay is a safe and effective facility for housing terrorists like these people.

Unfortunately, supporters of releasing GITMO prisoners don't necessarily enjoy the concept of an isolated prison that holds these types of people. Their concerns often reference the use of tax payer funds and perpetuation of enhanced interrogation. On the topic of tax payer funds there are other allocations that should be examined that require scrutiny such as Swedish messages for rabbits or studying the gambling habits of monkeys. As for the topic of torture, it does't have to happen in the GITMO facility. Enhanced interrogation isn't exclusive to the prison. But it should be noted that torture is never completely off the table no matter how many laws are passed. There will always be a way for the government to use enhanced interrogation as a means of extracting information. If it's not on the table, its likely under the table with a third party.

There is no benefit that western civilization gains from releasing these terrorists back into the world. ESPECIALLY when they're released back to countries that are riddled with terrorism like Afghanistan. Even if the wild imagination would like to assume they could be spies. Why take the risk at all? It's gambling with the lives of Americans in every possible way.

Links are below as well as a video. Let me know what you think and follow me!

Steven Crowder Visits GITMO and Explains The Comforts Some Prisoners Enjoy

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