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Updated on November 13, 2012

The time for that is now; no matter what.

The United States Military is in hot water, with Gen. David Petraeus' scandal swirling around and making lawmakers in Washington, D.C. giddy; and now the general slated for the European theater, Gen. John Allen, is also under investigation in the throes of the same saga.

What makes it confusing is the several women involved, with Petraeus' biographer sending harassing emails to another woman, and she passing those emails to the FBI to spark an investigative process of extraordinary proportions.

However, what is not surprising is from the perspective of putting soldiers together with good looking women; something is bound to happen; hence, this conundrum that the FBI, the U.S. Congress, the Military, the Intelligence community, and even private lives of wives and husbands of the players, are in.

Yet, the spin does not stop there, as there is the "fiscal cliff" obstacle to surmount nationally, and that is what most people are worried about; that their tax burdens will not go up at the start of next year, when the Bush era tax breaks will end, and so will the payroll tax cuts of 2011 for millions of ordinary working men and women.

In other words, it is not just the wealthy Americans that are scared stiff of tax increases, but also those that earn a living from pay check to pay check, and therefore something must be done to stop the crisis that will engulf the economy, which is already slow, and make it worse. Plus the issue that has compelled the Director of the CIA to resign abruptly.

Again, putting it another way, it will draw almost everybody into the fracas, for its nature will be social as well as financial, considering the Petraeus case and the "fiscal cliff" being dealt with in the same instance or time frame.

President Barack Obama has adopted the "balanced approach" that he based his reelection bid on, by raising the taxes of high earning individuals and families to combat the National debt and deficits, while the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner, looked at extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, as doing otherwise would cause the loss of 700000 private sector jobs, in his estimation.

Both tend to be very serious issues, as the economy should come first, in spite of the Petraeus scandal, and even that of the Benghazi attack that took the lives of four Americans, including that of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

According to news reports, the president will be having a series of meetings with Trade Union leaders to discuss the fiscal crisis; and he will be doing the same with business "shakers and movers", to find a solution that will be satisfactory to all sides.

It will also be incumbent upon the Speaker to get the Republican Congressional caucus to loosen up their opposition to any taxes being raised on the wealthy.

Their stoicism will be deemed as unpatriotic, if they allow the economy to remain almost stagnant, as it presently is, or worse still, permit the fiscal overturn to occur, sending it (economy) into an abyss, whose end many analysts and economists cannot really forecast.

Thus, a compromise must be reached between the president and the opposing side being led by Speaker Boehner, to avoid the "fiscal cliff", no matter what.

The time for doing so is very short; and people are hoping that a "meeting of the minds" will take place before too late.


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