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Facts Trump Anti Trump Statements

Updated on June 14, 2018

Facts Trump anti Trump no facts

It all started with Hillary Clinton

The question in the forum had to do with Special Counsel Robert Mueller when and if he would interview president Trump. This is used to illustrate the way that Anti Trumpers think and act.

This is a discussion by Anti Trump people versus pro Trump people. The purpose of this article is to find Waldo the Objective FACTs that can be put into evidence.

  • AT00 is the legend for this article. AT is AntiTrump statement. And 00 is the number attached to it.

  • B:00 is my comment on the statement AT00.
  • Because AT is the actual text from the person I am commenting on, hubpages flagged my article as a duplicate. They don't seem to know how to do this kind of article. Even the copyright laws allows fair use for criticism.
  • Any way, the AT number can be found in the comments section.
  • I had no choice, if you don't want to do that, it is OK, I understand.

I am not doing the Pro Trump side of these statements, as my point here is not to pick a side, but just make a call on the factual basis of the statement.


This is just an opening statement

But its speculation has replaced fact. As there is no evidence that president Trump would plead the 5th. Yet if he did take the 5th that is his right, as well as any of our rights.



No fact, as opinion is used here. Then there is the pathological liar, again no fact, just opinion.


There is no fact that Trump voters accepted Trump’s name calling, and how can the writer speak for all the Trump voters.

  • And there is a difference here, as Trump was doing his name calling in a presidential campaign.
  • The people in this forum have not been called any names by Trump. Trump doesn't even know these people even exist and yet they want to not only name call him, but disrespect him, and the office of the president.
  • What kind of people disrespect the office of the president of the US?

Unlike those that were called Deplorables by Hillary Clinton during her campaign. It is apparently OK to disrespect all the Trump supporters with names like Deplorables. Why is it OK because, it is Hillary Clinton and not Trump?



There are no facts being used here, as it appears to be just a venting of emotion, simply because they don’t like president Trump


This again is the same as the previous statement, and it is not the same for people that have not been name called by the president to take the position that he name called his opponents.

And keep in mind how far we have already gone astray from the top of Mueller interviewing president Trump.


Which one of these words are facts?

Stormy Daniels? Latest I heard is she recanted her accusations.

Lying? This is a categorical statement with no references.

Racist remarks? Another categorical statement with no references.


Is that true? Any of it?


Which one of these fragments is a Fact?


Where are the facts?


Self described sexual predator?


The only thing here that is close to a fact is that Lawyers are paid to protect their client.



President Trump had rejected Robert Mueller when he applied for his old job back as the Director of the FBI. Then he becomes the Special Counsel. In addition, he is the mentor of ex FBI director James Comey who when he leaked memos about president Trump, he admitted doing it to get a special counsel appointed to the investigation.


Answered in B11


Here we have not only no facts, but we are going off the road.


Well, that is true for Hillary Clinton mainly because when she was interviewed by the FBI about her private unprotected email server, she wasn’t interviewed under oath. And there was no record of that interview.



Please show the factual evidence you claim


Now the Anti Trump wants factual evidence, and where were those from the AT?



Where are the facts to support

Cherry Picking

That Nunes has not read it

And the Schiff was one of only 3 people to read it.


The problem with the Democrats, and especially the Anti Trump people is that they make unilateral arguments against their opposition. Unilateral meaning when they do the same thing, it is OK.

And they are the champions of Equality. Perhaps a refresher of grade school math is needed. The equal sign to remain equal has to have both side doing the same thing.

That is if you divide one side then you have to divide the other side to remain equal.


divide each side by 5




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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 months ago from Orange County California

      Statements that were used for my comments in the article.



      After many times stating he looked forward to being interviewed by Mueller, Trump's lawyers are now looking intently at the possibility of it being a perjury trap and are pulling back on his testifying at all. After chastising others who plead the fifth it, now looks as if the Bozo-In-Chief is considering doing the same.

      No big shock of course as we're now accustomed to Trump lying on a daily basis about anything and everything. I can see why he doesn't want to testify under oath, can you?


      The same can be said of Obama and HRC and is being said by the right. Do you have an opinion or are simply taking up for the Don as usual?

      Am I not entitled to my opinion, I though I was being unusually kind to a pathological liar! Feel free to take up for him as usual though. And what is your opinion by the way?


      Just piping in to say that Obama didn't make a habit of calling people names like Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Pocahontas, Sleepy Ben Carson, and Sloppy Steve.

      So, one could argue that our President and his supporters would be hypocritical to criticize those who assign a derogatory moniker to the Bully-in-Chief. Trump voters cast a vote of acceptance for that behavior when they put a check mark next to Trump's name. Similarly, current defenders can't say much, either, if they think his policies make tolerance of his behavior an acceptable compromise.


