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Exxon's Valdez Prince William Sound Oil Spill Caused Almost No Long Term Harm To Environment..

Updated on March 27, 2014

In Less than 20 years nature recovered it's former glory.

On the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Prince William Sound Oil Spill the environmentalist propaganda mill went to town congratulating themselves on their original hysteria and the manufacturing of unintentional environmental crime and punitive theology. The long term damage from the oil spill was actually a rather quick recovery for most affected species. The dumb beat was most pronounced on Public Broadcasting Radio station with every sort of study being sited as proof that any oil in the environment left never ending harm to ecosystems and various species. Fortunately there is reality. Most species have recovered. Some oil residue is out there in the sound but most of it maybe part of sediments that will be buried over time. After all the mountains surrounding the sound are eroding into the sound. Species that apparently have not recovered include the mackerel but before you believe everything you hear on the radio beware that there are more variables than just oil when it comes to fisheries. We don't even know all the variables and the ones we do are darn well known by the same environmentalist lobbies of course topped by what they call climate change and some trending warming in Southern Alaska. Come on, the same people saying everything else is changing want you to believe they can isolate all the proper variables and disregard the rest.

None of this is to say an oil spill is a good thing. What it is saying is the recovery is pretty amazing when you look at it more objectively than the people do who want to say there is permanent harm. Oil spills are nothing new. much larger oil spills happened in more desperate circumstances such as giant ships being torpedoed in world war 1 and world war 2. I have been to beaches where world war tar balls still occasionally wash up on shores and there is no long term degradation of the eco systems all of which have recovered. Exxon's Prince William Sound recovery was much more amazing than advertised. What is interesting is how ecosystems get modified and the environmental kooks go to town saying they are amazing sustainable examples of wildlife populations. One case in point is recent news that the decline of Atlantic Cod have left lobsters to become much more populating so much so that self described fishery saving environmental groups are now calling lobsters a very sustainable fishery. So chances are where people are counting missing mackerel fish some other population of fish is surging in Prince William Sound oil or no oil. We have cycles in nature and we also have natural catastrophes. When The Great Tsunamis hit Northern Japan after one of the largest territorial subduction earthquakes in history more damage was done to nature than was ever reported by the same environmental kook organization. What they focused on was man made debris from the tsunami floating out to sea not on how a large section of land that had plant and animal life along the shore was suddenly thrust 8 to 10 feet lower below sea level.

The focus of the environmentalist propaganda is to make oil and oil companies out to be evil exploiters of mother earth and of poor little plants and animals rather than to have any objectivity. They want to keep their narrative going rather than showing you the amazing restoration by nature with or with out any clean up effort. If you consider their narrative then maybe it would have only taken 30 years for prince William sound to restore itself instead of 20. It is sickening to listen to the dribble on PBS radio and CNN about all the permanent criminal harm because there was no criminal intent and was no permanent damage. Most of the real damage was aesthetic. Not all of the sound , which is a large area was ever affected. Preventing such accidents is a great idea but when it comes to double hulled tankers and punitive legal measures against what was just an accident sooner or later we have a double hulled tanker spill that is worse. Ships sink because nature can sink them. If we do want to be sure there are no more oil tankers and no more use of oil then what we need to do is power PBS and CNN only by wind power so when the wind stops their hot air stops too. No one working at PBS or CNN should ever ride in or drive a gasoline powered automobile and never use any machine that does not use natural oils like whale oil instead of petroleum based products. Yes people lost business in the sound but then it seemed Exxon paid out quite a lot of money and even had insurance to cover most claims. The environmentalist narrative is so contrived that I bet if you go to Prince William Sound you will find it to be as much of a stunning example of nature and the power of natural recovery that you will see anywhere. If you are going there as an environmentalist you should walk or ride a horse there because there is no risk of petroleum products doing harm to the earth while you make the luxury trip.

