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Evidence That Hitler Survived WW2

Updated on January 25, 2022
Age progression
Age progression
The House in Argentina
The House in Argentina
A book with many interesting details
A book with many interesting details
Hitler in the 60's (L)?
Hitler in the 60's (L)?
FBI document from 1945
FBI document from 1945

Okay. I know. It sounds like some wacko, but there are clues just being discovered that indicate that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, his new wife, did not commit suicide in the Reichstag in Berlin in late April,1945.

At this point in time, it does not matter where Hitler actually died. He is dead. He is in Hell. Eva, not so sure, probably a mid-level angel in God's army.

What is the evidence?

Newly, released FBI documents show that in August,1945, FBI agents interviewed a man in Los Angeles that was adamant that Hitler and Eva did not die in the Reichstag, but fled Germany and was aboard on one of two submarines that eventually landed in Argentina. One of the subs was U-530, the other was U-977. These submarines docked and unloaded many fleeing Germans before surrendering. Also, the Naval Attache in Buenos Aires informed the FBI that they had reports that German submarines were off their coast in April-May 1945 and there was a high probability that Hitler might be on one of them. The FBI also received reports from the same office that a large Bavarian style mansion was being built in the Andes Mountain foothills. This was later confirmed. The architect was Alejandro Bustillo who admitted that he was hired to build the mansion for Hitler and financed by German sympathizers already residents there.

I know, you are laughing. But, in 2022, none of this matters except for the fact the FBI did not follow up at all with the information in 1945. It makes you wonder.

The most convincing evidence that Hitler and Eva were not the burnt corpses found by the Russians is that until 2009, Russia refused any disclosures about the burnt corpses. When they did, Connecticut State archeologist, Nicholas Bellatoni, was allowed to conduct DNA tests of skull fragments. The results shocked everyone: none of the samples matched any recorded samples of Hitler or Eva! The fact that the bodies were well burnt beyond recognition indicates a ruse of sorts. Why burn the bodies further? Dead is dead. It does not matter. More amazingly, is that General Eisenhower, the Supreme leader of the Allies, in 1945, expressed a real concern that what was found in the Reichstag was not Hitler and that he may have fled Germany.

The informant who first told the FBI that Hitler and Eva had landed in Argentina, still has not been disclosed. In 1945, he sought asylum and claimed he knew details about the Hitler arriving. He was one of four men who met Hitler landing in Argentina. He provided details of Hitler's movements through Argentina, the villages he passed through, and the final destination near the Andes Mountains. The informant detailed how the OSS helped in his escape via the Swiss and how the Argentinian government also covered up his arrival. How did Adolf Eichman escape and lived in Argentina until the 1960's? The OSS helped him flee.

After the war, German pilot Capt. Peter Baumgart, testified during his own trial, that on April 30, 1945, he flew Hitler and Eva to Denmark, where they boarded a submarine. When cross examined, he insisted it was the truth. He would be convicted of being a Nazi and spent five years in jail. However, Hanna Reitsch landed her Fieseler Fi 156 Storch in the Tiergarten near the Brandenburg Gate, April 26, 1945, and departed April 28. She claimed Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun were passengers, whom she flew to Yugoslavia. She said Hitler and Eva stayed there until 1947. Why did it take 2-3 months for U-530 and U-977 to surrender to Argentinian forces? Maybe both of the pilots claiming to have flown Hitler out of Berlin were lying? Peter Baumgart said he flew Hitler out on April, 30. Hanna Reitsch said it was the 28th, when she flew Hitler out. History shows Hanna's airplane did land on the 26th and departed the 28th. But, who she flew out that day could only be known to her.

There seems to enough evidence to suggest that the FBI simply had no interest or resources to validate that Hitler was in Argentina. That was probably the situation. But still, local sources in Mendoza, Argentina, knew of Hitler's presence and that in 1985, at age 90, Hitler died and was buried. If true, where was the burial site? Maybe it was all just a hoax by those Germans who had fled.

In the end, it does not matter, but it is interesting!


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