      Supporting the Liar-in-Chief is tantamount to lowering the standards for presidental conduct to groundbreaking depths of destructive and embarrasing behavior.

      True, as Trump supporters have no problem with his name calling and lying, but seem to dislike others doing the same to him. Hypocrisy? Of course!

      Yep. Now, I will say that xx at least has a leg to stand on, since he didn't vote for the guy and continues to claim he is not a supporter. ;-)

      Others, though? Not at all. And I will never let them forget it. They inflicted this guy upon us and I will take every opportunity I can to decry their hypocrisy when they criticize someone for similar behavior.

      Yes, if they voted for a name caller, they have no leg to stand on disliking the same in the other direction.


      As for xx, he may be a professional fence rider.

      "....but is it that if a president does anything objectionable at all that no support should ever be given him? "

      That is not at all what I am saying. Trump displayed his name calling and bullying behavior, repeatedly and without remorse (in fact, with great glee and enthusiasm) prior to the election. Trump voters knew exactly what they were voting for, and had no reasonable evidence that he would not continue his childish, mean, and embarrassing behavior after elected.

      For them to now be offended when his detractors refer to the president in derogatory terms is the height of hypocrisy. They voted for that behavior. They considered that behavior to be acceptable enough for a president.


      Are you referring to Stormy Daniels? P***y grabbing, lying, racist remarks,and other such innocent actions? Or what?


      Of course not. I wouldn't mock a disabled reporter or accuse a judge of bias because of his heritage , either. I will, however, call a bully and a liar by exactly what he is, a bully and a liar.

      Edited to add: it would be perfectly acceptable for me to call my friend a rude dinner guest. That is what we are doing with Trump, flicking it back at the bully and liar.


      No, if you notice, I only refer to Trump in a derogatory manner. I don't bully disabled people or pick fights with parents of fallen soldiers, or lie several times a day, or brag about grabbing men's crotches.


      I direct my disdain to the !ying, bullying self-described sexual predator so many Americans judged to be of acceptable character to occupy the highest office in the land. Yet, those same people are quick to take me or oo to task for flicking it back at the original perpetrator. Suddenly, they have standards! It would be funny if it weren't so sad. Where were these standards when it teally mattered?


      As I have previously stated, Trump lies like he breathes. His lawyers know that. They will do everything in their power to keep him from testifying because they know he will lie. They are attempting to protect their client.


      And, talking with Mueller is only a bad thing if you lie, or if telling the truth implicates you or your family, friends, or coworkers in something nefarious.

      If Trump or any of his family or minions have done nothing wrong, what's the problem?


      If Trump or any of his family or minions have done nothing wrong, what's the problem?


      Trump's defenders know Trump cannot tell the truth even if it puts him in harms way. After all, they know he tells lies on a whim and sometimes for no reason at all. It's like Fox brainwashes people in some manner. All of a sudden their family values and sense of honesty doesn't mean anything. I just watched a group of Evangelical women in Texas claim they couldn't be any happier the way Trump's run things.

      Of course, that's where they print many anti-Evolution textbooks as the bible doesn't exactly jive with the sciences. I do know some great Texans though.

      I'm not outraged, yy. I expected him to do so as he cannot be honest for even a few minutes. He stated he was looking forward to the interview with Mueller. Therefore according to his record of honesty, we can almost certainly believe otherwise.


      Then it's truly amazing how many people are interviewed by the FBI but manage to escape being charged with lying. Truly amazing!


      there is quite a bit of evidence that the FBI was engaged in throwing the election in Hillary's favor and subsequently engaged in actively working to overthrow a sitting president. I think there is an expectation that "the memo" to some degree confirms this. (My guess is that, if anything, "the memo" soft-pedals the criminality revealed by the underlying FISA documentation.)

      The reason the FISA warrant and related documents were subpoenaed is because there is a very strong appearance that the FBI's actions to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump were based on partisan politics. What the FISA documents are expected to show is that the "Trump dossier," consisting of unverified opposition-funded "research," was used to obtain the FISA warrant.

      What this would mean (if true) is that the FBI and DOJ colluded against Trump and in favor of Hillary. (There is much other evidence that they did so, BTW.)

      Such actions are unlawful.

      So, in reply to your question, "What crimes?"

      § 2381 - Treason

      § 2382 - Misprision of treason

      § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection

      § 2384 - Seditious conspiracy

      § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government

      § 2386 - Registration of certain organizations


      The cons memo is based on cherry picked parts of the actual underlying classified material which Nunes has not even read himself. Adam Shiff is only one of 3 people --the other two being Nunes staffers who actually wrote the memo.


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