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Exposing Sexual Perverseness in Catholic Convents

Updated on January 9, 2016

Over the last few decades, majority of newsletters have come out exposing the priestly sexual abuse of women, nuns, girls and even boys within the convents of the Roman Catholic Church. This paper seeks to establish the evidence of this sexual perverseness within the convents.

The 1996 survey of nuns in United States reported that more than 34,000 nuns in the catholic convents which sums up to above 40 percent of all nuns in the USA, claimed to have been abused sexually. Most of these nuns stated that they were victimized sexually by nuns, priests or other religious people in the convents. Two out of five of the nuns who testified to being abused noted that their exploitation included genital contact of one way or the other. In 2002, the Boston Globe book reported that all the nuns who claimed continued sexual exploitation stated that religious superiors always pressured them for sexual favors. The nuns go on to explain that the priests were very angry with them if they refused to comply with their requests for sexual favors, and most at times they would be hit hard as a result. One of the nuns states that she had had her teeth knocked out by a priest who was forcing himself on another sister.

Another nun told the story of a saddening incident where the mother superior gets a number of young nuns lined up in a room then they are told to strip all the way down until they are completely naked. Three or four Roman Catholic priests will then enter and march in front f the girls and choose the ones they want to take back to their cells with them and enjoy themselves. All this inhuman acts take place in convents. The priests do whatever they please and hide behind their religious cloaks. The same priests will go to their Roman Catholic churches after their acts and will say mass, and will furthermore go to the confessional box and lead poor people to believe that he has the power of forgiving their sins. It breaks my heart because the one person who has committed a very terrible sin continuously still acts some kind of god and people actually believe.

William, K claims that it’s both saddening and disgracing that the media can block out the sexual abuse of women by the catholic clergy. Male children who silently suffer under their abusive priests and superiors is also horrifying. Conversely, the sexual abuse and exploitation of nuns by the members of the clergy in convents is a far superior problem. Miguel Chincilla, a victim of sex abuse notes that it I so hard to continue being a catholic after being abused sexually by a priest and then raped by a clergy member.

The church hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in the USA has for decades tried to cover up the far-reaching abuse of women, nuns, and children by the church priests. Several of these priests were simply transferred to other diocese as they continued their behavior whenever they went. The superiors of the church put in efforts as much as they could to protect the accused priests from prosecution. There is evidence to suggest that the clergy and roman prelates exerted tremendous pressure on the families of the victims so as to have them drop the charges against the priests.


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