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Extreme Weather: An Early Sign of End Times?

Updated on June 27, 2013

For those following the Book of Revelations in the Bible, as well as other End Times events, it is an alarm bell going off, something to watch and see what other signs appear that the Revelations mentions. For non-believers or skeptics, they simply take a more scientific explanation as fact about what is going on and leave it as that. If you are the kind that is sitting on the fence, you tend to watch and wait, yet when weather experts frequently continue to state that the weather abnormalities have not been seen before, or are extreme weather events that are of the bizarre nature, one starts to believe it could be an early sign.

The jet stream controls the weather pattern as its river of air crosses the globe. In the past several years, it has been erratic. When you have more and more historic weather abnormalities occurring, it resembles a birth pain. The historic downpours and flooding in Alberta, Canada, Hurricane Sandy making a target in New Jersey in late October, snowstorms in May, a heat wave in Alaska where in McGrath it hit 94 degrees! A few weeks earlier, the high was 15 F. Usually, a heatwave anywhere in the state is not more than 80 F. The West and Plain States had drought conditions and it continues turning food producing states into parched ground because of no rain. California's fire season has started a few months earlier. As far as records, the 2011-12 winter was mild with little snow, yet in winter of 2012-13, was the opposite in the same areas. Superstorm Sandy is even more of a warning, this kind of event happens once every 700 years! In recent years, there have been a record number of Category 5 tornadoes. The Northern Hemisphere had a record of snow in December, but by May, it was the third lowest for when snow remained.

In general, America has a fairly straight west to east jet stream course during much of the year, however, this has not been the case lately where it seems to have taken extreme detours that have meteorologists dumbfounded at times. The more the jet stream undulates north and south, the more extreme weather patterns occur. Scientists are fairly certain is has been caused by global warming caused by mankind's manufacturing and sending particulates into the atmosphere that keeps heat in- a greenhouse effect. At Weather Underground, meteorologists state that have never seen such erratic patterns in their 30 years and in the past three years it has increased in frequency. Because the jet stream is acting erratically, some experts say that is an indication of something going on that they cannot explain. Then, there is the very frequent event of ice breaking off in the Artic due to warmer temps.

Scientists do know that the slower the jet stream is, the more it undulates with erratic shifts. The faster it is, the less erratic and extreme the weather is, So, what they know is that the jet stream is 14% slower than it was in the 1990s and when it slows, it moves north not west-east. This causes odd weather, it creates blocking patterns of highs and lows. At NOAA, all these conditions only point to a pattern of undetermined length.

So, are the weather abnormalities one of the signs mentioned that experts try to just explain away with science and facts, but ultimately, really have no explanation why it is occurring?

I guess this is where faith in God or faith in mankind comes in.


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