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F - 22 Raptors Fly Over Korea.

Updated on February 17, 2016
US F - 22 Raptor Stealth Fighters.
US F - 22 Raptor Stealth Fighters. | Source
B - 52 Bomber With Its Armaments.
B - 52 Bomber With Its Armaments. | Source
Pyong Yang.
Pyong Yang. | Source
Seoul. | Source

South Korea Warns The North.

F - 22 American stealth fighters also known as Raptors flew with South Korean planes and eight American planes near the North Korean border in a show of force sending a message to the North that its antics of launching rockets and test firing nukes will not be tolerated.

Also last month B - 52 bombers flew near the North Korean border to show the North what bombing options the US had should it come to conflict.

The South Korean President Park Geun - hye issued a veiled threat to the North saying if the North continued on the path it had been treading there would be "Strong measures" in response.

The F - 22 Raptors are normally based on the Japanese island of Okinawa but will be based in South Korea for an unspecified period of time. A spokesperson for the USAF said both South Korea and America were determined to show that both countries would not stand any messing from the North and were ironclad in this view.

Talks start soon between Seoul and Washington about the US putting in an advanced missile system in South Korea to protect against any attack from the North.

Many people feel that North Korean leader Kim Jong - Un is unhinged but is he? It is quite possible the man at the helm of the dynastic Communist regime knows exactly what he is doing and what buttons to push regarding the US or South Korea. Its quite possible the North Koreans have an attention seeking mentality too as they know the focus has not been on them but on Syria and the Ukraine so they have to do something to make sure the West and the South Koreans know North Korea has not gone away.

It seems in the last days of his Presidency Obama is trying to show America is still a world power in what he is doing in both Syria/Iraq and in Korea and also in facing off China also Russia and will no doubt want to leave his successor in the White House defence forces in places around trouble spots in the world in a position of strength.


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