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Facts of Human Trafficiking

Updated on April 22, 2016

In my search for facts about human trafficking I came across a survey on a Child Trafficking website - linked to - and was shocked to read that more people do NOT know what human trafficking is and which countries are the most affected by it, than the ones that do know.

According to the Collins Concise Dictionary, the word "trafficking" means: " to carry on trade or business, especially of an illicit kind" and "trafficker" means: "to engage in trade ...". If you put the "human" in-front you have "illicit trade or business of humans", (mainly women and children)

Africa is probably the most affected by trafficking of humans because most of the countries are poor. It is usually only the Governments of these countries that are well off, the rest of the people are very poor and live in squalor. It is these poor economical conditions; poverty, unemployment and the rise of crime, that has the biggest influence on, especially, child trafficking.

Women and children are mainly trafficked for the purpose of rape, prostitution and slavery. Even babies are sold for adoption by foreign couples. According to UNICEF, as stated on the Child Trafficking website: about 1000 - 1500 Guatamala babies and children per year.


The definition for trafficking according to the website for child trafficking are: "Trafficking of people are the illegal trade in human beings through abduction, the use of threat or force, deception, fraud or sale for the purpose of forced labour and in most cases commercial sex. The term applies to people who are held against their will to pay off a dept - known as debt bondage or peanage."

Poverty makes it easy for traffickers to operate and makes children vulnerable to abductions and some are sold by relatives into forced labour and marriages. In most warring countries boys are mainly trained as soldiers and girls are forced to do domestic work and often end up as the employer's sex slaves. The ages - between 8 and 12 years.


Educational development

Children of poor backgrounds are most vulnerable because most of them are unable to go to school and some had to leave school to head the house and take care of the family because both parents are deceased and when sold into forced labour, the chances for education are very slim if not non-existing, although a few do get the chance to go to local school, usually run by non-profitable organizations. The chances for girls to go to school are none, for they are not given the time to develop other skills ,except maybe, writing. These girls are introduced into intense and hard labour and therefore their mental and physical development are constrained by the hard physical work that they have to do.

Health development

In Cambodia, alone, it is estimated that 40% of 50 000 prostitutes are HIV positive.Children sold into the sex industries, services between 3 - 7 customers a day, which exposes them to STD's and girls in high demand have unprotected sex which makes the risk for HIV very high. Some girls gets serious infections or sicknesses like abdominal bleeding from their private parts or unbearable pains in their bodies, which put them at great health risks and their lives in danger because most of these regions do not have medical facilities.

Psychological development

Not only are their lives being put in serious danger, but they are also psychologically scared for life and usually ends up hating the opposite sex, which makes it difficult for helpers and Psychologists of the opposite sex to help them. They often isolate themselves and do not want to talk about the past and this result in low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Although brothels makes a lot of money off these women and children, they are treated like animals. Besides all the health risks they are exposed to everyday, most of them only get one meal a day and are kept in cages and are often beaten or raped when not complying. They get no medical attention at all and are often being kept drugged on a permanent basis. What is worst of all some men wants little babies because they believe having sex with a virgin can rejuvenate them and here in South Africa they believed it cures HIV.

These women and children have a very slim chance of escape, because their passports are kept by the pimp and there is usually a language barrier, because in most cases they are foreigners, that is besides the fact that they have no clue where to go or what to do in a big city.

Fortunately I can end this hub with a local story that had a good ending. Last week a circle of traffickers were apprehended in a small town called Ermelo, Mpumalanga. But the reality is that some of the girls had to go into witness protections programs, because they said they will testify, one who would testify was killed because she didn't want to go into protection and the others are not willing to testify because of what happened to the one. Although they were saved, their lives will never be the same. They will probably end up in witness protection for the rest of their lives and will always be fearing for their lives.

So the crux is that this must be stopped before it happens and unfortunately this is the difficult part, because money makes a lot of people look the other way!


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    • Anne Scullard profile image

      Anna-Mart 7 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks. You're right it is sad that people have such a devastating control over other peoples' lives.

    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      This is so sad to think that we still have this going on in today's world. Thanks for bringing it more awareness. I am glad people like you are trying hard to stop it. Some of us live such protected lives, we have no idea that it exists. Thanks for your informative hub.