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Facebook Powerball Lottery Scam

Updated on November 9, 2016

Facebook Social Networking

The help centre for reporting any kind of scam, Lottery, Romance, Loans
The help centre for reporting any kind of scam, Lottery, Romance, Loans | Source

Facebook the Social Networking site

Facebook is the best and well-known social networking site we have all come to love. It helps us to keep in touch with loved ones who live miles away from us, it also helps us to meet new people and become friends with addition to help you to promote your business. Facebook has become volatile; people out there that ruin this social networking platform we have all come to love. These people take advantage of Facebook, and exploit the terms and conditions of this networking site; they violate, prey and manipulate innocent people using scams to fulfil their greedy intentions. Please try and keep Facebook Free of villainous people. REPORT! REPORT! REPORT!

Watch out for Facebook Lottery Scams

The So-called Agents website


Being scammed by who you think is your friend

Facebook Powerball Lottery Scam

Is Powerball Lottery a scam? No! It is like any other lottery where you buy tickets to win thousands, if not millions of dollars. If you wanting to play the Official Powerball Lottery then go to the Official site and buy your tickets Please do not fall for this type of scam.

The Scam

Is Facebook Powerball Lottery a scam? Yes! It is people who call themselves agents for Powerball who have Facebook pages and setting up websites that looks like this one What does really happen with this kind of scam? These so-called agents get you to like their Facebook pages by their partners in crime. Firstly, the so-called agent will get help from a scammer. The scammer will duplicate one of your friends Facebook account or may even hack it. Then the scammer will pretend to have won the Powerball Lottery and tell you have won the Powerball Lottery; that they have seen your name on the winning list. In order for you to collect your winnings the scammer will tell you the agent’s name and for you to like their page so you can collect your winnings.

This is where the scam works; once you have liked the Agent’s Facebook page and contacted them that you have won. The agent contacts you back and will tell you to choose which amount of winnings you wish to claim, you fill a form in with your address details, and here’s the catch; you need to pay what the agent calls winning clearance cost, delivery cost and homeland security charges for the release of your winnings.

Winning Certificate

To convince you more that you have won, they will send you a winning certificate looking like this one with your details
To convince you more that you have won, they will send you a winning certificate looking like this one with your details

Convinced you have won the Powerball Lottery

The so called Agent for Powerball Lottery will make it realistic to you by saying, “ Powerball Jackpot Lottery (PBJ) Facebook Promotoion. It's a Federal Global Economic Grant. We embarked on a worldwide promotion for Deaf, Hearing and Retired Workers. We are Building Career for people that are in need, it will never affect any money you get from work or your government. It free and you don’t have to pay it back in any way

This promotion was made to provide benefit for everyone in need of money for bills, buying a home, starting business, going to school, or even help in raising your children.

Please note that Powerball Jackpot Lottery (PBJ) in collaboration with World Deaf, Hearing and Retired Workers Federation Australia, Canadian, New Zealand, Mexico, USA and Puerto Rico falls every part of the world. In view of this, your fund would be released to you by our affiliate bank throughout USA and nationwide our agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds”.

The true meaning of Powerball Lottery

With all Lottery games, you buy your ticket hoping that your numbers come up. Not be chosen at random by so called agents for Powerball Lottery on Facebook. Please be aware of this type of scam. The official Powerball Lottery does not promote this Lottery anywhere in this kind of manner.

The official site Powerball Lottery says

Is Powerball giving away prize money on Facebook?


Facebook users are reporting that they are receiving notices from "friends" indicating that Powerball is giving away prize monies through Facebook, with links of information to "claim their prize".

These notices are false and fraudulent. The persons behind this fraud are attempting to gain personal information or payment of fees; if a Facebook user clicks on the links they may have their Facebook accounts hacked, perpetuating the false notices to that users' "friends".

Powerball does not contact prize winners through Facebook, and lotteries do not charge fees to claim Powerball prizes.

If you have questions or believe your Facebook account has been hacked, please contact Facebook.

Normally Facebook would do something about this problem, but somehow Scammers and the so-called Agents for Powerball Lottery seem to get round Facebook’s guidelines and policies to trick innocent people thinking they have won The Powerball Lottery. If you have fallen victim to this kind of Powerball Lottery scam; your report to Facebook seems to get you nowhere, then you can also file a complaint with the U.S. government at:

For a list of common Internet scams, try clicking here:

Also for your information please follow the link provided and read

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