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Facebook Mean!

Updated on September 16, 2014

Faceook Mean! How some are tearing apart the fabric of the social movements.

It might be that they are still children. May be they watched too much television while growing up. Somehow their development created a mind that has the child’s wants and desires and incorporated the adult ability to seek out fulfillment. However they never learned right from wrong. What I am referring to is the new personality that has formed in our high speed age and this personality is a dark one. There are those who find that social media can make them a star of their own episode. If they cannot achieve fame for good deeds by well- planned positive actions they become the mini- series villain determined to sabotage the special events of other people. They cast shadows over others with gossip that is hidden behind a wall of electronics. Chances are they have never suffered financially enough to know the damage they are doing in the movements for change. In the mist of social and political movements they are the disrupters of positive change. They insist that if they cannot be the star of the show they will seek out and discredit others all while putting great efforts into bringing down the ship.

If you have become part of the political agenda for positive change, here are a number of reasons for not engaging in disruptive behavior.

  1. Congress is once again calling war our only option in the Middle East.

  2. Meanwhile 1 in 5 American children are now at risk for hunger. I don’t mean poverty. I mean actual hunger. Bread for the World and other hunger action organizations are servicing Americans.

  3. On average 22 Veterans commit suicide each and every day.

  4. 7,000 teens drop out of high school every day. Due to common core and super tests that number will drastically increase.

  5. Families are still losing their homes and have little employment options to work their way out of the financial clouds that loom over the working class. Our government will continue to allow our jobs to be out sourced and are currently pushing for a Trans Pacific and Trans African agreement. Both actions will lead to the out sourcing of more jobs and greater abuses of over -seas workers.

  6. Women are losing their health care rights. Some predict that if the trend does not change birth control access will be restricted and limited by 2020.

  7. Scientists predict that low lying lands in the Capital Region of New York State and elsewhere will be directly under water by 2030. Billions of $$$ funds that were allocated by the federal government to address the issues and protect river shores and coast lines have been improperly utilized. The upstate to use the money to build a new arena, expand the parking lots of Corning Preserve, construct a few new roads in the park, add new trails clear some more trees, and spend $$$ on new lighting in the parking lots. Planting trees and stabilizing the riverfront is last on the list.

  8. Dangerous oil trains are plummeting through our towns and fracking infrastructure has been put into place against our wishes all over the State of New York.

  9. Bailed out bankers are still not going to jail. As a matter of fact they are collecting their bonus checks as I write.

  10. Our ground water is an endangered natural resource.


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