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Famous Socialists Fox News Doesn't Want You To Know About

Updated on December 22, 2013

Einstein a socialist? Oh my word!

Lies And Half Truths Exposed

As U.S. citizens continue to get inundated with "weapons of mass deception" coming from the conservative wing of the GOP, I decided to clarify a few things and set the record straight, so to speak. Conservative pundits are paid millions by Corporate America to dupe the middle class into voting against their own self interests. When they discuss prominent socialists, they invariably mention Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Fidel Castro and of course Che Guevara. The objective is to conjure up images of those "evil, murderous commies," in the minds of the masses who would perhaps feel threatened by such individuals.

Having listened to right-wing propagandists Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Neal Boortz promulgate a multiplicity of half truths and lies, I made it incumbent upon myself to incorporate a few things of my own from a different perspective. I pondered the possibility of mentioning a few distinguished individuals with positive images who were least suspected of being "socialists."

I was personally shocked by what I discovered: Let's see, who are some famous but good socialists? Well there was Albert Einstein (oh know, you mean the most brilliant genius in modern history was a socialist? My word!) Let's see, who else? Oh no, not Ernest Hemingway- still the most beloved and quoted author in U.S. History? Yup! Let's see who else? Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who introduced social security which has kept literally millions of senior citizens from poverty and homelessness, (such an evil thing to do). OK, who else? Lyndon Baines Johnson who had more civil rights legislation for minorities (WHAT?) passed during his administration than even John F. Kennedy. How about "THE MOST TRUSTED MAN IN AMERICA" which would have been the one and only-Walter Kronkite. Oh no, you've got to be kidding.

You might recognize a few more of those evil, liberty hating socialists from the following list: Jesus Christ, The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Famous Author John Steinbeck who wrote "The Grapes Of Wrath." One of the most prolific American authors in U.S. History- Kurt Vonnegut, "Les Miserable," author Victor Hugo,author of War and Peace- Leo Tolstoy, George Orwell, Nelson Mandela, the "Father Of Science Fiction"-H.G. Wells, Mahatma Gandhi, Ceasar Chavez, Helen Keller, former Prime Minister of Israel Golda Mier, David Ben-Gurion, Sinclair Lewis, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, MSNBC TV Journalist Lawrence O'Donnell and the list goes on and on and on.

Well I suppose the above mentioned socialists pose a very serious threat to America. All of you Fox Noise Network listeners out there, I apologize for distorting your right wing world concept of reality.


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    • profile image

      Shellback Jack 2 years ago

      Thanks for the stats. Just the taxes on the above mentioned would solve half of the worlds poverty problem

    • profile image

      cherdeb 2 years ago

      Just a quick internet research (all in 2013-2016 dollars). Perhaps Socialism, like Charity, should begin at home. Albert Einstein- $8 million His heirs continue to make approximately $12 million per year on licensing rights to his image for the Baby Einstein products.

      Mikhail Gorbachev - $5 million

      Chairman Mao - $700 million

      Fidel Castro - $900 million

      Nicolás Maduro (President of Venuzuala) $2 million

      Hugo Chavez $1 Billion

      Franklin Delano Roosevelt $800 million

      Lyndon Baines Johnson $556 million

      Nelson Mandela - $10 million

      Lawrence O'Donnell (American news broadcaster and TV writer) $12 million

      George Orwell - $30 million

      King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden - $70 million

      Queen Margrethe II of Denmark - $40 million

      And just to be current:

      Ted Cruz - $3.5 million

      Marco Rubio - $200 thousand

      Bernie Sanders - $500 thousand

      Hilary Clinton - $45 million

      Dr. Ben Carson -$30 million

    • imanoutkast profile image

      imanoutkast 3 years ago from Earth

      Very good. Take your rush.

