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Exopolitics: Contemplating Problem Child

Updated on December 21, 2013

Who is Problem Child?

By way of a brief introduction, the person in question is an active participant in academic discussion circles. He is currently engaged in making presentations to niche groups within the evangelical community and the ecology community.

The following article is not meant to make any bid for opinion but rather to enable a window into dialogues that have been ongoing within the exopolitics community for over five years which have ties and influence within some of the greatest questions of our time. It is a sketch of one person's perceptions reflecting on a peer's statements, activities, and the reactions within a close group of people on matters which concern us and probably would concern others too if they knew just how it tied into the greater scheme of things.

It is in the hidden dialogues and debates where concepts and agendas are shaped and prepared for presentation as potential policies or activities. Some of us know who our representatives are at the surface level of governance and operational management. Most know less than little about the movers and speakers behind the scenes.

What value should we regard public or private discussions with objectives toward transforming our world outside the reach and without regard or input of the People who must then live within that world?

I welcome your thoughts on that when you have finished reading.

Infamous MJ12

"Maybe whole swathes of Ufology have simply forgotten about MJ12."
"Maybe whole swathes of Ufology have simply forgotten about MJ12." | Source

Glory Train and Blasphemy

I know a problem child traveling a twisted path. A number of his close associates who count themselves once among his friends have done their best over the course of more than five years to help him evolve into selfless nature, unsuccessfully. I've watched them throw their hands in the air, faced with a concept they refer to as eternal sin.

We were discussing the problem child this evening. Apparently this eternal sin refers to “blashemy against the Holy Spirit.” It is considered the only unsalvageable offense a person can make in the eyes of the Creator. There are a number of biblical passages that explain this and they include Mark 3:28-30, Matthew 12:30-32, Luke 12:8-10, Hebrews 6:4-8, and Hebrews 10:26-29. And I have thought carefully on what I know of our problem child (who is no child btw, but a long grown adult with many esoteric ideas). And I thought this makes sense. At least it explains why reason is falling on deaf ears.

Problem child has been in hot water recently for comments and discourse in the over-population movement, behind the scenes and in obscure places of intellectual ponderings. Those comments were on the side of the national corruption that professes a desire for a 90% reduction in world population via unvoluntary measures cloaked in a seemingly natural cataclysmic event or two. Something most recently dubbed “glory train.”

Policy Creation and Evolution

Policy formation begins with intellectual discourse to manipulate or sanction the forward movement of ideas into becoming utilized via policy. Do you follow the early development of ideas and agendas?

See results

He has sealed his soul

As I have come to understand it, this “glory train,” is called this because in order to get a collective acceptance of the concept of individuals making a mass suicidal leap into the afterlife, it is believed by him and others in his philosophical megrim that it is necessary to re-write Christian theology to support the suggestion that in a mass death situation mankind will make the leap back to the creator, merging with it. And that this is or should be wholly acceptable to different theosophical groups from evangelicals all the way back through catholics and deists. As one of the friends stated via email this evening, you can't just run people through gas chambers anymore and get away with it...droll humor spoken in frustrated disgust by him. This is the form or path they are taking in order to establish what they believe is meaningful progress toward the 90% goal through a number of positions, including a “stop at 2” policy creation on procreation within governance in the interm prior to suggested cataclysmic event(s).

Much has been written on the subject of population over-reach, depopulation agenda, population stabilization, and a variety of other terms within that milieu of agenda processes. Holder's Ecoscience being one of the most notorious recent political writings in that venue which stretchs back through the 1940s where among a variety of others is a book by William Vogt titled Road to Survival, which was among the earliest ground breaking post WWII public ruminations by those thinkers.

There are deep ties in that milieu to the worst history of the 20th and 19th centuries. Some of the familial machinations of members who theorize how such a project could be pulled off seem to run right back through history to the WWII and post WWII nazi international, a term coined in Joseph P Farrell's highly researched books on the subject which include among others, Nazi International and also the book Riech of the Black Sun. In mentioning this, does it surprise anyone that the Contact Paradigm, a factional Disclosure of “digestable nature”, and MJ12 are mixed up in theoretical beneath the table discourse at a variety of historical points?

Anyway, back to problem child. He has a messianic self presentation which he's been touting and exploiting to the several ends of the mileu's agenda on developing militarized drones to be more fully reduced in size while increased in usefulness and lethal capacity to be established/sanctioned as viable first overseas in the defense of endangered species, then eventually on to population control which leads to the population reduction agenda, and the use of the environmental/ecology movement to forward projects which support or further this agenda.

