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Exopolitical Mediation and Facilitation - Importance of new measures of success

Updated on August 27, 2012
Interconnection, Flame Fractal - An idea, like a ghost must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.  Dickens.
Interconnection, Flame Fractal - An idea, like a ghost must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself. Dickens. | Source

This isn't your predecessor’s exopolitics! It isn't research and publication invehere! It isn't about the hunt for proof and vindication. This neck of the woods is about change and construction of a vision of a world not mired in cycles of fear and recompense. It is about improving the human condition through outreach, relationships, intervention, and facilitation. It is a proactive venue in which you invest a great deal of yourself for the benefit of others, not to directly profit from as one might in traditional approaches to the paradigm. You must therefore adopt new measures of success. You will require a solid foundation for your measures to sit upon, such as optimizing the time you spend, and by seeking to meet the standards of the people you work or intend to work/interface with. Part of that solid foundation is a current working knowledge of the situation both near and broad in contexts. Another is learning the systems within which those you would interact with reside. Every system will have allowances, procedures, and limitations as well as its own power authority structure. You will need to be at least somewhat familiar with all of this to be functional, literate in terms of interactions, and recognizing success. Then you are ready to formulate your measures of success toward an effort based structure.

Part of formulating measures of success is understanding failures and disappointments. Initial and long-term outreach efforts can seem like a disappointment in comparison to the thrill of traditional exopolitical aggression and its research and experience world, applied by the public often without regard and in internecine manners. Sanctioned and unsanctioned communicators are few and far between in the realm of the mediator/facilitator, and while communicators sometimes also termed liaisons return calls readily enough, prospects do not. People already within your network listen respectfully to your queries and respond to dialog because they are expecting to see a short or long-term return on their participation or interaction with you. Prospects aren’t always certain they should even interact with you at all. To someone in your network you are a valued authority. To an unacknowledging prospect you are a sales person at best and an ignorant head-ache at worst. The hard work you put in plying your technical, situational, and relational skills on any project may not have any impact at all on a prospect and any associates involved on his end. You may not receive any response from those you outreach to. It can leave you feeling unprofessional, frustrated, embarrassed – like you must be doing something wrong. In this many professionals intent on supporting the mediation and facilitation effort too quickly conclude they’re not any good at this work or that it is a waste of time. Don’t let this happen to you. You have to go through the processes and develop new skills and experience the discomfort which helps you to discover and understand the reluctance and fears of paradigm inhabitants.

interconnection, fractal, spiritual, facilitation.  You are a rainmaker, and how you measure your success will be used to judge your capabilities and approach as well as deciding what you would be like to work with.
interconnection, fractal, spiritual, facilitation. You are a rainmaker, and how you measure your success will be used to judge your capabilities and approach as well as deciding what you would be like to work with. | Source

Professionals trying to maximize their outreach may perceive networking with indirectly affiliated personnel and organizational bodies as a nuisance. After all this is not going to produce direct interactions on the subject. But it produces a richer resource environment from which to draw. The perception that one becomes a pest when working toward building a network of communication and social exchange is sometimes prevalent but a necessary hurdle to surpass and it should be held back from translating to personal perceptions about calling direct prospects or given communicators. If you view yourself as a pest you will have difficulty developing your involvement and effectiveness as well as find it impossible to uplift others.

This type of work can be an emotional roller coaster. It’s because you work in a win/lose environment where one misstep or a bit of bad luck can wipe out months or years of effort but on the flip side, skill and good luck can have an incredible impact on opening doors and making connections and establishing relationships. You must develop the ability to bounce back from blockages, rejection, or irreconcilable concerns then try again.

Interconnection.  How we measure success must become a perfect blend of applied wisdom, compassion, and practical experience.
Interconnection. How we measure success must become a perfect blend of applied wisdom, compassion, and practical experience. | Source

" "wings" ...means empowering (others) with the freedom to rise above negative scripting that had been passed down to us. I believe it means becoming (snip) a "transition" person. Instead of transferring those scripts to the next generation, we can change them. And we can do it in a way that will build relationships in the process." -- S. Covey.

Develop a plan of effort and execution. In doing so you increase the probability of success. Some of this can include developing stronger credentials through related education to the subjects involved or through article writing and public speaking on matters that do not breach the boundaries of sensitivity. Do not spend all of your time on analysis but rather seek a well-rounded script for your self-development and application of your understanding. No excessive amount of analysis will let us divine the future or necessarily make us more right about the application of our knowledge and our relationships. Be prepared to pivot your viewing points and address both greater and lesser social stigmas. You enter from the public quarter but are working sequestered parties within private knowledge environments continually assessing situations, seeking understanding and means of connecting often while engaging in resolving dominant interpersonal issues toward a more harmonious interchange.

The ones who succeed are those who continually reach out in an effort to connect with participants. They always have outreach activity underway. It may be rough hewn or brilliant in conditions and circumstance or may not be the best activity they could be doing, but unlike most traditional researchers who bury themselves in the race for proof seeking tangibles, these instead are doing something and eventually they get results.

Participating in organizations that support outreach in exopolitical mediation and facilitation can be highly important not only in developing your network but in developing resources. Any organization, individual or collective, that can mobilize the most resources has a significant advantage to effectiveness, and interconnection. Working in a collective organization where mobilized individuals make smaller individual contributions can maximize effort under some circumstances. It is useful and important for the mediator or facilitator to keep his bridges intact rather than burn them if they are not immediately useful. Much of what you become involved in however will be intransitive. This means that it will be limited to you or the circle of the immediate network you interface with and will not operate upon the external public until or if maturation evolves from it.

When you experience success, no matter how small, celebrate. Landmark that success, both personally and professionally, with those involved if possible. The purpose of doing this is positive change needs to be reinforced with expression of deep appreciation. We invest tremendous attention on negativity in our lives and hallmark negative moments with many forms of recognition whilst positive acts and relationships go virtually unremarked. Is it any wonder the dominant mindset and attributes on our world are negative ones? Every positive improvement in our world needs uplifting and reinforcement to meliorate the collective human condition and inspire more of the same.


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