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Facebook Exists Because of the Female Gender

Updated on March 6, 2017

The Facebook community has grown to 1.9 billion users with approximately 1.2 billion people using the site everyday. Facebook is an engaging platform in terms of connecting people and determining a global community. Facebook’s mantra is to get everyone connected and transform the face of society.

Facebook’s exponential rise has to do with its impact on social life that manages physical attractiveness and self-perception. The multitudes of friends leads to credibility that assimilates certain patterns of behavior modification that people feel they should mimic.

Females view themselves by eliciting more attractive traits in attracting the male audience that subscribes to that notion. The self-proclamation of females has to do with the competitive aspect with the beautification of their self-worth. Indeed, the number of friends does convey a system of status between what’s attractive and popular relating to establish impressions in the maintenance of relationships.

However, most of the relationships are attributed to non-traditional forms of communication. What’s intriguing is that Facebook continues to improve live videos and continues to create ecosystems that support superficial relationships that target a male audience who derive their attractiveness with the volume of Facebook friends they have.

The physical attractiveness of the male not only establishes credibility, but corresponds to the environment they dominate. Essentially this means that Facebook does indeed subscribe to Darwinism. Even a male’s excessive drinking and philandering will not navigate the female away from this assertive attractiveness. In fact, most females’ friend specifications may suggest a continuation to prefer to socialize with attractive individuals that are more popular.

The board of directors of Facebook indicated they’re building a more informed community by accessing meaningful conversations and identity. However, that form of identity is to penetrate youthful desires in relation-building that mimics a beauty pageant. Even the misinformation regarding domestic and international news may not be a desirable type of growth for shareholders. The built-in mechanism of Facebook is a reciprocal relationship between popularity, attraction, and desirable news that creates a linear association with profiles.

The varying profile participants develop the characteristics between dominant and submissive profiling experiences. This also mimics the corporate world that determines who is the most dominant in their field of expertise while singling out those who are more submissive and lack revenue to sustain their business.

Dominant corporations on Facebook are there to entertain the Facebook generation and the concept of who they are and what they are as a product and/or service. It’s an image-laden directory that features groups of shared lifestyles and attributes. It also includes ego-casting rather than what Facebook claims in building social networks and communities.

Corporations tap into Facebook as a network to describe themselves as a product or service. This allows them to form a window into the psyche and buying habits of individuals simply as a marketing directory. Facebook use is motivated by the business’ primary need to belong and self-presentation. The self-presentation capitalizes on the shift by optimizing video presentations that announce advertisers to reach network audiences.

Facebook fuels the concepts of narcissism, self-esteem, and self worth. This in turn defines corporate cannibalization and the decimation of corporate competition. Even though in the 4th quarter Facebook announced that 65 million businesses are using the free page product platform, the top 100 advertisers on Facebook represented less than a quarter of their revenue which declined year-over-year from the 4th quarter last year.

Facebook’s mobile growth continues to drive their growth metrics with 1.51 billion people accessing Facebook on an average day. However, businesses and marketers are paying for self-presentation profiles rather than an increase in their products or services.

It is the perception that small-to-medium sized businesses have in creating an impression that is driving Facebook’s strong quarterly results. The social interaction of profilers, more often regarded as spam profilers, is to display the attributes of social grooming. Advertisers and marketers do pay for a large cluster of non-users that can’t differentiate the modalities of Facebook users.

In the future, spam profilers will develop a niche that will propel them to a vital revenue-generating base for Facebook. Without this sequence of growth, even with the connectivity of profilers, it will limit the attractiveness of new followers and new profilers. Businesses value their publicity that exhibits their services and products. As long as they feel that their obligations are met by establishing publicity rather than revenue, they will feel that they’re indeed the winners.

In 2016, Facebook generated over $11.6 billion in free cash flow and ended the year with $29.4 billion in cash and investments. The company also authorized a $6 billion stock repurchase program beginning in 2017. The company represents a terrific business model that enhances male and female attractiveness in perpetuity towards their future growth. This in turn sends the signal to corporations to establish their budgets and to gain traction to this new social norm that they believe in.

The real truth has to do with Darwinism with respect to dominance and submissiveness in the social interaction of the world that becomes a competitive force to sustain Facebook’s innovative capabilities. Remember, it lures the male.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 12 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Tremendous hub! I am amazed that the knowledge contained in this one hub.

      Keep up the great work--and you will touch numerous lives. Of that I am sure.