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Face Your Deepest, Darkest Fears to Master Electronic Harassment

Updated on December 15, 2010

Face Your Fears to Master the "Rain"

       This phenomenon (electronic harassment) has often been referred to as "The Deep, Dark Mirror".   Last night, I finally understood what this means and how one can deal more effectively with psychological warfare.  Like any good psychologist, what we are up against is someone/something that KNOWS what we fear most.  I took on more "energy" last night than I ever had before - but I chose not to "run" as I often do.  You feel your mind expanding and pushing outward in every direction, but it feels a little scary (like being called bad names as a small child).  I've never felt I HAD to ever think anything un-pleasant to succeed or grow in life.  I was wrong - this experience was truly enlightening and self-strengthening. 

     When your ears ring, first stretch out each syllable and search deeply for the longer, drawn-out one.  Now, many things will be happening at the same time.  There will be another, faster frequency that makes the mind very un-comfortable.  You may be made to feel that you are that very thing which you most hate........which really sucks at first.  NOW, the key to whether you lose your mind or evolve to a greater level of mental strength is THIS:  do you turn away from the illusion or do you stare it down until it disappears.  Every time you turn away or take a drug to relieve your stress, you REINFORCE that particular fear you have.  This WEAKENS you and makes you that much easier to manipulate.  If you FACE your fear and STARE IT DOWN, IT WILL LEAVE YOU and you will Love yourself for having done what is needed to "pass" this "test" of inner-reserve.

     This is my second day without Kratom, which I've used to shut out these signals..........but there is a better way!  I MADE this happen, I didn't turn away and whatever-this-is took me to very high places, mentally/spiritually speaking.  You must welcome and even seek out PAIN and you won't find any when you do this.  This is a trap that only "kills" people who choose to run from the POSSIBILITY that they may be the thing they hate/find the most disgusting.  Maybe we shouldn't be made to face our deepest is rather un-pleasant at first.  Nonetheless, this is what is happening nowadays to weed out the "inner weak/uninformed).  Now you know that facing the fear will set you free.  One way or the other, it withers if you stare it down long enough and do not run.  This will make you LIKE YOURSELF a whole lot you the power to do what you wish to do.  Furthermore, it seems to expand your consciousness.

     Further caveats:  don't hate when presented with these truly frightening things.  After all, they are your weaknesses and thus the fight/flight instinct is very easy to fall into.  EITHER fear OR hate will cause things to get very ugly.  The thing you will not calmly face will seem to become BIGGER and you will feel SMALLER/MORE DESPERATE.  Me, I would just get angry or afraid and reach for something to make this awful psychological feeling go away.  Don't throw all your medication out - I DID take something to GET SOME SLEEP.  Too little sleep and you WILL be rendered temporarily psychotic, thus I recommend something for sleep. 

     I haven't figured out precisely where it takes you if you keep going.  All I know is that if you "fly too high" and then so much as flinch in the face of fear, it can take your mind literally YEARS to recover from such an experience.  I've been recovering for the last two years when I tried to avoid my worst fears.  I also felt that something was trying to take over my mind for me.  This is the price of flinching in the face of "The Deep, Dark Mirror".  NEVER RUN - THAT IS WHAT GETS YOU TO EXPERIENCE A PSYCHOTIC BREAK or near-break with reality. 

   In summary, it's like the stalkers once told me: "Turn and face the strange".  It sucks at first, but if you DO IT you will get stronger instead of go nuts.  It is very possible that many have chosen suicide over this.  I've read one report from a doctor that said his patient hung himself because of the "terrible ringing in his ears".  This isn't "just tinnitus", it's some kind of "test of mental stability".  This is for all those "dreamers" and "visionaries" who might have big imaginations, but are easily frightened when presented with their worst nightmare.  I'm not all that took me hundreds of times before I finally said "Enough!  One way or the other - this thing I fear will die, not me!"  I was just tenacious enough to get to the truth after YEARS of trying to "turn this off".  I still listen to music to think more freely/take medications to shut this out...........but a time will always eventually come where I either FACE IT or PANIC.  Facing it is so much easier in the long run, plus you feel you have made INNER PROGRESS. Use this information anyway you see let's wipe out the climate of fear by facing it and STARING IT DOWN UNTIL IT GOES AWAY! 


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