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Faddish diseases

Updated on February 15, 2012

One pattern that has developed over the past few generations is the manifestation of diseases and disorders which have never before been diagnosed. The saying goes that everyone has the same disorders but some people experience them more intensely than others. When I was a kid the teachers diagnosed me with mild dyslexia, but I can tell you that I never felt that it was a challenge for me to read or write for that matter. In fact i most likely went along with it because I was naturally lazy and wanted to get out of doing school work. To this day my parents will still say that this was the case, but I know better.

I have seen a distinct pattern over the years of faddish diseases that have plagued the innocent children of America but I don't believe it is quite what the doctors are saying it is. I know it is probably just a paranoid delusion on my part and taking a nice big pill once a day will solve the problem.


By high school I noticed that a lot of the kids were being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder to the behest of their loving parents who then had to go through the trouble of permanently affixing a prescription of Ritalin, or Prozac, or what ever the cure was.

The cure however, had an interesting effect on the demeanor of the child. It turned the boy, (it seems to only happen to boys), into a zombie like essence of their selves, and the boy would affix on the teacher and in spite of their own natural tendencies they would pay close attention to the subject matter of the class. What a marvelous side effect! Grades go up, and trouble makers suppress their uncontrollable behavior.


Now I can attest to the fact that some people who have been diagnosed by the scientific community with this strange disorder certainly seem to fit the bill. The question that is lingering in my mind is if we are coddling these disorders and making the excuses for their behavior or are we on the whole just too lazy in our parenting? I think that we as a society have become too tolerant, too sensitive, and too accommodating to allow these poor unchecked souls to get a grip on the fact that their behavior is undesirable.

mild autism

Lately I've seen the newest diagnosis in the disorder craze in the form of a moderate type of autism. As parents such as myself are spending hours upon hours ignoring their kids, avoiding proper discipline, and other modes of social development the sporadic behavior that seems to be popping up can now be clearly and scientifically traced to what can only be autism.

Government intervention

As of late it is increasingly popular to rat out your neighbor to the authorities for the offense of public spankings. For this egregious offence children and parents become closely acquainted by judiciary decree with child protective services. A family is then held under the scrutiny of the law and a tedious record is kept with highlights of any and all physical infraction.
Sooner or later it would not be surprising to see public displays of parental affection become outlawed and regarded as a low level sexual abuse.

Recently in the news we saw that a government official had told a child at school that the lunch her mother packed for her was not nutritious enough. She was then given some chicken nuggets and the mother was charged for the food.

While all this goes on and the government goes after upstanding citizens, flooding our court system with frivolous investigations and law suits, the real bad guys are out there endangering their children and sometimes murdering them.

I have personally witnessed a family of children who lived in rancid conditions, the kids slept in beds that had animal feces on and around them. None of the six pets in the house were housebroken. The kids never took baths and several thousands of dollars worth of damage to the house resulted. nearly 30 complaints were filed over a couple of years and finally someone called the police who actually took care of the problem.

The conspiracy

In his book, "the naked communist", Cleon Skousen pointed out that the communists wanted to emphasis the need for government intervention in order to weaken the basic family unit. one of the methods of implementing this ideology was to use the psychiatric field in order to allow moral and social failings to run rampant in American society, to give excuse after excuse of psychological abnormalities as to the reason why people acted immorally or otherwise deviant. Thus the bad behavior of children would be regarded as an inherent psychological condition treatable only through medicine and only properly diagnosed through the authority of elitist professionals.

The cure

really the point I am making isn't directed at these "diseases" that are plaguing us but rather it is a wake up call to the people in society and especially to those in the government who think they know what's best for our kids.

Government: Guess what you don't know a thing about my kids, or my neighbors kids, or anyone else's kids, so stop trying to act like you do!

Society: You've been duped, you've been sold a lie and it's time to return to some basic principles that have been forgotten. No, I'm not telling you to go to church or become a right wing wacko, I'm saying that we have to look within and make a correction, we have to strengthen our families, stop whoring around and look for the right person to procreate with. Stop accepting the rampant moral failings that we are being sold by the media. Otherwise the government really will start to intervene with your lives.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      A nephew was diagnosed with autism at three. His grandmother said,"His dad was exactly the same way". Grandma was very structured and a good disaplinearian7

      His father is has a masters and is a CPA. This nephew will graduate from High School in June as an honors student.

      Nice job.

    • Onusonus profile image

      Onusonus 5 years ago from washington

      John, thanks for the props.

    • John Sarkis profile image

      John Sarkis 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Hi onusonus, loved your make some really great points.

      Take care


    • Onusonus profile image

      Onusonus 5 years ago from washington

      Absolutely, I see this especially in the psychiatric field.

    • FitnezzJim profile image

      FitnezzJim 5 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      In each of those diseases you listed above, somebody profits if the disease spreads and sustains. That means there are a whole lot of folks who benefit if the problems don't get solved, so why solve them?