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Exposing Media "Saints of Gold"

Updated on October 14, 2016
Sucheta Pandurang Dalal
Sucheta Pandurang Dalal

LIONS FOR LAMBS The Great Indian Context - Sucheta Dalal for Jaine Roth

"Saints of Gold" Journalist 'disguised' as Activist

A seasoned award-winning journalist Jaine Roth (played by Meryl Streep) compromises her journalism ethics and intuitions to an aggressive senator Jasper Irving (Played by Tom Cruise). When asked asked to act an instrument of his propaganda, near the end she informs her commercially-minded boss of her plans to call out the senator's new strategy for what she feels is a ploy, but is shot down. Ultimately, Irving's version of the story is run without the critical interaction (source Wikipedia).

The channel needed funds you see!

Here in India too, this is pretty much how the story goes for Our otherwise, brilliant award winning journalist .Sucheta Pandurang Dalal in our story's context here today.

Corruption in journalism seems to be infecting the top. Is it the system that requires journalists to be poor (for those who are aware of pay packages for journos in India), or os it the Award itself? Had Padma Shris been coupled with monetary incentives of some kind the recipients might have perhaps held on to their course of integrity.


A few of us were working with various media during 2013 when Sucheta went tongs and hammer against this company called QNET. Honestly, we hadn't even heard of this company before we Sucheta rudely introduced the company as the as the only and final threat to mankind and frontier for journalism needing all our immediate attention.

Much to our chagrin we found out that the company was actually a successful Direct Selling Company with products that were far more upmarket, classy and high ticket than Amway or Herbalife. They offered on an eCommerce platform Swiss Watches, Holiday packages and Energy Products.

Finally a lifestyle Direct Selling Multi Level Marketing Company we thought.

We religiously researched truthfulness of every allegation that was made on the company and its products and surprisingly found all the allegations to be preposterous lies and motivated to say the least.

The allegations were either made in very poor taste, little knowledge or extreme motivation. The kind of motivation someone derives only after being 'paid' or promised handsome monetary returns. Otherwise who cares? Hundreds of thousands of Indians lost their homes in Assam floods recently while the State Government continues misappropriating thousands of cores of funds earmarked for flood relief But our financial crusader here has been only focusing on this company.

Media needs commercial motivation of some kind. Ad Revenues, TRP's or paid coverage. The first two are ruled out for Moneylife, so Ms. Sucheta Dalal is getting her motivation from only the third. Paid editorial does seem like an inevitable evil we will need contend as citizens going forward increasingly.

The market leader (Amway) has over half a dozen cases against it all over India and has also been convicted by the erstwhile State Andhra Pradesh’s High Court. But Sucheta Dalal continues to tear into only this company's fabric.

If she has negative view on Direct Selling Multi-Level Marketing industry shouldn’t it start with the big boys? Unless of course she has been remunerated in some way by these big boys themselves to go selectively after competition. She recently seems to have endorsed the Amway and other foreign Direct Selling companies, hinting some apples are good and some bad.

So much for someone who was vociferously against Direct Selling MLM industry.

The more and more we observed, this started looking more and more like an organized attack on a company by vested parties. In such cases there is always a payee (most probably a competition to the company), core think tank and Executive (Media, some corrupt police officers and a complainant).

Ethical Journalism

  1. Reports matters transparently as they are without colouring facts or figures.
  2. Respects judicial protocol and allows the legal system to take its course.

Paid Motivated Journalism

  1. Twists facts and figures and reports opinion as facts. Sucheta Dalal has constantly called the company a scam, fraud and banned pyramid/ ponzi scheme, when no courts have yet convicted the company of the same.
  2. Disrespects judicial protocols and attempts to shamelessly influence decision making. Our illustrious writer activist writes exactly a week or few days before every hearing to try and pressurize courts and its proceedings.


Gurupreet Singh Anand, a small time Dhaba operator infamous for beating up his father and blackmailing him for property along with his wife, Parmeet Kaur Anand are the complainants in this case. They are posing to be consumers who have used company's products whereas the facts we have gathered independently from their bank is that they never made the payment and blocked the cheque meant for purchase of a service from the company (Bank of Maharashtra Cheque # 063919 dated 12 April 2013 for a sum of Rs. 31,500/-). In fact, we read that Gurupreet’s father had filed an FIR against his son for attacking him (FIR no. 415/13 dated 2nd November 2013, Oshiwara Police station) with an iron object on his head and filed a suit against his daughter-in-law for blackmailing him for property. Our ideal con-artist couple as complainants. There you go, the second part of the scheme.

