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Updated on February 3, 2012

Counting from the left to the right.

This blog wanted to start with the saying, "birds of the same feather flock together" or "two peas in a pod"; but it did not, solely because what transpired in Las Vegas yesterday was a mere charade designed to throw dust into the eyes of many people.

A muck up or a muddled up display of "solidarity"; nevertheless, the strange thing about it was that none of the participants looked happy or sincere. In other words, it was a set up. "It was staged for the purpose of making someone to look good" (A Quote from a response from an unknown person).

Yet, what would have caught many people's eye in the media today was the sub-heading, "Obama: Jesus would back my tax-the-rich policy," which was not strange at all, because it showed that the president was a true Christian.

He, Obama, spoke of the "rich", and counting himself as one of them, who was "extraordinarily blessed," in the article that came under the sub-heading; and with him quoting, "....for unto whom much is given, much shall be required," showing that he read his bible frequently.

Given the setting of his speech, which was the White House, and at the National Prayer Breakfast, a solemn occasion on which religious leaders of many faiths met with the president to say prayers for the nation, he had felt more at home to be referring to himself as a Christian there than he would have been anywhere else.

He was demonstrating to the American people that he was intrinsically grounded in his beliefs and also the guidance that he derived from them (beliefs) to sustain himself in life.

Many would assume that the president was touting Christianity. No, not in the right sense of the word, but in the firmness in his mind that fairness was a substance that a great majority of people in the world wanted; for without it, there would always be conflict.

This same blog has said at one time that Obama had his roots in the Islamic religion and it would be almost impossible for him to break away from his father's faith; but it (blog) has now realized that it was wrong to have firmly judged the president on that score. It was unfair on him, to say the least.

Obama has been his own person, since probably going from New York City to Chicago, after his student days; and that he might have searched for his own total, spiritual conviction; and he finally found it.

He was an individual from his father, and to show the "new side" of his personality to himself, he could and would embrace a different faith; and so he did.

However, to be completely fair to him, he should do one important thing that would convince this blog that he has in all honesty changed. That would be asking his wife, The First Lady Michelle Obama, to stop or cease from walking on the president's right hand side.

In Western culture, the art of counting (and even in writing) was from the left to the right. That could indicate a place of preeminence, when it came to assessing people, that the one on the left side (and even on a television screen these days) came first in prominence.

In the Islamic world, where Arabic was the cultural and linguistic backbone of expression, the opposite was true. The counting started from the right to the left. The object on the right has the foremost position of importance.

This may only be a cultural nuance, but for Michelle to be walking on the president's left side to become noticeable, will be very essential, so that he will not be mistaken for someone, who is practicing another lifestyle or religion in private, from a counting perspective.

To this blog, President Barack Obama has proved his point. He is a converted Christian.


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