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Family Court a “firestorm for evil”

Updated on December 14, 2015



By Karin Wolf
December 11, 2015

Karin Wolf

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN – Family Court a “firestorm for evil”

Notwithstanding the Court of Public Opinion on the Tsimhoni case, Family Law Judge Lisa Gorcyca of the Oakland County Courthouse has once again shown that the Constitution of the United States of America does not exist in her courtroom, especially not for female litigants.

Judge Lisa Gorcyca, whose husband David Gorcyca, known for prosecuting Dr. Kvorkian and being sued by the father of an autistic child as seen on 20/20, is the sister of Karen Drew, a reporter for Channel 4 News.

Now targeted for dehumanization is Debra Flowers, who was in court yesterday, December 10th, which also happened to be Human Rights Day to commemorate the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

While the rest of the world is having a conversation on violence against women, Iran announced that a woman has been sentenced to death by stoning. We have seen equally egregious death and rape sentences for women and children here in the U.S. via the family law courts. Yes, you read correctly.

Those violations prompted a landmark Writ of Certiorari filing this past Tuesday with the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C. submitted by counsel of record Jeffrey D. Moffatt of the Moffatt Law Firm, located in Lancaster, CA. Star Moffatt, who is running for (2016) State Senate in California, spearheaded the filing on behalf of Janet Adkins, another mother annihilated in the Michigan Family Court. The filing cites Roe v. Wade, as a continuum of liberty for those mothers who choose to have their children and are denigrated for doing so.

Ms. Flowers is due back in Court for sentencing on January 12, 2016, and described her case as a “firestorm for evil.”

Ms. Flowers is now facing more jail time for being a mother and a Christian. This past year, she has spent a total of three months in jail for “crimes” like sending her son a note saying, “I love you” and a psalm from Deuteronomy 29:29, “All will be revealed.”

Ms. Flowers has been dragged through court by a judge whose sole purpose seems to be dehumanizing the female sex. Ms. Flowers is yet another victim of the bill of attainder against women and children in the family law courts of America.

Ms. Flowers has not seen her 9-yr-old son for one year. She was initially put on supervised visits two years ago, but was ultimately barred from contact - all without due process or just cause.

Ms. Flowers has endured dehumanizing and absurd goings-on in her case – she has been questioned for tithing to her church, persecuted for listening to Christian music and having a glass of wine with dinner, chastised for exercising her First Amendment right by protesting the Tsihmoni case along with many other Citizens, held in contempt for literally leaving off a “t” when giving her new address, after being ousted from her home.

As punishment, her life savings, retirement account, and house were confiscated in a manner that smacks of coercion and racketeering, including a forensic accountant who won’t show reports. She was jailed right after chemotherapy for stage three Breast Cancer and forced to wear a tether on her ankle that sounds off every 20 minutes and takes a report.

In Ms. Flowers' plea to the court yesterday, she made the following statement:

Your Honor, I am not sure if you are aware, but the same law firm representing Janet Adkins in her case that was filed within the U.S. Supreme Court this week, I want to put this court on Notice. The same law firm will be filing a Federal Complaint, against this court for mother human rights violations, as you have done against me and my son.

You have denied me my Federal Constitutional Rights, applicable to due process.

You have violated my First Amendment Rights.

You have inflicted upon me cruel and unusual punishment and fines, by not upholding the Eighth Amendment.

You, the Court, have even thrown me in jail, while knowing I was receiving Chemotherapy treatment as a 3rd stage Breast Cancer victim and survivor.

You the court even knew that my drainage tubes for chemotherapy were freshly removed before you threw me in court previously.

Now my final plea is that you "NOT" place me in contempt and jail, to see the error of your own ways, before you have to answer to a higher power, taxpayers and the Federal government, before it is too late for this Court.

I beg you, please just take five minutes out of your time and look at the first two questions being presented to the U.S. Supreme Court, within the Janet Adkins case, that involve this Court, which some of my issues are within that U.S. Supreme Court Petition.

Because this same law firm will be asking that the Federal Government intervene on my case in the very near future against you.

As you can see I now have one arm of the Federal Government involved in my case, which is the Bankruptcy Court, to stay you from continuing to steal any more of my hard-earned working future dollars and to stay you from imposing another motion fee masked as a Bond Fee, in the amount of $3,000.00 for every time I want to submit a motion.

I rest with saying this battle, that if I so have to march on through your criminal doors, the best is yet to come. Today, I look as a victory for myself, my son, and those mothers who have killed themselves, which statistically there is no count on.

Today, I look as a victory, because of the human rights violations against other mothers and myself that soon, reform of this Family law court system, will come!

May each of you be blessed and I do forgive each of you. I also realize that some of us have to lose our freedom for the next generation of mothers to bring change and to restore the same liberties and equal protections that has been eroded. For only a higher power knows why this is happening to me. I thank you and again God Bless each of you and our Country, the land of the free and brave. Praise GOD I am brave to stand before you today!

