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FaceBook & Politics

Updated on July 5, 2012

Peace in America?


We all have the right to express our selves and our beliefs. But when does it cross the line?

Recently, I shared a video of a Sarah Palin PSA which suggests she may either be running or be very involved in the coming 2012 Presidential Election. I then egged her (Sarah) on by making a comment that Obama would bury her. ‘Run, Palin! Run!’ The sentiment out there is that many of the Republicans would not vote for Palin either so Obama would do well against Palin. Yes, I voted for Barrack Obama. I often vote democratically. Perhaps I could have limited my sharing of the video and my comment to a few specific people on FaceBook that are both my FaceBook friends and known Democrats. Usually I post using ‘Friends of Friends.’ I rarely share things with ‘Everyone.’

This friend went into a whole paragraph about how they could not wait until Obama is out of office. (short version)

Perhaps FaceBook is the wrong place for politics over all. But politics is so much about what we stand for, our issues and beliefs, that it’s not easy to just say nothing. My belief is that people should be able to say what they want on their FaceBook walls whether they’re Democrat, Republican or Independent. But if someone else has a different view and can’t suggest something nicely they should keep their suggestions or statements to themselves. Am I being a hypocrite here?

After deleting the friend’s unwanted comment, I wrote a direct message asking them nicely to keep nasty comments to themselves. I told them I deleted their comment and almost deleted their friendship. The friend wrote, “People like you are the reason the US is no longer as it was intended to be.”

What was the U.S. intended to be? Nasty?

Is America coming a part? It’s one thing for the Republicans and Democrats to be at each other’s throats. It’s worse if ‘We the People” as a Nation can’t be cordial, professional and respect each other.

Now that this awful mud-slinging Mid-Term election is over I truly hope both sides will find ways to come together and make improvements regarding jobs, the economy and healthcare.

Shouldn’t we all be on the same side, the United States of America?


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