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Updated on August 15, 2016
abwilliams profile image

I took an interest in Politics at a young age. The Goldwater-Johnson race fascinated me and I've been paying attention ever since.

This time...the City... Milwaukee!

Before the situation was given time to cool down, temperatures were quickly rising!

Before the business of writing the Police Report could be completed, Businesses were being looted.

Before the fog would lift, the smoke could clear and all could be sorted out, Milwaukee was Ablaze!

Because we are The United States of America, when a U.S. City is hurting, we all hurt.

When the citizens of a certain City are affected, it affects All of America.

My heart goes out to the Business Owners that have had their Businesses ransacked or in some cases, destroyed, as they pick up the pieces this morning, as they try not to fall to pieces!

My prayers are with the families of the Police Officers injured in the midst of all the turmoil!

What must wives, husbands, parents and the children of Police Officers be feeling all across this land, each time their loved one leaves home for their assigned shift?

This horrible pattern that has developed over the past few years should concern all of us in America.

It must end!

What kind of message are young children receiving when they see their older siblings {or their parents}.....destroying property, looting, throwing objects to inflict pain and then seeking face time to justify their bad behavior?

Looking when Obama was running for the Presidency, I'll never forget his specific words. He repeated them speech after speech, "We are days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America", (there was a countdown) "We are just one day away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America".

At the time, we all knew a part of what he meant, Growing the Government; throwing more money into the same old failed Democratic Projects... the eternal money pit.

But with him, there was something new, something more, something different going on!

I've shared this before....I literally cringed, when he would use these words. He seemed angry and spoke of transforming America, as if America was the most despicable place. It was always in a matter-of-fact manner and the way the frenzied crowds responded to him, only added to The spine-tingling Chills factor!

He was here to Rescue through Reformation...Reformation that only he could Provide...Change that only he could Supply and Hope that only he could Give!

I began doing research. I read excerpts from his book and I listened to the Audio. I also came across a couple of interviews he had done and watched them.

I came to a realization...

This man had a big problem with America. He had been brought up to have a big problem with America. His Mentors had a big problem with America. He grew up with and then surrounded himself with people that did not think very highly of America!

He could only see and respond to the Negatives and could never see the Positives.

He was running for the Presidency of the United States of America, because he was going to 'Purge Her', he was going to 'Fix Her', he was going to 'Reform Her'.....He was going to "Transform" the United States of America!

Early on in his Presidency, there was an incident involving a College Professor and a Police Officer. Obama placed himself in the middle of this private matter, before all of the facts were given, he had spoken on the matter, as if The Word had come down from the Mountain!

A little later on, he would tell the world that if he had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin, as if he was there and witnessed it first hand, he took a side in this unfortunate, complicated, sad chain of events, without knowing anything about anything.

Before he knows the facts, with half of the story, he speaks out in Anger, in Press Conferences.

The President of the United States, the Leader of the Free World has shown us all that he is all about....Placing Wedges between US and Picking a Side,

Case after Case after Case....

It's Unprecedented!


What do kids respond to?

Love, Affection, Praise, Discipline... to name a few 'positive' things.

What if these things are missing in their Lives?

How should we expect kids, young adults that rarely or never experience 'Positive' feedback, to react to someone that they see as a Super Hero, someone like Barack Obama, with the words he continually uses and the actions he continually takes?


We are living in scary times. There is a Radical Islamic element that wants to annihilate the West, they've told us so. They've attacked us numerous times. We must always stay on guard with this enemy. They want us destroyed, because they do not like, that we are not like them!

All of this is happening as many around the world, including here in America, have turned away from God.

We Pray for Peace, We Pray for Blessings, We Pray for His Protection, All while we have our backs turned to him.

Now is not the time to turn our backs to God! Allowing turmoil and unrest to enter the Homeland, weakens the Homeland. It is time to Stand United. The true Enemy takes pleasure in our division.

Now is not the time to envy our neighbor's possessions or destroy our neighbor's livelihood, not when the true enemy wants to take our Lives!

Now is not the time to target and hate each other, there's plenty enough already that hate US, all of us and have targeted US, all of us and want to end US, All of us!

We must come together, focus on the Positives, Cherish our Freedom and Honor this Country!

We Must be done with and get past this ugly chapter that should never have been written!

We must elect Leaders that do not incite or pit one group of Americans against another group of Americans. We must elect Leaders that do not choose sides, that understand there is only one side......America's!

Please God do not give up on US!


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    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 13 months ago from Central Florida

      What a pathetic display in Charlotte! Where is the President? We all know how he likes to insert himself in the middle of these 'Situations'. I wonder if he takes any responsibility for the increase in these 'Situations'.....probably not. He's more about playing the Blame Game, not taking any Blame!

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 13 months ago from Central Florida

      Prayers for Charlotte tonight!

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 14 months ago from Central Florida

      God Bless America ditto! I hope you're right about Trump. Not ready to ditto that one yet!

    • colorfulone profile image

      Susie Lehto 14 months ago from Minnesota

      God bless America. Thank you for giving us Trump, Lord.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 14 months ago from The Beautiful South

      Thank you and don't worry, God will always be on my tongue. How would we make it through what is to come without Him?

      Thanks for the prayer I never turn that down and will be happy to include you in mine.


    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 14 months ago from Central Florida

      Well maybe they want no mention of God, but that will not stop me and it should not stop any of us.

      You're discouraged, I get it, but we can't throw our hands up now!

      Hang in there!

      Keeping you in my Prayers Jackie Lynnley, please keep me in yours!

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 14 months ago from The Beautiful South

      Wow, well I am glad you saw what was right in front of you for it seems many do not. It certainly appears he is out to bring America down and it is happening with the blacks and whites instigated by Obama and men like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and of course Loretta Lynch.

      I really don't see how he is getting these others to do his work because surely they can see he is not working this as a black person but as the person he was born and raised to be, a Muslim Islamic communist. There is not one ounce of black soul in that man. The facts are there and I had no idea when I helped put him in office his first go round but it did not take me long to do a little research of my own because of the things against America he started saying and bowing to Muslim leaders. Our enemies.

      Now I fear it is too late. Look at our country and Hillary taking over where he left off and to be sure I think he will not be away from controlling our government if she gets in and I hope others will see it too. It could be too late to stop all the wheels that are turning, and I think martial law is what they hope to accomplish with the race fight, which pretty much will give them control over everything. It is really sad to see this country disappear and I dread all that will probably happen because of this one man. Everyone has stood by and allowed it, if just someone had done something from either party.

      Clearly he and Hillary want no mention of God. So God cannot help us if we are not allowed to say His name.