    • profile image

      Shellbackjack 3 years ago

      imanoutkast: In response to your post I'll get back to this as soon as time allows. I will give you credit: You're a damn good writer. Also, I don't see you as my enemy at all. I apologize for anything I've said that would offend you in any way. The more I read your comments the more I can identify with your view points and understanding of "Socialism." I'll admit to being "extremist"perhaps due to frustration and "vitriol" directed toward those espousing conservative ideologies. It's early afternoon and I have several chores and errands to run. I hope to resume and conclude my response later this evening. Thanks

    • imanoutkast profile image

      imanoutkast 3 years ago from Earth

      "students in the U.S. ... who are in debt up to their years from exorbitant tuition rates and loans that keep them in bondage to the point to where they're required to live at their parents home because they can't afford to live on their own"

      I hope that you will someday take the time to understand why this has become a common thing. All I see from you so far is this: "Things are bad, it's the Right's fault, we need socialism". There is very little from you in the realm of substance to back up your statements, and there are quite a few assumptions in your arguments that lead up to your, seemingly de facto, conclusion of socialism. To put it bluntly, you are not very persuasive from a logic standpoint. If I was completely new to this whole debate about socialism (I presume versus capitalism), and I came upon your treatment of the topic, I would rather quickly conclude that socialism has no real case, only vitriol directed at this group or that, extremely little that actually gets to the core and addresses principles.

      Perhaps you should start by defining what you mean by "socialism", then we may be able to uncover a bit more and get underneath the surface issues.

      To address your point in the quote, I'll give you another little window into my life. I am one of those who has debt up to his eyeballs, I don't like it. But guess what...I recognize that I committed to it of my own free will, therefore I will man up and bear the full responsibility. I refuse to seek an easy way out and pass the blame onto someone else. I will pay off every last cent of interest, and I will go on after that to continue to shoot for my dreams, which I have to admit I already take part in every single day...even WITH all this debt! No, America still offers a chance to fulfill your dreams, the key is hard work and determination, same recipe as it's always been. It's not as well-incentivized as it used to be, but it absolutely is still doable.

      As part of the search I began after I started to wake up, as I described in my last post, I dug into why education is so expensive, why the situation is as you describe. Not only were the answers extremely interesting and enlightening in a number of ways, but they were a continuation for me of the reasons for why socialism does not address the issue -- as in all other areas that it pretends to solve. Ron Paul wrote a great book about this recently, "The School Revolution", highly recommend it for anyone looking for good advice, a great discussion of the topic, and answers.

      Actually, it seems to me that the majority of people today understand the inherent flaws in socialist government, it's only when the same principles are advanced under another name can it make any traction. Today it often runs under the guise of Progressivism and the mantra of Equality.

    • imanoutkast profile image

      imanoutkast 3 years ago from Earth

      "Imanoutkast, you ... know very little about socialism"

      What brings you to that conclusion? I know a great deal about it, not as much as someone like Ludwig von Mises mind you (who completely demolished the theory and predicted its inevitable downfall in his masterpiece "Socialism"), but I'm not sure how you could arrive at that conclusion based on what I said...I specifically addressed Christ's message, in relation to the principles of socialism. In fact, the principles are quite easy to understand, so it seems highly disingenuous for you to charge me with not understanding something that is simple to understand.

      I would absolutely enjoy an honest discussion about socialism. However, based on what you've written so far, you don't seem too interested in discussing the core of it, free from bias, but instead you hover around the surface issues, and in a very partisan manner to boot. I'm not interested in left/right false dichotomy discussions, only the truth. If you truly cared you would be railing just as hard against Democrats as you are against Republicans. Lastly, your broad characterizations of things, such as the Tea Party movement, lends to the idea that you have an axe to grind, an agenda to fulfill, or are simply inexperienced in your ability to discuss. I don't think you are doing your side any benefit, as you might otherwise imagine.

      "There are many versions of socialism"

      Yes, there are; you're correct. Some, like fascism, are the merging of private industry and the coercive state apparatus - in Germany, it was this and a nationalism based around various ancient mythologies and their war cultures. Some, like the socialism of the USSR, are full steam ahead, attempting to be as purely socialist as theory would have it, no forethought as to the natural consequences of the ideas. Others are more moderate, perhaps the European countries are a good example of this, as they realize from the lessons of the past that socialism can't survive in its pure form, so they closely monitor the capitalist aspects of society which fund the top-down socialist government.

      "Norway & Denmark where College is free"

      There's no such thing as "free" my friend, it's a difference of: the person who is obtaining the service pays for it, or someone else pays for it. The only other alternative is that teachers (and the institution which lends its resources) give away their services for free, which does happen, but it's quite rare and limited in scope - the simple reason being people have to eat. Energy has to be expended somewhere to reap the harvest so that we can survive, and it's only fair to be paid for work one does. This is usually understood even by socialists, but its unfortunate they aren't consistent with this understanding in other areas of economy, life and society. It should also be noted that any of the instances where individuals give freely of their own time and resources is when it's a voluntary decision on their part. If a society operated under this kind of voluntary socialism, that would indeed be admirable, as there is no coercion involved or violations of the rights of some to "help" others.

