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Everyone should save the earth and ecology!

Updated on March 22, 2016

Let us save our environment!

We must change for better!

When misfortunes haunt, wise people find solace in thinking that “this too will pass”. Yes, this statement is a sure balm to the grief stricken mind. At the same time, we have to understand that this statement is applicable to both bad and good times. Hence good days too pass. This is the rule or law, in whichever manner you think. Hence Sathya Saibaba has told the audience that “Pleasure is the interval between two pains”. As night follows day in a routine manner, every thing is subject to constant change, whether we like it or not. We have observed that human relationships too are subject to change. What is permanent in this world? It is only “change”. Even within our body, many changes occur moment to moment. Many cells are destroyed and new cells take their place. There is constant flow of blood, continuous breathing, heart beats and most importantly kidney functions. Unless the kidney functions in normal manner, filtering the toxins from the body and pass them through urine, a man will become ill instantly, the moment kidneys lose their efficiency.

People who are conversant with astronomy and movement of planets can understand that nothing is static or constant in the cosmos. Research has revealed that even stars, which are considered as ‘fixed’ undergo minute displacement due to various forces in the space. Astronomy has revealed only a minute portion of the movements of planets and stars. There are billions of galaxies in space, far away from our earth which could not be observed since our telescopes are capable of peeping into space upto certain light years distance only. Hence what our researchers and scientists have learned about the universe and cosmos is a minute quantity compared to the limitless space around us!

Scientists have discovered that the formation of earth and other planets after the big bang took millions and millions of years. What we find on earth now is once part of mars, moon and other planets. Hence there is a continuous transformation that is taking place every moment unknown to naked eyes. Due to blatant neglet of ecology and nature, man is solely responsible for the destruction of earth, ocean, and space. We feel now that human beings have littered the earth with lot of debris and dust. But, we are not aware that the space debris is so huge that the researchers in international astronomical society is breaking their heads to conduct space missions since there is every chance that even a small rock floating on space is likely to spoil the entire mission costing billions of dollars. Also, we are not aware when that debris will fall on earth due to changes in orbits and attractions of earth?

We are sad to note that the entire ocean system is spoiled due to constant movement of cargo vessels carrying oil and other petroleum products. Hence many species of rare birds and fishes are destroyed in few seconds whenever the ship sinks in the ocean. We have not left the pure air free. There is constant emissions of many industries which pollute the entire atmosphere with harmful gases. The air we smoke is not pure. Hence many countries are advocating using covers to the nose and mouth while walking outside. Also, the fridges, air conditioners and other gases puncture the ozone layer which prevents the harmful rays of sun from reaching the earth. For the past few decades, the environmentalists are voicing their grave concern about the ‘green house gases’ and increase of global temperatures. Even one degree raise in temperature will melt tones of polar ice, flooding the rivers and oceans during erratic monsoons. Hence we find unusual floods everywhere submerging habitations and crossing lands. These global temperatures will one day become the cause of submerging many low lying island nations, creating a grave threat to life and properties.

Hence every one must be aware of the calamities that are staring us due to faulty standard of living and harming the ecology and atmosphere. The grave danger to forests is caused by the greed of man. In order to establish more industries, forest lands are usurped by those industrialists. The governments turn a blind eye when such havocs take place. The rainfall become scarce and as predicted by some naturalists, “water wars will be fought in future between Nations”. Hence we must use the available resources with great care so that future generations do not feel the paucity of essential resources!

Hence any changes should be for the betterment of humanity. We must relinquish our greed and save the earth from destructions!

Let us save our Earth!


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