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Updated on September 28, 2010

What must have been the subject?

I have always had a smidgeon (smidgen) of respect for Minister Louis Farrakhan, even before he became head of The Nation of Islam; and although, his meeting with Iran's President Ahmadinejad last week would not surprise many people, because the two men shared the same faith.

What baffles the general public is that, Minister Farrakhan has been outspoken on many political issues, particularly, on the shabby treatment of African-Americans, and the need for America to repair the damage done to them socially, economically and politically.

On the other hand, President Ahmadinejad's background does not reflect the slightest of sympathies for the down trodden, as he heads an autocratic regime that smothers any kind of freedom through Sharia Law in his own country.

The bone of contention here is that Minister Farrakhan tends to be an avid scholar of world history. He has read widely on the indigenous and anthropological make-up of Africa, and the effects that ancient Islamic slavery has had on the black race. It has, by and large, contributed to the social conditions that are seen in present day Africa; it has inflicted so much harm on black peoples everywhere, more than any historical activity; and it is through its modalities that the trans-Atlantic slave trade has materialized.

So, it is beyond any amount of comprehension to see the two men, with such opposite and distinct dichotomies, sitting and talking.

Is it (subject) about freedom; or is it about slavery, or is it about the brotherhood of man? That is the question.


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