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Expect A Miracle!

Updated on May 13, 2013

"Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles."

~Edwin Louis Cole

While We're Here...

When most of us think about miacles, we think about extraordinary works that have been performed throughout history by a handful of people. I consider all of these people to be teachers. What they are doing is showing us who we are, but we think it is only about them.

It sounds cliche' to say that it is a miracle just to be alive here on planet Earth, but it is a miracle. Part of my interests are in the area of astronomy so I keep up fairly well on new discoveries in space. Astronomers all over the world are looking into the cosmos continually and although they have found other planets, in fact many hundreds of other planets in our Galaxy alone, they have never found a planet similar to Earth; one where life as we know it can exist.

In this massive universe there are amazing sights and even sounds, but we have not yet found other life. To have life at all really is a miracle given the odds against it, but to have consciousness is even more extraordinary. All life on this planet has some level of consciousness. Until recently scientists did not know that plants have consciousness too, but now they know that both plants and animals do. What neither of them has is self awareness. That distinction belongs to us alone.

What We Say Is Holding Us Back

Many of us on this planet think of ourselves as these puny, helpless objects being thrown about by the circumstances of our lives and we learn to interpret the events of our lives as monsters and demons holding us hostage without hope of a reprieve. We react to everything that comes our way, thinking that it cannot be otherwise. We are wishful of change and some of us pray for the changes we think we need, but we sit powerless against the onslaught of our daily lives.

We learned through the violence of our births that this is a scary place to be and through misinterpreted events in our early lives we learned to be afraid of anything unfamiliar and sometimes through that which is all too familiar. I have heard from so many people the unhappiness that can plague an otherwise good life. I have made suggestions to resolve the unhappiness, but over and over again I am told that change is out of the question. From my observation, people will live in unfriendly circumstances because of their fear of change and use their complaints as solice for the agony of their lives.

Fear is within us from the beginning and the world will continue to promote this fear throughout our lives. It doesn't have to be so, however. We may live in a land where our freedoms are many or a land where they are few, but it is within each of us to find the eternal answer to happiness and no one else can control our thoughts, but us. As long as we condemn our lives with criticism and judgement, we ourselves will be the ones who pay, but once we become aware of the power of our thoughts and the words we use to descrbie our world we gain the aptitude to change to that which we desire, instead.

Self Awareness - The Big Game Changer

Being aware of ourselves and our surroundings is the most profound opening each of us has to have a magnificent life. We may have been brainwashed, by the circumstances of our lives, into thinking that we are limited. The fact that we have arrived where we are, though, after billions and billions of years of the universe's evolution would argue that we have power beyond imagination. We are here, now, because our consciousness has survived EVERYTHING!

One of the descriptions of miracle in Webster's dictionary is, "A superb or surpassing example of something." Every one of us here has already experienced this. We have attained consciousness of ourselves and each other against insurmountable odds. The universe is a very violent place and the enormity of the possibilities of destruction are endless. The violent beginnings of the Earth could not have supported life as we know it, but somehow everything that needed to happen did and our consciousness has survived it all.

What we expect to experience is the filter that makes sure what we do experience matches that expectation. Whatever you expect, you will find.

Expect A Miracle . . .

You are here because your consciousness has survived EVERYTHING!

I love you,



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