The third part is a corrupt police officer in the Mumbai Police force. The kinds we all dread but can’t do anything against. When the ones who swear to protect us become the oppressors themselves, it is dark and fearful indeed. But our next story will expose you the remaining three. The corrupt Police Officer from Mumbai Police Force, the old man think tank from Delhi and this company's competition who continues to fund this concerted attack.

In corporate battles for market control, role of media and police is increasingly on the rise. MediaLeaks will fight this till the end.

In this 2007 Hollywood film Jaine Roth is seen crying as Irving’s version of story is run and not clear whether Roth gave in and toed the company line or quit her job. But here with our Jaine Roth – Sucheta Pandurang Dalal we know what happened exactly.

Real versus Reel.

"Bunty" Gurupreet Singh Anand

"Bunty" Gurupreet Singh Anand
"Bunty" Gurupreet Singh Anand

"Babli" Parmeet Kaur Anand

"Babli" Parmeet Kaur Anand
"Babli" Parmeet Kaur Anand


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    • profile image

      Ramesh M 21 months ago

      Are you kidding me Sucheta? Are you pointing out to company which changed the lives millions of people? Do you think its easy to sponsor a global sport Football, that too representing a famous club MCFC. Go get some educationand facts you illetarate so called journalist. I pity the government of India for honouring you with Padma Shree. Such a cheap and nonsensical journalist you are.

    • profile image

      Girish J 21 months ago

      Very pathetic and unethical journalism!!

      Vested interest. Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.

    • profile image

      Ashok 21 months ago

      Hahaha.......first go and know about QNET........

    • profile image

      pramod verma 21 months ago

      Qnet is the best direct selling company

    • profile image

      Jitendra 21 months ago

      These crooks mis-using the journalism industry. DALAL is Unethical journalist.

    • profile image

      Mahi 21 months ago

      QNET is the BEST Thing happened in my Life. I am changing as a Better Person. Don't put wrong things it returns to you on one day.. Be Careful..

    • profile image

      Kashik Wahi 21 months ago

      Great article... People just talk without even understanding that they are attacking bread and butter of so many people. We have always seen poor gernalist but this kind is very rare. This is a 100 year old industry, QNET is 18 years. When government has no problem then I dont know why people like this are out. They should be first sent behind bars...

    • profile image

      Arvind 21 months ago

      Qnet changed my way of thinking and I am proud of that.

    • profile image

      Maanik 21 months ago

      Such a promising article, qnet is THE best company in today's time, has changed many lifes, is changing my too.. Thank you QNET :)

    • profile image

      Suresh Gangwar 21 months ago

      Such a crook media person she is, shame on her. This crook must go behind bars. QNET is a company worth million dollar and has high ethics and values. This is one of best direct selling company which is giving opportunity to millions people to have their own business. Anyone saying against QNET must check its credibility and facts and figures.

    • profile image

      Vineet kumar 21 months ago

      Qnet is good business its changed my life

    • profile image

      P. Singh 21 months ago

      I am a part of QNET and I am proud of it ..

    • profile image

      Javed 21 months ago

      Fake news first of all just check the credibility and authenticity of the company then raise fingers...QNET is helping many individual to live a better life...

    • profile image

      Kumar 21 months ago

      It's a joke such people making paid comments.

      No need to attach importance to it. They can not survive for long indulging in such malpractices

    • profile image

      vmbabu 21 months ago

      DALAL don't try to create bad impression on great company called QNet. This is the place where people can change their life's. Every one has brain to think and we are more educated and more intelligent people than you. We knows about QNet and we know what we are doing. Please shout your mouth.

    • profile image

      Saurav Saurav 21 months ago

      She along with Gurupreet are an absolute crook!!! Pay them and they can promote anything!!

      Coming up with baseless allegations to receive cheap publicity is in their profession!!

    • profile image

      Design4mano 21 months ago

      This is one of the best company in the world who is giving opportunity to whole world who want to change their financial life by doing hardwork.

