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Fake Betrayal Used to Convert Victims

Updated on August 13, 2010

Relationship Conundrums and Brainwashing

       This side of Gangstalking strikes us right where we least expect - through our relationships with those who have integrated into this system.  A favorite trick of these gangstalkers is to present you as thinking "bad thoughts" about your integrated Loved ones and then "accusing" you of these fake thoughts being real.  This typically involves what I call "The Fake Love Triangle" treatment. 

     You'll all be sitting there in front of the television and your ears will start ringing.  At this time you'll feel an outside force attempt to make you "want" this person who is seeing your freind/ Loved one.  I had to sit through an entire movie holding my eyes closed and listening for "The Salvation Frequency" to keep these disgusting thoughts from being pushed upon me.  Although my effort was monumental, I still got accused through tiny hints that I had done something wrong here. 

     You feel torn apart because your Loved one will avoid talking about this with you, leaving you feeling guilty and open to "mind attacks" by this rapacious group consciousness.  The person you Love will avoid you, but still treat you with utter kindness in your prescence which only enhances the feeling of confusion/guilt. 

     Now here's the solution to debacles such as this one:  both your Loved one AND the other party know that a very complex emotional stratagem is being played upon you.  They simply feel that getting you to be part of their group is THAT important.  Most likely they feel that they are helping you by doing this.  Knowing this fact short-circuits feelings of resentment you may have developed for either person.  Knowing that they know that this is a trick being played on you nullifies the feelings of "false guilt" you may be having over this mess.  It's just another phony drama scene set up to disorient you emotionally. 

     Now, you still have to resist these feelings of "fake sin" or you'll allow your mind to become polluted.........that is you'll wind up "Guilty by default".  You may feel "What's the use?  They already hate me, so why not express my frustration by acting out?"  NOPE, never do this because then you ARE guilty of whatever-it-is you did to emotionally justify yourself.  It can be an act as small as eating a sandwich without asking.  Everything you do (and even some things you think) are visible to this group trying to "recruit" you.  Don't let phony drama change your feelings for your Loved one.  Keep on proving to yourself and them that they matter to you.  Always respect their significant other just as you respect them.  This way, NOTHING TRULY NEGATIVE IS ALLOWED TO GROW. 

     I've been through this set-up once before.  It really messed with my mind and left me with two less freinds in my life.  On the former occasion, I was REALLY stupid and actually said something inappropriate.  In THIS one, I said/did nothing at all, but still feel that I'm accused through tiny hints.  So now I'm going to apply what I've just learned:  1.  Allow no resentment to pop up.  This would RUIN my relationship. 2.  I will continue to Love my freind/brother and prove it to me and him through my actions and feelings.  3.  I'm going to forgive myself for these fake "subliminal depictions" and I will fight these with "The Salvation Frequency", prayer and Love next time they appear. 

          Last, but not least - pray to God to strengthen your will and repent for any tiny amount of "trash" that this group may have been able to get in edgewise through your defenses.  This is like sterilizing a wound so that it can heal.  When you feel sufficiently cleansed of all negative emotion - make sure you talk to your Loved one that it is your impression that they are upset with you because they think thus-and-such.  Use the facts you have to point this out so that you don't get denied your chance to clear your name.  If all else fails, just remember that it was all a set-up to "recruit" you during a state of emotional compromise. 


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      This is for SmileNtherFaces: you'll notice a humming in your ears when someone who is "in" is around. You must listen for a slower frequency embedded in this sound or else you'll get really horrible thoughts. In a mind-game designed to destroy you on the inside, it is best to believe that anyone you are with isn't (for social/emotional needs) BUT listen for that ringing in your ears. Stretch out each electronic syllable. ee-ee-ee! becomes eeeeeeee-eeeeeeeee-eeeeeeee becomes the sound of an operatic chorus. This is a "Salvation Frequency" embedded in this humming. Focus on that slow frequency and your mind won't be as stressed. You'll also have NO disturbing thoughts.

      Last but not least: it's pretty hard to freak someone out who doesn't believe anyone is out to get him. They only want you to THINK that they are out to get you. They cannot physically harm you - it's all a "toxic illusion" that acts like a spell. Some things just aren't worth looking at or hearing. Seek the higher frequency and you will be safe. When your brain needs a break, listen to music through earphones.

    • smileNtherFACES profile image

      smileNtherFACES 6 years ago from Mid Cali

      How do you know wich friends are in on it..if at all.....all I have is close friends like 4, and the rest aquaintances.....Im findin that I think some or all of my close friends are in on it too, then it dissapates to say 1 or 2......bottom line is I am never sure....wich haunts me.......what do you think of this?...or anyone for that matter....I mean really Its not good to be alone all the time, and if you cant trust your closest friends or family...who then can you share your thoughts feeling with, especially in an uncertain thought process of an informant - so to speak - in your inner circle........I know this isnt the case in all cases, but I'm sure it exists, and might have a potential to-exist in my circumstance.....tough one.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 7 years ago

      Well, someone who knows......I do not understand what you are trying to say. There ARE means of FORCING you to have thoughts that YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO HAVE. Fighting these FAKE EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS can be very difficult. You might as well believe that a "Devil" does exist which tries to fool you into making thought errors. I simply know that these synthetic feelings/ideas are electronically generated. Finding out who you really are is tough these days, because we've grown up bombarded by all kinds of deceiving/fake feelings/ideas. Good Luck to you in separating yourSELF from the E.L.F. waves!

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Many people are willing to accept accusations made against someone they don't,wheather for real or immagined reasons too easily.