He professes this is all on the up and up. That it is necessary despite the horrified protests and reason driven debates with him made by closest friends and associates. If ever there might be a truly lost cause, say those who have tried to adjust his philosophical bent, it must be admitted it is him. Hearing this, I suppose that is one way of looking at it.

We face a terrible struggle with the corruption in this nation which includes this current below the surface of our mutual consideration of the issues of our time. The corruption has evolved over the many decades since 1913 to inhabit almost every area of our governance, making policies to usurp reasonable laws and take control from our citizen's once timely capacity for self-governance and public conduct. Recent years have seen the demonization of our venerated Constitution now described as an “outdated document in need of revision”. And where policies, and laws cannot be instituted to suit the corruption's purposes, now run in full view of all the general population, executive orders that strip power from the balance between our governing institutions. This is how it ties from intellectual discourse to application and steerage.

Problem child's closest long term associates, have remarked in the last day or so, that he has sealed his soul.

Another friend remarks in the aftermath of his efforts to turn his friend from the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which has been a prominent part of the discourse exchange, “And yet even today on his thread, (PC) is defiantly proclaiming himself to be the "Spirit of Truth". Going so far as to propose that, which he thinks are the most Powerful Group on Earth, have appointed him to be the representative Messiah to the whole world. And further he claims in writing that these people he calls MJ-12, appointed (PC) this position by direct revelation of God.”

Perceiving Consensus Driven Decision-making

Flowchart of consensus based decision-making
Flowchart of consensus based decision-making | Source

Problem Child Concerns

  • Individual is active in academic and intellectual circles making proof of concept presentations
  • Individual professes support of depopulation agenda down to 144 million concept globally. Also known as 90% population reduction.
  • Individual is involved in the establishment of a Research and Development company which will work to develop small size drones suitable for use in both surveillance and defense/offense operation. Initial use is to be overseas for protection of endangered species on reserves from poaching. Statements about weaponization have been made.
  • Individual has associate employed in the US intelligence community.
  • Individual has been party to peer manipulation of paradigm
  • Individual claims to be a messiah
  • Individual claims association or ties to MJ12
  • Individual makes cloaked statements about an ELE event, sometimes implying manmade, other times implying of cosmic nature which is expected to fulfill planetary depopulation agenda.
  • Individual couches the above depopulation event in terms of it enabling mankind to ascend to a merging or physical return to God in order to establish acceptance of the event and intent.
  • Individual's claims are one of many competing narratives involving extraterrestrial contact.

Insight from an old horseman

With this regard in mind, I was meandering through other evening activities and as is normal for myself, I was pondering these things. I ended up thinking about teachers and students. Being a homeschooling parent I have some experience with the issues of teachers and students. I also have an odd habit of cross referencing difficult issues across the vastness of human understanding looking for something, anything remarkable enough that it might be useful.

I ended up thinking about people and how mankind is truly a creature of nature. Life is also when one pauses to think of it, a creature of nature...resulting in two wild ones with the requirement to equitably co-exist and produce something akin to art (Soul). I also thought about how we deal with other creatures of nature. The horse is a creature of nature. I pulled my favorite wisdom book on horse training off the shelf and turned to the chapter on The Training of the Rider.

It's not the first time I've run into dead ends and picked up Alois Podhajsky's book The Complete Training of the Horse and Rider: In the Principles of Classical Horsemanship. One time Director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. I have more than once found wisdom in those pages that could be applied to more than just horse's and literal riders. What is a person living life if not the Rider of a natural creature? If we can expand our regard of life in both the physical and the soul what connections and correlations might we reasonably find?

Alois said, “the object of the training of the horse is to make him obedient and submissive to the rider's will. The object of training the rider is to give him the physical and mental proficiency to be able to understand his partner, to execute with him all the movements, to be able to follow them with skill and power, and to be able to resist them if necessary.

This is true of living life in this world. If life is the horse and the living person is the rider.

Alois goes on to say things like, “The best trained horse would be useless without a potential rider. A well trained horse will certainly be an excellent hack, but in this case the activities of the rider will be no more than those of a passenger. Both horse and rider must contribute an equal share to the work of art which is the goal. Even when presenting a fully trained horse, a rider must have considerable knowledge and experience. How much more he will require to train an untrained horse and still more to retrain a badly trained one.

