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Facebook Insanity

Updated on June 1, 2017

A Social Network?

This is a 'disclaimer' of some

I joined Facebook to play

I number of my friends, that
is people I have had dinner
with, also belong.

They Friend me, I friend them, and we post stuff that should be of interest
to us.

Their friends comment on items that appear on my page, so that I get to
see stuff I am totally not interested in.

Some of my friends, people I know for a decade or more, have spilled their
guts on Facebook. Posting things that as a friend they should only whisper
in my ear in the middle of a deserted beach. But they post these items for
the world to see and judge.


Are they so life deprived that they use Facebook where the rest of us go out
to dinner with humans? Talk to humans face to face.. you know, like talking
to a person you can touch as opposed to people you may not know, you can
not see...

One.. just One

I met Kris when he was in his deep twenties. He was good looking he was bright he had a life. A whole life.

He left Yard, went to 'foreign' got married and came back a couple of years ago.

If you would have told me that this is what he'd look like today, if this is how he would behave today, I would probably slap you.

Today, he is so grotesque that if I posted his Facebook picture, the one he puts up there for the world to see, children would run screaming from the room.

That is the least of it.

Every day he makes at least fifty posts to Facebook.

Fifty repulsive little opinions, ideas, and has a view of the world which could keep analysts busy.

I suggested since he has so much time that he join a writing site. At the time I suggested it, [over a year ago] there were a number of sites which paid for articles.

He responded; "I don't have time."

He has time to post rubbish on Facebook, post after post after post. If you leave a
comment, he's back at you within five minutes or less.

What does he post about?

I don't read what he posts. Most of it is the kind of wrong headed rubbish a person
who does NOT nor ever has lived in America should refrain from babbling.

To put it simply, "if fish come from river bottom and tell you alligator mouth long, believe him..." meaning if a person is standing on Roosevelt Avenue in New York and sees ICE picking up people, and sends an image and her words, you can believe her.

If a guy living in some rural area of Westmoreland tells you what Trump means or doesn't mean, well, 'when faight de tawk, like your pipe', [when a fool talks, ignore him.]

As Bad as

As ridiculous as Kris has become, his safety is not in much jeopardy. He lives way out in the most western parish in a rural district where if hired mercenaries went to kill him they would be more likely to;

a] break a leg stepping in a pothole
b] fall off a hill
c] get bitten up by dogs
d] be robbed/raped/murdered

than they would finding and silencing him.

Not so a few others who live in 1st World countries which have actual street addresses who publish photos of their houses, cars, children.

One can 'friend' people and find out;

a] what schools their children go to
b] when they are taking vacations
c] all the lovely appliances they have in their houses.

Some folks can really friend and find out where the spare key is hidden, what kind of security, if any, they have.

On and one as if receiving a robbery blue print, as well as a pederast's wet dream.

Common Sense if Very Uncommon

I never use my real name. My friends know me by my nick in Real Life. I can find those who don't know my nick by doing a search or asking them.

Then I can 'join' their network and they can 'join' mine.

I never post my business.

Politics, social issues, jokes, articles I wrote or enjoyed, I post. Whether I am going shopping at General Foods or Sovereign, I don't post. If I'm getting a new T.V. or motorcycle, I don't post.

My address? Beyond Jamaica, you won't find it. Where I work? Jamaica. If you don't know the wheres you don't know me. And I don't know you.

A name, an image, doesn't catch me. If I have dinner with you, I know what you look like, sound like. If I haven't had dinner with you, well, you don't need to know more about me than the few comments I make on Facebook.


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