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Updated on May 25, 2012

You shouldn't set Obama against Pelosi; it didn't seem right.

Fox News would take any news item and turn it upside down to make it look like a bash on President Barack Obama's head. However, could the "House of dinosaurs" be wrong sometimes

Take the case in which the United States House of Representatives Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi was urging the Obama administration to raise the tax rates for households earning from $250,000 a year and move it up to those earning $1 million and more.

"House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi just pulled her caucus well to the right of President Obama, as she dramatically broadened the scope of her proposal for extending the Bush-era tax cuts." (Fox News, 5/24/12).

Such quote and similar ones gave the impression that the minority leader, on this particular issue, was at loggerheads with the president, or at least, she was trying to pull the rug from under the president, when all she was doing was wanting the Obama administration to favor small businesses, even just for a short while..

The Bush era tax breaks for the wealthy should expire at the end of this year, and Ms. Pelosi has sent a letter in which she was urging the Speaker to expedite a vote. "House Speaker John Boehner, upped that threshold to $1 million." the letter contained. (Fox News, 5/24/12).

In an election year, the Republican Party and its organs, such as Fox News, which tend to exaggerate something as benign as Pelosi's request to become as malignant or as bad news was common; but it was becoming too common now than ever before.

The White House was maintaining its stance on the demise of the Bus tax cuts, as well as its description of the middle class, and any differences of opinion could be worked out.

Pelosi was pushing to schedule a vote on a statute to expand it to include small business owners, whose incomes fell within that range; showing that the Democrats favored such businesses to stabilize, become more profitable and hire more people.

"The president came under fire from Republicans in the last Bush tax cut debate for describing households making $250,000 as wealthy and threatening to let their cuts expire." and so Pelosi and the Democrats were willing to give small businesses a fair chance in lowering their tax burden, as tax rates were likely to go up next year, when sweeping tax changes would go into effect.

House Republicans wanted the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy to become permanent; and Mitt Romney, the possible Republican presidential candidate to challenge Obama in the 2012 general election, would take his cue from them.

To them, job creators were the wealthy and high roller Wall Street investors, and they deserved lower tax rates, in order to reduce the high unemployment rate, which was hovering over 8.1%, they have always contended.

Romney has promised to bring down the unemployment figure to 6% or less, if he was elected president; however, many people saw that as an electioneering campaign promise that should not be taken seriously.

Pelosi and the Democrats were working hard with the president for taxpayers to get reasonable or reduced tax rates, and the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes. That was not class warfare, as the Republicans have argued; but the levelling of the playing field for all Americans, no matter what their backgrounds, to achieve their set goals in life.

As for the Fox News organization, it should learn to uphold the objectivity of the media to be fair in reporting the news; and realizing that no amount of media sensationalism could divide the country; especially, with tilted news items, like the Pelosi one.

Voters were going to cast their votes based on facts and not on sheer promises. The economy that the Obama administration was having problems with has begun to recover. Unemployment would gradually go down as the election month got closer; and as only effective economic plans were needed to pull it out from where a Republican administration left it some four years ago, and to put millions of people back to work.

It was only Megyn Kelly (she is not a dinosaur), who featured balanced debates on her program at 1p.m. The rest of the channel's main programs, such as the one with Charles Krauthammer, should not be considered as balanced.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 5 years ago from Plano, Texas

      First, No one can criticize Fox that watches MSNBC and think they are really telling the truth.

      You need to learn the truth about the Bush tax cuts, there are not many cuts that pertain to the wealthy, but Democrats want to kill ALL the bush tax cuts, the entire bill. Wait till you see what happens to you if that happens.

      Dems speak of wanting to help small businesses, then why are they sneaking tax hikes on small business in bill S2343, a bill that is suppose to hold low interest rates on student loans.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      Why do you use the word wealthy? They wanted ALL taxes to stay the same for everyone! I keep hearing this but its nothing but rhetoric from the left. No one but Democrats used the word wealthy. Republicans said over and over and over we want the Bush tax cuts to stay the same. You Dems need to stop succumbing to the words used by your side. Be your own man and figure this out on your own. I owned a small business that did around 550K a year. AFter paying bills I barely had enough for groceries, Would I have fallen into that WEALTHY category? I bet there are hundreds of thousand like me that would!