The training of the horse and that of the rider are very closely related, and many important references may be found in the chapters about training of the horse.

Three basic requirements are necessary for the training of the rider:

  1. A mental picture of the goal to be reached.

  2. An understanding of how it should feel.

  3. The development of the physical ability to reach the goal.”

Per Alois, the mental picture will in most cases be easiest to fulfill. And many riders will develop the physical abilities faster than the correct feeling, which will take the longest time to develop.

He said, “The feeling of the rider may be compared to the hearing of the musician. Both must have sufficient talent to be able to play the instrument, whether a living creature or an inanimate device.”

He shortly after noted, “Nothing is worse than a rider who tries to excuse his own shortcomings by putting the fault on his teacher.”

I paused here...this sounded vaguely familiar....could eternal sin: blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, be considered essentially this? The student who rewrites inventing the wheel because without actually specifying so, he is excusing his own shortcomings by putting the fault on the teacher – rejecting the teacher? Could this be one in the same?

Alois follows the remark with the observation that if the student (rider) is not prepared to follow his teacher's advice, he will not achieve any success. So in laymen's terms this blasphemy could certainly be considered in this light. A no win, unresolveable situation.

Alois then moves to speak of Instructors. He gives observations that “instructors have different methods and different lines. The pupil will only be able to judge the standard after he has followed the teachings loyally. So the first essential for every student is to believe in his teacher unconditionally or else leave the school. There is no halfway solution.”

Well that certainly sounds like the definition and explanations given about eternal sin as described in the Wikipedia article referencing biblical explanations.

Alois then said something that seriously struck me. And what he said made me think that this is precisely where we are at with Problem Child. Alois said, “Having passed through a school, the rider may try to find his own methods. The experience of hundreds of years has taught us, however that the principles of the classical art of riding have their imperishable value, because they deal with a creature of nature and not with a machine devised by the technical mind of man.” This comment was my epiphany moment, but I still didn't know what to do with it.

Hundreds of years of living life has taught us that the principles of life well lived and a soul well developed have their imperishable value. That term “imperishable value” was important.

Because those principles deal with a “creature of nature” and not with a machine devised by the technical mind of man.

Life – Being – Soul Establishment and Expression is not a machine. It is a creature of nature. And the principles of life and soul development have their imperishable value.

Alois then goes back and while he is speaking of the needs of the rider, he actually is speaking about the Teacher, or the Training of the Rider. He says, “it commences with the teaching of the correct seat, which is the basic requirement for any kind of riding and especially for dressage riding. The rider's seat must be supple and flexible, upright and deep in order to be able to give the correct aids without disturbing the balance of the horse, especially in difficult exercises. It is also necessary for aesthetic reasons.”

In the outward appearance, riding should present itself as an art. Horse and rider in all movements should give the impression of two living creatures merged into one.”

I sat back feeling sated though not sure exactly how this inspiration applied. This voice out of the past in a different genre of life coming through as if it somehow was important to understanding and either coping or resolving the issues of Problem Child, this dual representation and participant in the intellectual and spiritual corruption current running below the deck of our national wold, and its interconnection with the broader Paradigm.

Does problem child present the correct seat? No, he has rejected and revised in his mind the Holy Spirit thereby committing blasphemy as core part of presenting his philosophy/theosophy/agenda on creating a reason supporting his theory, the sanctioned establishment of a (manufactured?) cataclysm resulting in planetary depopulation touted as opportunity for mankind to make some suggested evolutionary leap in soul existence. Which is the source of the problem? Is it the agenda or the rejection of the Holy Spirit? His friends say the rejection.

I consider, is his current seat, though not correct anywhere near being supple, flexible, upright and deep in order to be able to give the correct aids without disturbing the balance of the relationship with life? Supple? Yes, he flows and has the necessary power, control, or muscling. He is flexible? No. My personal experience speaking with him finds him inflexible toward learning experiences. Upright? Way, no. At least not by most of our definitions. He will readily sacrifice moral restraint to achieve an end. Yet he professes to mean well. Upright in his own mind maybe, but not by the standards of a reasonable and just society. Deep? Maybe. But again not in the way most spiritual individuals and groups would suggest sufficient for true soul application and evolution. Deep in terms of complexity, and complex thinking yes. I have found, however, his overall feeling lacking, which is something I've always thought essential in Soul. I also don't see any asthetic value there. I sense a dissonance. Like a train with only one set of wheels on the tracks. He sits the saddle with power, but no artistry we can appreciate because it is dissonant to our harmony.

