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Facebook Exchange with my good friend Chas. by Merwin & Chas & Erik K.

Updated on November 29, 2012

Below is an exchange that occurred on Facebook with a very good friend named Chas who happens to be a Non-Theist, he does not like the term atheist. The exchange was a result of a “shared” James A. Melton posting of a Picture of Stalin and a caption that read… “My empire killed over 20 million of its own people. However, if you ask college students today who is responsible for the most evil they will say the United States. Marxist indoctrination works Comrade.” When I shared this on Facebook, I added this comment…

They would also say that Religions are responsible. And rarely, if ever, give a thought to the Atheistic Socialist Regimes of U.S.S.R. and China who together murdered at least 50 million and, according to some estimates as many as a 100 million.

Mankind is evil... only God is good.

What follows is the exchange of everyone that commented, but the reason for the Hub is to showcase my comments that replied to Chas specifically, to provide context. The first comment is from Chas I assume in response to my comment as well as the photo-posting of James A. Melton.

Blame zealotry.



Fanatical and uncompromising pursuit of religious, political, or other ideals; fanaticism

Tuesday at 16:39 · Like

Erik K…
Eugenics agenda!

Tuesday at 18:08 · Like

I wasn't arguing numbers -- although I am certainly prepared to argue numbers -- but I was arguing cause. Nothing is rendered moot by accurate identification.

Tuesday at 18:15 · Like

Erik K…
The Vatican, I believe, is responsible for the most deaths in history. All other puppet dictators are an extension, a tentacle of "the beast". Eugenics and depopulation is the name of their game.

Tuesday at 18:41 · Like

2 Chas...
Thinking about your blame zealotry comment... there is hardly a cause of any kind that does not have its zealots. Therefore, I think it may be a bit of a cop out to blame it for the murderous intent of a. character like Stalin who had a reputation of a cold and calculating nature, hardly the typical zealot.

19 hours ago via mobile · Like

Zealotry doesn't require that you are wild-eyed and foaming, and it isn't a characteristic necessary in leaders as much as in followers.

If you have the time, Eric Hoffer describes it brilliantly in this book:
14 hours ago · Like · Remove Preview

And it should then follow that zealotry would not necessarily require extreme behavior of any kind.
It seems to me to then be some kind of a catch all for zealots, to blame other zealots, who do not agree with the zealots in power, you know, those in power who wield the executioner's blade. Here a zealot, there a zealot, everywhere a zealot, zealot.
Your link looks like a good read... I will take it in sometime, thanks.

12 hours ago · Like

Merwin, zealotry is a mindset. There are Christian zealots, Buddhist zealots, atheist zealots, Marxist zealots... you name the dogma, and there are zealous adherents. There are "good" zealots, and bad. I'm not trying to "cop out," I'm trying to suggest a plausible why.

Anyway, I gotta skedaddle, or I'll be late for work.

12 hours ago · Unlike · 1

What follows is my up to date reply and the reason for the Hub…

(the following paragraph has small grammar edits from the original)
Chas, I am not trying to be confrontational. If zealotry is a "mindset" (another term hard to pin down) then it is vague and difficult to distinguish until it shows its symptoms.

All too often the very clever "zealot" is not discovered until way after his/her damage has been wrought. He/she has utilized the talents he/she has to whip other zealots and followers into the frenzy it takes for them all to gain and keep murderous power.

This is the current global condition. Zealotry, if I understand you correctly, is usually tied to one leader and "movement", that holds power for at least one generation. And I don't believe this is our global case, it is relatively plain to me that this "zeal" for world building and domination, has had its modern beginnings with central banking.

This power grab has been a global concerted effort, cold and calculating spanning many generations. It, through its puppet regimes has been successful with murderous population control in many countries. And they now have the wherewithal for their ultimate and global, population control.

They, which have been studying previous models and current conditions have learned to manipulate smaller circumstances by which large adjustments may be made to the global political climates. Their current "sell" to the rank and file masses, is not unlike the selling points given by Robespierre of the bloody French Revolution, or Marx and Engels of the Communist Manifesto. Or, Hitler and Goebbels, Lenin and Stalin, or Mao Tse-tung.

These were the puppet regimes of the Money Masters, they, that have coldly calculated over many generations the level of global population needed for their Utopian goal, and what exactly is needful to keep it at that level.

The "two dimensional" propaganda devices in our living rooms are nearly irresistible to us who own them, flooding our fluoridated consciousness with the "mindsets" they want us to have.

To the Central Banks and the Corporatocracy, small businesses are a pariah. They have the potential to provide too much independence for John Q. Public and so they are being choked out of existence, intentionally. I know you don't think in these terms, but that does not make them any less probable. I could really go on and on and on...

I will cap this diatribe by stating that there is nothing to be done to "stop" this, as I believe that it all leads to the world government and religion of the Bible's Beast and Armageddon. My intention is not to stop it, but to advise those straddling the fence that they are out of time.

If you choose to refer to these historical models as "zealotry" and place the "blame" on the term, then in my thinking this is what can be considered to be a cop out and a form of minimization, especially for an intellect as elevated as your own.


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    • CoauthorU profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      Thank you Les for stopping by and commenting. I apologize, I do not understand your comment and who it is that you seem to want to lump me in with... or, who "all the others" are.

      This was not meant to be anything other than "this is where we are" according to Merwin's opinions. If you do not believe in the soon return of Jesus then please ignore the post.

      If you think that we may be in the last days, or, if you simply are a believer without an opinion on the circumstances we face, then the post may be of value to you.

      If anyone out there is agnostic and searching for Spiritual truth... it can only be found in Jesus, all the other spiritual venues out there have only part-truths mixed with out right lies.

      If you are a firm believer that we are in the last days... then these conspiracies have there beginnings in the days of Paul's writing where he declared that "...the spirit of the anti-christ was already at work." And these conspiracies are culminating at the only time in history when they could all come together at the same time.

      Now I will concede that going forward into our technological future, we have the possibility of perhaps another fifty years, but that would pushing the envelope of a generation's maximum allotment of 120 years.

      Jesus said that the generation will not pass away before all these things come to pass. Matt 24 entire chapter. Parable of the fig tree found in Matt 24, and Jeremiah 24 which gives us the fullness of the symbolism of the figs.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Your theory could be thrown into the mix with all the others. As long as we divide ourselves, there will be plenty of foes to go around.

      It really doesn't matter who the zealots are or what they believe.. As long as their are those who are willing to "strike up the tune", nothing will change.

      God, Himself came to show us the way out of the insanity and we turned it into a religion that some are prepared to kill for.


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