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Freedom of Speech Should Never Be Restricted

Updated on February 3, 2018

Freedom of speech is the first amendment for a reason. When the Founding Fathers made this nation they knew what kind of government they did NOT want. A government that ran over its people and only thought of the higher ups was outdated and needed to be changed.

The first thing that they all agreed to was that they needed to have the freedom to say what you want when you want. Under British rule they had to show the correct respect to those who were apart of the royal family and those in Parliament. Although taxes are what broke the camels back it is clear that they wanted to say what was truly on their minds.

Freedom of speech is even more important when we bring up the press. Imagine a media that would only tell you lies instead of the truth that you deserve. It is important to understand the role media plays in government.

Media allows us to know the people we are voting for, the weather, and if school is cancelled the next day. Without the right resources not only are we disadvantaged but we cannot be a functioning members of the society. These are some examples of the role media plays today, but back then when there was only the newspaper to get information from it was even more important to be accurate.

Today we have many media outlets that would rather be first than be correct. They find it important to break a story before anyone else rather than make sure if there is any merit behind it. Or give a headline that will draw the reader in rather than give an accurate depiction of what happened.

This is one of the flaws of freedom of speech. When you tell people they can say what they want, that does not mean they will suddenly have brilliant thoughts to share. It will only mean that they will say what they mean and hopefully mean what they say. Words only carry the weight you allow them to, but the source from which those words come from can bear a different weight.

For example if President Obama were to blatantly lie to the American public, those within the republican party would have had many things to say about his lack of knowledge and unawareness on the topic. But President Trump gets to say and do as he pleases, and those same republicans will have an excuse ready for him. ("He is a novice in politics.")

Freedom of speech is one of our most important amendments, but just because you are free to say what you want does not mean you should not be willing to be quiet and listen.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 5 weeks ago from Orange County California

      Every amendment has limitations, restrictions, and they are protections.

      The limits of freedom of speech have been set down and adjudicated. The classic example is Yelling Fire in a Crowded Theater when there is no fire. Another example is inciting riots, and the overthrow of the government by force. It is like the lynch mob inciting the boozed up town people. The next thing from their speech is a necktie party. And a person is dead from someone's abuse of freedom of speech.