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Ex - P M and The Terminator

Updated on February 20, 2017
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger | Source
David Cameron
David Cameron | Source

When Arnold Schwarzenegger replied back to Donald Trump's statement that the ratings had dropped for 'The Apprentice' little did any one know that David Cameron was also on the Snap Chat video.

Up he popped when Arnie announced him saying that Arnie had done a great job as Governor of California and that he paraphrasing the Terminator actor said "I'll be back". This has left many scratching their heads thinking in what way will Cameron be back?

With Theresa May ensconced as the British Brexit PM there is no chance Cameron would be Prime Minister again and no chance much to the comfort of Euro - Sceptic Tory MP's that he would be MP again so what is David Cameron talking about?

Is it possible that he would take over 'The Apprentice' if Arnie decided to walk away from the show or indeed the British version headed up by Alan Sugar? I think its safe to say David Cameron has never slept better since resigning as Prime Minister and an MP in the wake of his Brexit defeat. He is earning more money out side of Parliament than when he was Prime Minister and an MP for his Witney Constituency in Oxfordshire, England.

David Cameron is currently working on his memoirs with the help of friend Danny (Lord) Finkelstein and has received an advance payment of £800,000. Like his friend George Osborne who is still an MP he is working for the Washington Speakers Bureau earning mega bucks so Cameron unlike many of those who fell foul of his government's benefits cap when he was the resident of No 10 will never want for anything material.

Arnie and 'Call me Dave's' friendship goes back a long way it seems as Arnie spoke at a Conservative party meeting and also addressed the Conservative back bench 1922 Committee at the behest of Cameron. David Cameron has been in California recently hence him popping up on Snap Chat with Arnie speaking to young people and still able to make one liners saying "I'm available for Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs".

Short Bio of David Cameron

David with wife Sam Cameron
David with wife Sam Cameron | Source

1) Born David William Donald Cameron

2) Date of birth: 9 October 1966

3) Spouse: Samantha Cameron

4) Married Samantha in 1996

5) Ivan Reginald Ian Cameron, Arthur Elwen Cameron and Nancy Gwen Cameron are his children

6) Wife Samantha Cameron is a descendant of the Stuart kings and queens

7) Two of his most notable books are: Social Responsibility and Big Idea for Britain's Future

8) Served as Prime Minister between 2010 - 2016

9) Was great friends with Barack Obama while both were in office

10) Received 'Villain of The Year' award from British music publication NME


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