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Facts About Human Trafficking

Updated on June 24, 2018

Human trafficking, especially of women and children, has emerged as the fastest rising crime. Research indicates that every day, several teenage girls are abducted or seduced, then later recruited into sexual slavery in distant countries (Shelly 12). The majority of the victims are young and marginalized women such as the Aboriginal, and survivors of various forms of abuse. The fight against human trafficking is a great initiative towards enforcing human rights. It is important for the Government and the relevant stakeholders to incorporate community programs and other workable solutions, which will remove women and children from poverty and violence, as well as other predisposing factors to human trafficking (Shelly 14). The government and human rights organizations can help alleviate the problem of human trafficking through empowering the victims, passing legislation to curb the vice as well as involving the local people in the fight against the vice.

Empowering women who are at risk of being trafficked is a great initiative towards ending the vice. The relevant stakeholders and women groups should organize foundations that will raise funds and invest in programs to alleviate women and girls from poverty and violence. Such women and girls should be empowered with skills that will help them transition from demeaning circumstances in confidence (Shelly 14). These programs should also focus on preventing violence directed towards women. For instance, many human trafficking victims are victims of sexual assault, dating violence and domestic violence. The empowerment programs should be geared towards building healthy relationships as well as rebuilding their lives and homes after the violence (Shelly 15). This would be achieved by teaching life and leadership skills amongst the victims. These empowerment programs should also integrate public education, media literacy as well as advocacy in order to elicit the intended impact. It is also important for the relevant organizations to form strong grassroots organizations that educate the girls and women on the dangers of human trafficking. These grassroots organizations should be funded and have enough staff who will prevent instances of human trafficking (Shelly 16). In addition, the organizations should help victims of human trafficking escape from such demeaning circumstances and rebuild their self-esteem.

Stop Human Trafficking Now

Human trafficking continues to persist in nations lacking strict legislation to curb the vice. The Government should institute strict legislation that prohibits human trafficking. In some nations, the vice is not accorded the necessary attention that would warrant its eradication. The perpetrators of the vice should be identified, prosecuted and imprisoned. In areas where the vice is rampant, an active task force should be instituted to investigate the matter. According to Shelly (27), the task force should have qualified personnel who will investigate the manner in depth, as well as identify the individuals involved in the vice. It is also important for the state to fund the task force and provide the necessary infrastructure that will facilitate the execution of its mandate. The legislation enacted should aim at protecting the fundamental rights of the vulnerable victims of human trafficking who are constantly exploited and extorted through slave labor as well as prostitution (Johnson 96). Enactment of a new bill that clearly outlaws the vice is necessary. The law should endeavor to remove any existing limitations on persecuting suspects who engage in human trafficking. In addition, the bill should endeavor to increase the penalties that human traffickers are accorded when found guilty of human trafficking offenses, or even using children for slavery and sexual exploitation purposes. According to Shelly (56), the task force should also develop legislation that protects the victims of human trafficking. This can be easily achieved by incorporating educational outreaches to the victims. In addition, the local governments should collaborate with other international as well as local organizations that are involved in the fight against the vice. Such collaboration will help institute legislation that can fully eliminate the vice of the world.

The fight against human trafficking requires participation and collaboration with the local people. Government efforts may not elicit the necessary impact and solution, hence the need to collaborate with the local populations, who may have first-hand information on the victims and perpetrators of human trafficking (Shelly 45). The Government should organize awareness-training programs through the media and other forums. These programs should be geared towards raising awareness of the vice and the plight of the victims. In addition, they should ideally equip the participants with the knowledge and ways to identify victims of human trafficking (Lee 88). Indeed, by identifying and learning the red flags, one can easily notify the law enforcement agencies of the existence of such a vice in the neighborhood. When the local people are involved in the fight against human trafficking they can easily report any suspicious activity witnessed in their neighborhood (Shelly 46). This would not only lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of the vice but also rescue the victims. Several victims have been rescued and assisted through such initiatives. The local people should give valuable tips and leads to the homeland security officials that will help rescue the victims of human trafficking.

Every member of the community and neighborhood should be encouraged to start or even join grassroots organizations that have been specifically instituted to fight against human trafficking (Shelly 67). The members should be encouraged to actively participate in the affairs of these community coalitions and offer valuable information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of this crime. The grassroots coalitions should organize regular meetings with the federal and state government representatives and share ideas on ways to combat the human trafficking menace from the society. Shelly (67) asserts that such meetings should act as an ideal avenue to distribute awareness materials to the public. These materials should notify the public of the red flags of human trafficking and encourage people to volunteer information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. Members should also be encouraged to give their donations to the anti-trafficking organizations as well as the rescued victims. The donations would ideally assist the victims to lead normal lives devoid of the trauma and misery associated with slavery and sexual exploitation (Shelly 68).

To sum up, human trafficking is demeaning and often brings up horrific images of gross violation of human rights. Indeed, this practice has been a source of great misery to the victims, who are in most cases unaware that they are being sold into slavery and prostitution. The fight against the vice is a great initiative that should be accorded the necessary support to necessitate its eradication. The advocacy groups should intensify their operations and ensure that they rescue the victims, as well as prosecute the perpetrators of this demeaning vice. Working with the local people will help in eliminating the vice speedily. The relevant government agencies should also fund these initiatives and provide the necessary support that will ensure complete eradication of human trafficking.

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