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FaceBook excerpts... by Merwin

Updated on August 6, 2012

My side of a FaceBook exchange with a good friend.

Mitt "Obamney" is NOT the man...

Obama is better than Romney, and Obama ought to be IMPEACHED.

Vote Ron Paul even if you have to write him in...

He has never broken a campaign promise. He has only voted for something unconstitutional once, he voted for MLK Day, because Martin Luther King was a hero in his eyes.

He has never voted for something that increased our deficit. He predicted our current economic woes years before it happened, while his opponents and economic pundits laughed at him.

He has been consistent and correct for his thirty years as a public servant.

He is not against Healthcare... he is a Doctor, he simply maintains that it must be done correctly or it will contribute to the bankruptcy of our country.

Neither one of the "Front Runners" should be able to get elected as dog catcher, much less POTUS.

Everyone complains about the lack of integrity in government, the real issue is our lack of integrity when we vote for KNOWN LIARS!

Let us show our integrity by consistently casting our votes for candidates who are consistently honest, even if it is obvious to everyone else that our choices cannot win.

We cannot expect integrity from others when we are too afraid to exhibit integrity ourselves.


Paul has been SPOT ON with so many things... where the "experts" who are smarter than twelve of me and are paid accordingly, has said, that he was full of crap.

I would sooner trust a man (DOCTOR), who is great at economics, medicine and HONEST politics, than any WAFFLING Republican, or dishonest Democrat.

Paul has said that he is not against health care per se, and though the examples he did give were dated, that does not mean he would not mobilize his POTUS power to construct a WORKABLE solution, one that would not contribute to Bankrupting our country.

This is the thing that Keynesian economists do not seem to understand (or maybe they understand it perfectly and are counting on it), that, at some point in the very near future the TAB we have been running up will catch us by the throat. When that happens, the only health care the poor (us) will receive, will be for those precious few who might have good organs that can be harvested for the rich.

Our problem seems to be our willingness to TRUST these guys, that have given us NO REASON to trust them. Ron Paul has given us EVERY REASON to trust him, but I am still wary of him.

Old Jewish Proverb... "Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half, of what you see."


On the Constitution being a "changeable" document... I agree. And there were/are certain things that were/are sensible to change. Such as the part where non white races were considered only 3/5 human. These types of things are not only sensible to change, but necessary to change.

The document itself was constructed STRONGLY to protect its king-citizenry, from tyranny of those they elect to represent them in government. These protections have been chipped away little by little until now, they can do violence to anyone they choose to LEGALLY, via the Patriot Act and the NDAA.

Consider that* you are a non-violent person... I applaud you for that, and to a great degree so am I. It is because of the potential for legal violence against John Q. Public, that I could never vote for the one man who is most instrumental in making murder of American Citizens LEGAL. Not to mention he is a liar, that launched his presidency from the platform of ending the wars.

* I replaced my friend's name with "Consider that", to have a meaning for all the readers here.


I do not doubt that making "healthcare" affordable is the right thing to do. But if mandated healthcare is introduced in such a way that it chokes to death its provider (the U.S.) then how "right" can that be?

We can't keep borrowing (printing) more money. Economics cannot work that way, at some point the "credit" will end with a crash, and the poor will be the ones to suffer the most.


(More to be added later)


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    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 Doodlehead...

      Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement. Will visit your Hubs directly.

      2 Roger...

      YOU are absolutely correct sir. I wish it were not so my best friend, but as my best friend is prone to say, "it is all going by the Book!"

    • Roger Crigger profile image

      Roger Crigger 

      6 years ago from Northern Idaho

      I've been following your FB posts about Ron Paul since you began and I am in FULL agreement with you.... The main/only problem is the same problem we've ALWAYS had. Presidents are not elected onb merit, or honesty, or brilliant, workable idea's or ideals...They are elected only when the real group holding the puppet strings SAY SO!!!!

    • Doodlehead profile image


      6 years ago from Northern California

      I knew there had to be at least one other sane person on hubpages. Thanks!


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