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Extra Judicial Killings, True or Not?

Updated on July 24, 2016

Philippines is now under a new administration, The Duterte Administration. The President is known for his outspoken threat like killing someone during his election campaign, mostly towards Drug Users, Pushers and Drug Lords. In the first month of his term, almost 200 people were killed from Police work or unknown situations. They say that change has come in the country, before his term started July 1, a lot of users and pushers has surrendered, almost thousands turn themselves to the police because they are afraid to die.

The General of Philippine National Police has an operation "Operation Tokhang" meaning they go house to house, knock on the door specially on the intelligence list of drug pushers and advice them to turn themselves in or change their ways or else they will face consequences. From where I am, I here stories that a couple who sell drugs turned themselves voluntarily because they knew that the operation was already done in their place but they are not visited. Due to paranoia, thinking if they are not visited they will be killed, talk about reverse psychology there.

Then there are news about killings everywhere, almost 10 people die in a day, some found by police, some encountered by buy bust operations and it goes on and on. Others are angry because they say that justice is not served but think about it. Yes the police unfortunately cause their deaths, some of them are running or confront them, which will make the lives of the officers on the line and these are reported everyday in the news, but not all of them are from police work and they still suspect that the authorities did it. Who will kill them? I am sure, if I kill the small time drug pushers, I will not have the opportunity to question them who their suppliers are. If I am a Drug Lord, I will make sure to contain the information that will lead to me, even if I have to kill them because no one will know.

So, who will most likely do the killings? The President who needs to know who the Big Fish are, or the Drug Lords who need to protect their identity. I will not blame the Police for every drug related deaths that happens everyday, extra judicial killings is somehow questionable on my part. I did not vote him, but I believed in him that somehow fear will change the country, I do not fear for my life especially if I haven't done something unlawfully. Is it true that the police is responsible for all of this? or is it the other way around? You judge.


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