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Every American Should Have Free Healthcare

Updated on October 17, 2017

If America can afford to spend hundreds of billions on the military, it can afford to spend a little something to make sure every American has basic health care.

We can definitely afford it. So why don't we do it? Because people don't care. The government doesn't care. People are greedy and selfish. They only care about their own concerns, and to hell with everyone else.

People die because they can't get healthcare. Who cares though? Not enough people, or things would be different. Mentally ill people go with out their meds because they run in the thousands of dollars per month. These pills don't cost anywhere near thousands a month to make. They cost pennies. It is sickening really.

I am really fed up with America. We can afford it! But we just choose not to spend money where it will do good for millions of people.

Other countries, who have much smaller budgets, provide health care to all of their people. America is supposedly the greatest society, and certainly the richest. Come on America, get real! Show some compassion for those who are needy, those who aren't poor but work hard and still can't afford good insurance.

I would rather see tax money going to HELP people with their medical needs than to see it go to make more bombs. Like we don't have enough bombs and guns already.

It is UNCONSIONABLE and UNETHICAL to run society this way and neglect those most vulnerable among us.

This Society is Sick

It needs a giant readjustment in priorities.

Step up, America, and show the world how great a society can really be. One where people care for one another, and show compassion when it is needed.

This society is sick. Rampant greed has run amok. Selfishness and rugged individualism have made this society into a place where everyone is out for themselves.

People only care about the bottom line. Companies only care about money and we let them do whatever they want, at society's expense. There is no community. There is only ME. There is no US.

There should be free clinics in every county, with qualified doctors, medications, and equipment. Taxpayer money should pay for this. Insurance companies shouldn't be able to get away with charging an arm and a leg for basic services. medication companies shouldn't be able to get away with charging thousands of dollars for medications.

Human beings are naturally selfish, but at the same time, we can CHOOSE to be compassionate. We have reason. We have logic. We need to grow up. A change in consciousness is needed. Society needs to grow as a whole. I admit society has improved, but we still have a long way to go. These decisions aren't that hard. We need to wake up as individuals. Realize that we are all ONE. We need to grow spiritually if we are ever to grow as a society. Stop with the me, me, me. Find compassion in your heart. Vote out the mongrels in government. Insist on free health care for everyone. This is a basic need. Take care of each other.

The Mentally Ill Are the Most Vulnerable

The mentally ill are the most vulnerable. Yet they aren't taken care of at all. A few who manage to get help from society are still vulnerable. A disability check is tiny and doesn't cover living expenses. Only those lucky enough to have supportive families can have a decent life.

Many are on the streets. Most are poor. Most can't find jobs or keep them if they do. They are allowed to roam the streets, and then treated as a nuisance, as if it was their own fault.

Free medical care, free mental health care, free meds, and safe places to live are what's needed.

Crisis centers for the mentally ill would go a long way in preventing serious problems. Stable group homes for the mentally ill would get them off the streets.

We really need to get together and help the lowest of the low. We need to help those who cannot help themselves. Truly the sign of the greatest society is one where the able take care of those who are not.

Let's not turn our backs on those less fortunate than ourselves. Let's not let the government get away with cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, Disability and social services. A good society is one where everyone can be healthy, in mind and body. I am almost done with my rant. It starts with each individual. Do something about it. Don't ignore it.


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    • stephenteacher profile image

      Stephen Carr 

      15 months ago from Corona, CA

      I think people confuse healthcare with "great" or "meaningful" healthcare. Contrary to what some people believe, there is free healthcare available to anyone. Show up to an ER, and they must treat you. The rest of the problem is rooted in the fact that in the US, healthcare is a business. Doctors want to make a great living. Hence, you have a plethora of foreign doctors falling all over the place to work here. Why? Because life as a physician in most countries, is not that lucrative. From India, to Korea, and everywhere in between.... just peruse the local doctors names. Most other countries might have what you call, free healthcare, but it is very costly to their citizens. Do people not follow what happens in public hospitals? The VA system? That's exactly the healthcare you would get: A very lousy product for the majority of the people forced to go there. Health insurance does not mean healthcare. Anyone with insurance already knew that. You would need to drastically cut doctor's, nurse's, etc. salaries to get anywhere. But then, you'd be in the same boat. Doctors wold be leaving this country.... And free does not mean someone does not have to pay it. Alcohol, sugar, fat, drugs, contribute to hundreds of thousands of deaths in this country. Are you willing to ante up more cash to pay for the care of these people who are addicted to such things? Free healthcare around the world is not what it's cracked up to be.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      15 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Great rant....keep em coming!

      It IS sickening how corrupt we have become.

      I blame trickle down mentality. When i was a kid, america was much different.

      It changed with the bang of guns.

      Boom boom boom....4 men with conscience gunned down.

      And that was the end of peace, love and unity.

      I mean, are you kidding me ??? We are worried about billionaires not getting enough in tax breaks!

      Its been 40 years of brainwashing. Acting like the greatness of america is the ability to get rich....

      The greatness of america is in the bill of rights. And the common good most def includes health, education, a warm place to lay your head and a full belly.

      Its become a robber barons haven. (Again)

      Hawking our gvt to make laws for them!

      Arghhhhh. I could rant right along w you!!!!

      Keep it up....change the direction. And dont back down.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Andrew Petrou 

      15 months ago from Brisbane

      There is a famous quote from Charles Dickens' book "a Xmas carol". Pre repentant scrooge tells charity workers to let the poor die to "decrease the surplus population".

      This is the philosophy of the corrupt and greedy. Most notably the corrupt greedy phony "reverend Donald" who courts votes with hypocrisy.

      Instead of blaming his own revolting greed he blames everything on scapegoats. How so many still believe in this monster is almost beyond comprehension.

      Donald is killing people; and the sick and inform are first in the firing line. Sound familiar? Sounds like Hitler.


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