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Updated on September 5, 2012

... and fine praises on husband's achievements; but...

First Lady Michelle Obama pouring so much accolade of achievements on her husband at the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC., was exciting and a marvelous sight to see; and her message brought a great deal of enthusiasm to the delegates.

They cheered and applauded every sentence of a speech describing the life that the two and their daughters have had in the White House, and also about the family connections they enjoyed with her (Michelle's) parents in Chicago; all were more than pleasant to hear; however, it (speech) should not end there.

The real situation that has prompted the Republican Party candidates running in the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, to be so adamant and extremely determined to win the fight for getting elected, was whether the dire economic problems that the country has had, and continued to have, partially under President Barack Obama, could be solved, and if so, how?

The National Debt has exceeded $16 trillion dollars from around $10 trillion dollars, when he (Obama) was sworn in as president, unemployment was still hovering around 8.3%, as millions of Americans were struggling to find work. Besides, many of his promises from his campaign in 2008, have not been kept, and people were looking for plausible answers and tangible results.

There was so much malaise and lack or loss of confidence in the country; its morale has almost been badly affected, with the Republican Party candidates asking the question, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?".

Yet, nobody could definitely respond to that question, including the president, in view of the economic mess occupying the minds of Americans.

In other words, he, Obama, was being practically accused of complete mismanagement of the economy, and that he was reliable to prove otherwise, before the electorate would consider offering him a second term as he was requesting.

His administration has not been able to pass a budget in close to four years; and the United States Congress has been in disarray, with very little or no compromise between the executive branch and the legislature, and with so many serious legislation in suspense; there was so much confusion all around, indicating that the country was on the wrong track.

His leadership has been challenged as being ineffectual on a few other fronts in addition to the economy.

However, what worried a whole lot of people most, and were miffed about was how government spending has gotten out of hand, and leaving a whopping $16 trillion debt on the country's account.

It was obvious that accounting was not the president's specialty; yet, he must be able to explain how it had all happened, and even go to the extent of itemizing the causes, such as the two wars that were not paid for by the previous Republican administration, the cost of the Affordable Care Act dealing with a comprehensive health care for all Americans, and so on and so forth, till he has exhausted the whole debt.

Otherwise, the whole thing would resemble an embezzlement charge against him (Obama) by his opponents; and if he did not handle that properly or correctly, it would be difficult for him to be given a second term.

Rosy sentiments and praises galore could be shed on his administration, but they would not count much, if the explanation he was purported to give, for example, of the accusation of overspending by his government, was not there.

Both he and Vice-president Joe Biden should set aside any kind of jocular comments and statements that they would want to share with the delegates to the Democratic National Convention about Romney and Ryan, and for them (Obama/Biden) to take the issues that the country was facing more seriously and to provide solutions to them.

Otherwise, the occasion of Democrats meeting in Charlotte, NC., socializing and enjoying themselves, as well as thinking about winning over the Republicans in the 2012 presidential election, but would not include the discussion of the country's financial woes among other things, would be suspect. Their work at the Convention would have been incomplete, and the country would have been at a disadvantage instead.

It (convention) would all have been a waste of time; and the reelection bid by Obama and Biden would not have been worthwhile.


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