Debra Flowers and her son



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    • profile image

      Courtney Lage 2 years ago

      This is sadly closely my story not as extreme as this poor woman , but I do believe that where there is smoke thee is fire....this system needs to be turned inside out this is horrific. My heart aches for this poor woman. This must change our constitutional rights have been violated. We have lost sight of whats best for the children and have allowed a system to box us in. I send a million hugs and love to this poor woman and please know you are not alone. This soon will end for the better.....

    • profile image

      Anjie P 2 years ago

      I will be praying for you and your family. I will also pray for the judge and that she will have a change of heart. You are very brave and I thought your statement to the court about your lawsuit against them was well thought out, well spoken, courageous and beacon of light for all mother's going through situations similar to yours.!

    • profile image

      Stacey P. 2 years ago

      I am so sorry what you have been through, I am praying for you, that justice is served in your favor, may god bless you SMEN.

    • profile image

      Catherine Hamon 2 years ago

      I cannot thank you enough for standing up for all of the corruption, hate, and evil which we suffer through for being guilty of being a good parent and loving our child to the ends of the earth. I am so sorry for what you have been though and I understand as I went through a treacherous, horrific and actually, they stopped my medication and I died for several minutes and was hospitalized for several month. I, however, lost my daughter. I chose not to continue because their little conspiracy made me fear for my life and no one helped no better how much I wrote on Facebook, contacted the news and Judicial Misconduct. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. You are a brave, determined woman. ONE DAY YOUR CHILD WILL KNOW WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH AND LOVE, ADMIRE AND RESPECT YOU EVEN MORE. YOU WERE BORN TO BE A MOM AND REPRESENT SO MANY OTHER MOTHERS. I AM WITH YOU IN HEART AND SPIRIT.

    • profile image

      Gary Trieste 2 years ago


      I am one of those fathers, and I too am the target of a capricious, law breaking judge.

      Although I have not suffered as horribly as Debra Flowers, as my judge has "only" seen fit to remove my child from me, also without findings or due process, the violent ripping of my child from me, and the threat of more violence from the state if I try to tell her I love her or see her is as unjust and violative of all Constitutional rights as any.

      I am a fit parent with no DV, abuse or anything permitting such official estrangement.

      Although this article is cast as a gender discrimination issue, that is not the problem. It is the capricious targeting of innocent parents as the judicially unfavored litigant in any particular proceeding.

      I believe this happens more to fathers than mothers, but when it happens to mothers they feel it just as badly as fathers do.

      The family court judges are unrestrained, unchecked and unaccountable, and their peculiar venue makes this kind of behavior all the more worse, as they have virtually unlimited power to do anything they want to parents and families.

    • profile image

      Joe Milligan 2 years ago

      Hopefully this story will bring attention to the fact that good, loving fathers are going through this every second of every day in courtrooms across America.

    • profile image

      Michelle 2 years ago

      what a brave amazing Woman. I will be watching your case and of course the world is watching Judge Gorcyca. Her house of cards will crumble eventually.

    • profile image

      Cherie 2 years ago

      Wow. So sorry for what you have had to endure. So thankful for your faith. You are truly an example of God's miraculous power as you maintain your steadfast faith in His providence and purposes for you. God bless you and your son. I join with you in your belief that God's power is not diminished despite the appearance of the circumstances. Keep praising Him. Keep keeping your eyes on Him. I love Jeremy Riddle's song "The Lord is my Shepherd". It reminds me that He is truly all we need. I ask the Lord this very moment for His continued strengthening of you and preservation of your son. My love and blessings go out to both of you.

    • profile image

      Catherine 2 years ago

      Blessings to you! You are truly a strong and courageous woman! God will have all be revealed and the evil quashed!

    • profile image

      Mary Clark 2 years ago

      Deb is one of my best friends, and it has pained me to see how horribly wronged, and how unjustly she has been treated!! She is a wonderful woman, a wonderful mother who has not deserves any of this! I praise the Lord that someone is finally HELPING HER, I am elated that someone has finally listened to her story and standing up for her! I've sat helplessly and watched EVERYTHING been taken from her! She is a very strong, courageous woman who's story, I believe, will help so many others! You go girl! We couldn't understand how this could happen, WHY this has happened?? The Lord is working through you, and once the entire truth is out there, your purpose HAS BEEN FOUND! You will get everything back that was illegally taken from you, and I pray the people whom have done you SO VERY WRONG will get what's JUSTLY DUE TO THEM! Gob Bless You, Deb! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND TRULY FEEL THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR YOU, and the beginning to helping so many others out there, with stories just like yours, WILL FINALLY BE HEARD!!!!! Xoxo

    • profile image

      Susan 2 years ago

      You are amazing and an example to us all. I was also fined - $6000 by District 1 Court in North Carolina for filing a motion to intervene in a case I have been prohibited from participating in regarding my grandson - a case in which I AM NAMED RESPONDENT and not allowed to respond.

      Thank you for having the courage to speak for use all!