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Updated on June 1, 2016

faith works

Do you trust God? Do you have enough faith to step out on the word of God? Today this is for the I have faith but, I don’t know Christian. For years I’ve always told myself I have faith, no my faith is strong. One Sunday Morning a lady who I now consider a friend but whom I didn’t know at the time said to me, “you have to have stronger faith.” I thought at that moment you don’t know me my faith is unshakable.

Pastor V.S. Brice is continuing the teachings of faith. Faith is a gift from God. You ask God can I have it, God ask, can you handle it? Faith is action not just talking. God said I’m not gone act until you act. As I’m going through a time in my life that was harder than all 5 child births put together I thought to myself I HAVE TO STAND ON THE PROMISES OF GOD. I HAVE TO STEP OUT ON FAITH. I’ve tried everything else now it’s time to fully trust God to bring you out.

Take your faith and attach it to facts. The stronger my faith got the more the devil attacked. The more I studied the facts the stronger my faith became. I learned I had to feed my faith the facts and not my feelings in order for God to bring me out. The facts is the word of God and the more you study the facts the stronger your faith, the stronger your faith the stronger you are to stand up against the enemy. The benefits of faith are 1 salvation and 2 answer to your prayers. Matthew 21:21 you can pray for anything and if you have faith you will receive it. Let me say I can walk again because the facts of the word of God strengthened my faith in God. By his stripes I/WE are healed. The weapon will form but God said it won’t prosper. You have to believe in that like you believe the sky is blue on a good day.

To end this let me say from personal experience feed your faith the facts, which is the word of God. By doing this God will make a way out of no way. God will/can heal the sick, I once was the sick. If you are sick and shut in mentally, physically, or emotionally tune in via live stream. Pray to see you online. God bless and be encouraged.


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