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Extending help for Haiti

Updated on March 17, 2011

Haiti: a nation in distress

January disaster is for Haiti

As we live in this world full of challenges, we always encounter the wrath of nature such as storms, hurricanes, tornado, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, aside from disasters made by us, humans. This January 2010, the biggest disaster due to the huge magnitude of earthquake destroyed the small country of Haiti on nthe 12th day of the first month. Haiti is an island country adjacent to Dominican Republic in Caribbean area in Central America. Due to the prevailing political unrest in the country, UN peacekeepers from different countries, including the Philippines, were delegated in the area. Little did they knew the biggest disaster that the country suffered. Worn out buildings, power outage, disoriented people, food scarcity are the remnants of the said earthquake.

Humanitarian Aid for Haitians

Right after the earthquake, US President Mubarak Obama announced the immediate aid the country will give to Haiti. Furthermore, former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, Jr. extended more help for the earthquake victims through fundraising. The US government spearheaded for the adoption of orphaned children from Haiti to give them good and secured future.

Although, the Filipino UN peacekeepers and overseas workers fear for their own lives, they continue to extend help for the Haitians, retrieving and giving food and medicine to the victims. Some of them died during the quake when the UN headquarter for peacekeepers collapsed.

The Thailand government is also extending help by parading trained elephants in the streets to collect donations from people along the streets. Their effort is their way of thanking supportive countries when they suffered the disastrous effects of tsunami in Phuket province in 2004.

As the help for Haiti continue to pour in, the famous producer and judge of American Idol and A1 entertainment, Simon Cowell will produce a single that will be recorded by different singers to raise funds for Haiti. Who can ever forget the famous song, “We Are The World” sang by USA (United Support Artists) for Africa? Famous singers and producers led by Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Tina Turner and more did really unite to help the victims of famine in the continent of Africa.

Meanwhile, a special telethon for Haiti was launched by concerned actors, singers and entertainment personalities in USA. Through the efforts of George Clooney, Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and many more, they were able to give an initial donation of 1 million dollars. Furthermore, NBA stars also gave huge sum of money for every shot they produce during their games. Even the actor-pilot John Travolta spearheaded a relief mission by piloting the plane himself.

Help from HubPages

HubPages writers, like me, should also unite for humanitarian aid in Haiti. We could give part of our earnings to Haitians who are really in great need nowadays. Food, shelter and clothing are but some of the basic needs they should have. We could channel our help to all agencies that are also willing to give donations, whether money or in kind.

I am writing this hub for them. I am sure that we, hubbers, are thinking the same thing: help the Haitians in every way we can.




Haiti on 2011

Haiti is still recovering. More than 1 million people still live in tent cities and more than 2000 have died in cholera outbreak (often the result of contaminated drinking water and food supplies). An estimated 100,000 children were orphaned by last year's earthquake.

Most residents of the nation's capital, Port-au-Prince, were relocated to less affected towns to start a new life. Many families still struggle to find their place in their new surroundings, especially children.

If Haiti is recovering, Japan is facing the same turmoil this year. Let's hope they recover soon.

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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Thanks, Jeremy. Prayes are intangible ways of extending our help to them. The comfort they'll feel that they're not abandoned by the Lord Almighty will encourage Haitians to rebuild their impoverished nation.

    • cojaqmarketing profile image

      cojaqmarketing 8 years ago from Carmel, Indiana

      Such a tragic event...they're in my prayers everyday. Thanks for taking your valuable time to post this.