Nature is amazingly good at recovery. Even at Chernobyl the wild life is back with a vengeance especially since humans are temporarily gone and no one wants to hunt radioactive wildlife. Because fisheries were shut down for a period of time they might be replace with new one or the old ones will return with a vengeance for lack of human harvesting. In 50 years if a major earthquake does not turn the whole sound into an entirely different topography there will be no evidence that any oil spill ever happened. In 100 years only a few historians will care.

I wrote this article because I tried to search for one that made the same points online and could not find a single one except for a few from the EXXON corporation that really still has attorneys telling it to be rather quiet on the issue. I wrote this article because , yes the progress since the oil spill is amazing almost as much so as if you did not know anything happened you would find Prince William Sound completely amazing and you might find it's thriving natural diversity just as amazing. Hey it has recovered and done so beautifully. Don't worry about defective fish hearts from oil exposure. That was done with lab animal testing something you might not want when it comes to your shampoo..


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    • profile image

      Lex Loeb 

      4 years ago

      It is not just an agenda to promote communism because the communists always get rich in the end. What people don't know is John D Rockefeller started all of this bad mouthing Thomas Edison's inventions as something that would cause massive harm to people and society. Exxon and Chevron are getting back some of what Rockefeller started against his enemies . The useful idiots think this is about saving trees and cute little animals when it really is big financial interests and crony capitalism . Saw it happen in the Columbia river gorge which was all about making some particular people rich and not about saving anything. When the resources are in the ground eventually they will be mined . If a huge amount of gold is found in Yosemite you can be sure congress will want to cut it self in eventually and let it be mined....maybe not immediately but eventually!

    • profile image

      Lex Loeb 

      4 years ago

      I lived in Pennsylvania where the earth was once thrust up the way the way the Himalayan mountains were, perhaps even higher. That thrust brought coal seams to tops of mountains after a lot of weathering down of the peaks. it would have also brought gas and oil up to heights above sea level and allowed them to be exposed. None of that caused long term harm to ancient species other causes are to blame for catastrophic species declines. You can go to Los Angeles and see the La Brea Tar Pits they tell you that oil was once at the surface not just there but elsewhere and the environment survived for 100s of millions of years when even larger "spills" happened that were completely natural. The great thing about oil is it really does not mix with water not until the environmental kooks forced the EPA to force companies to put MTBE into gasoline to make it water soluble to get it into our water supplies. Environmentalists not only lack credibility they are proven liars with a history of lies that have left more harm than good. We now have range fires in the west we would not have if the land were allowed to be properly grazed. we are burning more forests down to save spotted owls that are not really a separate species but a recessive trait in species and the lies go on and on . the environmental kooks claim success in saving the spotted owl when they wasted money and destroyed the forests they said they were indirectly going to save. that disaster is not over yet.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      4 years ago from now on

      Well, of course it is no surprise that over time the environment will recover from the damage caused by oil spills, volcanoes, earthquakes even nuclear melt downs, virtually any catastrophe as we are still here and thriving aren't we, despite thousands of years of periodic catastrophic events. But that is no consolation to those who were damaged and won't live long enough to experience a restoration, is it.

      But the doomsdayer wacko environmentalists who propagandize the end of life as we know it because of global warming, disappearance of rare species, the rogue asteroid or activities of evil oil and coal companies just to promote their agenda are actually quite unfriendly to those who genuinely want to protect the planet while living a comfortable existence. If environmentalists had their way, the world would be a very different place. Americans would be living in the close quarters of multi-family units in densely-packed cities, without cars and with restrictions on their rights to reproduce. Energy use would also be regulated to the point of rationing - if someone exceeds his limit, he might find himself shut off from the power grid by bureaucratic decree. Their true intent is to curtail, to ration, to force, to deny, to compel and to squeeze. There's an enormous difference between someone doing their part for the planet by recycling or using public transportation and the excessive regulatory regime promoted by environmentalists. The environmentalist agenda threatens the underpinnings of capitalism which begs the question, what is their true agenda?


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