A image of the rider driving the horse to the cliff with great force to ensure his goal of seeing him jump and expect him capable of flight.

My insight indicated it is a mixture of this dissonance and the unwavering drive to achieve agenda which carries no regard for the teacher (Holy Spirit) which in turn prevents any receptivity toward his friends efforts and advice, or my loud protests in opposition to the agenda. I am left asking myself, how is this insight helpful? Certainly it is useful for my own conduct and spiritual improvement. But is there anything there which might be helpful in the actual problem? The written word says such an individual afflicted as he is, is essentially unsalvageable. His Soul is Sealed. Assuming this to be at least relatively true, what good does it do to realize or acknowledge it? What is accomplished in this rumination of the obvious? The problem presented by what he is doing and saying still remains.

As a proponent of free speech, I cannot rightly interfere despite not agreeing and vehemantly opposing the underwater machinations. You might say but why should it concern me? It's all just talk right? Well when the stated conversations include assocation and coordinated efforts with his peers of like mind, which results in or is associated to, things like visits to a Pope, by several of those peers which is stated to have been instrumental in said Pope's stepping down and subsequent replacement by an alternative – an alternative out of Argentina and a Jesuit, not so distant seat of Borman's nazi international and the Jesuits who according to researchers says they helped them relocate post WWII, I have to seriously consider these things. (there's those nazis again – things that bring them up keep cropping up) At least I feel I must. Perhaps there are others out there who can conscientiously let such matters slide where they lay their teeth into the greater scheme of the world wold, but I don't feel I can. But what do I rightly and justly do with all this?

So I am left to ponder where do I go from here? Perhaps this thinking is more about my own processes than capacity to actually solve the problem peacefully in both its greater and smaller versions. Does this make conflict inevitable? That is the observer of the landscape in me asking.

Round and round we go, to where we'll stop, none doth know. So many say “it cannot happen here,” I beg to differ, the view of the landscape says it has already begun. FiOs.


Another View of Problem Child

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Don't get run over

Glory Train?  Eschaton.  An extinction level event of either man's making or natural occurrence.
Glory Train? Eschaton. An extinction level event of either man's making or natural occurrence. | Source

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  • FitnezzJim profile image

    FitnezzJim 4 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

    In my opinion, the last link is more of the usual, just another excuse for yet another economic drain on the taxpayer, with nothing mentionable to ever show for it, and all excuses in place to defend that unmentionable. As you say, SSDD.

    The difference seems to be how it affects your PC. When I look at your concerns, the last five or six would make me wonder what he thinks he knows based on his own observation, and what he speculates based on what he thinks he knows. What is your opinion on his ability to recognize the difference?

  • Cyrellys profile image

    Cyrellys 4 years ago from Montana

    That is how his friends say they feel. I've been speaking with him since I wrote the article and he's aware of the article and the conversation I've been having with his friends. He's been waffling back and forth from self defense, via accusing me of coming into the situation with my "prejudices blazing" to proud acknowledging defiance, i.e. "In my naivete, I thought I could get away with simply being the SoT, but, no, that was not in the cards. It was gonna have to be the whole enchilada, from the git-go. "

    One of his latest comments to me: "So, I am asking Boyarin, and I'm asking Cy, if Jesus was blood-thirsty? Even the evangelicals admit that Yahweh may be viewed as a . How many wedding processions has God decimated? Did I have prior knowledge of 9/11? "

    and his latest back-pedaling involves now calling his glory train a "spiritual eschaton" which we who know him have heard him say otherwise more than once, enough that we've been horrified and reacted...

    and again just a few hours ago: "Should we revel in our mortality? It is not irrational, to suppose that mortality is an essential component of our creaturely status..... not to be denigrated. We will miss it when it is gone. But, despite my eschatological predilections, I do verge upon blasphemy when I declare that the Old Earth will not pass away. The New Earth, the New Jerusalem will not render us obsolete. Every one of our deeds has been recorded. You dare not remove Creation from the Creator. "

    Back and forth, back and forth he goes. He'll be back to speaking as he's accustomed to in a week or two. Meanwhile, he'll waffle and digress knowing I'm staring him in the face about genocide.

    Background info:



  • FitnezzJim profile image

    FitnezzJim 4 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Problem child sounds like the sort of individual who would not feel any remorse at declaring 'You have to drink the cool-aid to know what is in it'.


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