      But people like DALAL & GURPREET sell their morale for some money and the whole world suffers due to untrue negativity spreaded bcas of them.

      Qnet is legal, ethical and 100% ecommerce company where in everyone in india and across globe pay tax to whatever commission each person earn. Still people like DALAL and Gurpreet tell whole world through media that qnet is scam. Let me tell something, these people are biggest scam of nation and they should be penalised and pushing in such strong way that tomorrow they and other people should think 1000 times before spreading unreal negative through media thereby spoiling millions of people dream who by seeing such unrealistic statements of scams make them take step back and miss out to work for their dreams.

      These DALAL and Gurpreet are SCAMS for our nation as they are eating away the genuinity of human belief and faith and aspiration of people who want to really do things being part of qnet and change their lives.

      Government is releasing clear legislation of Direct Selling Industry norms. I suggest to government to create a guidelines for such dirty people who tell this untrue facts of company and spoil other people lives where in there should be stringent punishment for people like them. This will be a great saving for the nation and purpose of companies like Qnet for changing people's lives.



    • profile image

      Samuremo 21 months ago

      Paid media should be banned..... great courage to pick up the burning woods to ashes.... Suchita Dalal and all other unethical media should be exposed, banned and their liscemces should be terminated...

    • Rishabh Choudhary profile image

      Rishabh Choudhary 21 months ago

      When there is DALAAL in the name itself, what else can one expect......... The sperm of direct selling industry is the idea to help people and I vouch for QNET for understanding this totally and operating accordingly..... I was one of the so called "people" few years back and QNET indeed helped me to become somebody in my own eyes.... Dalaali ki Bahaali zada din na chali hai na chalegi!!!

    • profile image

      Sid31 21 months ago

      Fake individuals like suchita dala is ruining the pride of entire journalists and journalism all together. Really disgusting. How someone can compromise on her own dignity and shows wrong picture to readers and followers just coz they have the power of media. Pathetic fake paid media... credit goes to one and the only Ms. SUCHITA DALAL

    • profile image

      Sivaram 21 months ago

      The company is transparent and no one has the right to speak anything negative about the company. Ms Dalal wrote everything to her assumptions and do not have knowledge about this company.

      So first learn about the industry and company. Ms Dalal wrote all the allegations about the company and industry is all false. The company is transparent about each and everything..

    • profile image

      rockybalboaa 21 months ago

      So sad to see some people can actually go any heights to gain popularity and false fame...shame on you Sucheta Dalal...!! Go find something useful and truthful to do.

    • profile image

      Arun 21 months ago

      QNET is a company worth million dollar and has high ethics and values. This is one of best direct selling company which is giving opportunity to millions people to have their own business. Anyone saying against QNET must check its credibility and facts and figures. QNET rocks always..!!

    • profile image

      Ankit 21 months ago

      Such a crook media person she is, shame on her. This crook must go behind bars.

    • profile image

      Jagmohan 21 months ago

      She is doing this for personal gains.....Direct selling is a huge industry and I am proud to be associated with it and it is changing my life every day!!

    • profile image

      Deepti932 21 months ago

      People have so much of belief in journalism of India where they blame anything and everything that can shape their future ...and people like her are the reasons why India is suffering big time from such issues... without facts and figures how can she give conclusions and blame a company ....just to be in limelight what all u people do...shame on you... I m proud to be associated with a company with which I can achieve success and that can give me happiness..

    • profile image

      Shiva kumar 21 months ago

      QNET is very legimate direct selling company which is feeding so many members and donating so much money through rhythm foundation.

      You can't create problems to us if you take lots of money from few people and you are working on it also

    • profile image

      Vijeth 21 months ago

      She is an unethical journalist, I think government should ban her writing

    • profile image

      Sameer E 21 months ago

      You guys were doing whatever you feel like and saying anything about anyone but now your fake journals and articles will be exposed and you will realise the power of truth...

    • profile image

      Chakri 21 months ago

      These people should not be given right to work in media..

      It is not good for society.

    • profile image

      Harish 21 months ago

      Qnet is the best company to work with.

      It changed my life,support system is awesome and helped me big time to earn money and become a better person.

    • profile image

      Veer 21 months ago

      Truth will not be hidden any longer. People, society, government will know it. Your game is over dear activists. QNet will emerge like anything, you can't do anything more.


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