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Facebook Timelines: Free Social Networking Dares to Make Changes

Updated on December 15, 2011

Facebook Rumors Spread Quickly

Is the Facebook Timeline Changing?

I love using Facebook. If you like to people watch, Facebook is the place for you to hang out and wait for random updates from people you have friended. To see the latest news links directly to your feed, Facebook news is faster than most news stations. You have a question? Post it as your status and you will get an answer in minutes.

What I find funny about people using the social network is when users start posting that Facebook is going to start charging for their service and if you click this link, like this page, or change this to your status, you won't be one of the people that gets charged. Right, because that's how it all works - if you like this, you won't get charged. Sure.

Facebook Users Outraged

There are numerous types of Facebook users and all combine to make a unique social networking experience for everyone. There's the philospher, the joker, the lurker, the whiner, the bragger, the supermom. We're all one of these at one time or another, bragging about our kids or discussing the meaning of life. It's what makes us human.

When I start to see a rumor spreading in my news feed, I can tell you which friends of mine will change their status to "If you want the Facebook Timeline Changed Back post this as your status for one hour." They will be angry, upset and threaten to leave forever.

What I always want to write, but I don't have the guts, "IT's FREE". You spend hours a day on this website, you play games all day, you update your status every hour and you're complaining. It just doesn't make sense.

Sure, we have to look at all of the ads, but as any avid internet user knows: ads are quickly overlooked as just part of the background.


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