      "Imanoutkast ... if Jesus came down to your doorstep and told you you had it wrong you would spit in the Lord's face and stone him because Tea Turds are impervious to truth and therefore have no honor or dignity and you will not listen to truth"

      I'll tell you a little about my story, what brought me to the point where I'm at today in understanding economics and society in a new light, and my search for the truth in all these lies.

      I was raised in the typical American conservative Christian home. I didn't know it at the time, but a good deal of hypocrisy was there, and a general lack of understanding, no depth to why we believed what we did. I was taught good morals to be sure, straight from the Sermon on the Mount...good solid stuff. But as I got older, I started to see the divide between much of what we said we believed, and what Christ taught. Things like the common support for all sorts of unjust wars from those who call themselves Christians became abhorrent to me. Things like feeling the need to create a moral society from the top down with legislation meant to "instill" morality in society, utter nonsense.

      But, this was one side of the dilemma that is the public discussion. Understanding this hypocrisy does not mean that I go to the "opposite" political party, or ideology. While the Democratic party is often good on civil rights issues, it is inconsistent in that it does not apply these basic rights to other aspects of society, such as in the economic sphere, which is where socialism exists. Republicans often understand the right of an individual to economic freedom, but not often the civil liberties. I recognized the false dichotomy in the public debate in these areas and others, and found that if I wanted to be consistent in my understanding and beliefs, I had to throw them both aside and start fresh.

      I came across various events throughout my life, 9/11 being the biggest, which really caused me to challenge what I believed, and ever since I've held nothing sacred. I've dove into the topics, throwing aside bias and psychological comfort, and I truly have sought honestly for the way things are, what is reality, and what works to build a life, a society, on that reality. What I've arrived at (and things are always being reevaluated and fine-tuned) so far proves to be quite solid, as it's in line with human nature, the natural order, the laws of the universe, and so on. Also, it's internally consistent. I think this is a good place to be, something that should be the goal of everyone that seeks to build a good society.

      I finish my story with noting that I did not conclude by arriving at the ideas presented in socialism as the proper way forward, nor any other system per se. The way forward is freedom, to put it simply. It is the commonly lacking ingredient in every aspect of society that has ills. People are controlled, brainwashed, manipulated, forcefully babied from cradle to grave, on and on.

      The bottom line in all of this discussion is that people at the top, even some among the masses, have bought into the lie that people need to be controlled to have a "good society". I am convinced this is the biggest, most pervasive and damaging lie in our world today. The contempt that the elite (in government and out of government) have for the general population is quite evident if one just takes an honest look; it is absolutely horrific, and civilization needs to wake up to this fact before it allows these elitist psychopaths to lead it back into serfdom (read Hayek's "Road to Serfdom"). John Taylor Gatto talks about this contempt from elitist people at length, I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking the truth of what's going on, you can find him on Youtube.

      You've only touched on the surface of this, with your anti-Republican tirades...and you're missing the big picture, which is: the deception, greed, power-lust, hypocrisy, etc. is NOT confined to one political party, or one group of people, it is PERVASIVE, across the board of elitists, who think they have been given the divine task of running society...always from the top down of course.

      And heck, if we're honest we have to admit that we're a part of the problem, often with our general lack of understanding, we're easily duped into supporting things that hasten our own demise. Also, we are all fallible want to quote Gandhi, then you should be familiar with this sentiment: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." And since you seem keen on bringing Christ into this, he said, "You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." So be sure you're not cherry-picking from his words to further your own agenda...

    • profile image

      ShellbackJack 3 years ago

      "You Say You're A Wage Earner And You Vote Republican? You Must Be A Special Kind Of Stupid"~Sam Elliot, Actor

      "You're On Social Security Medicare & Medicaid And You Vote Republican? You Must Be A Special Kind Of Stupid"~Sam Elliot, Actor

      "You Think Just Because You're White That You Should Vote Republican? You Are A Special Kind Of Stupid"

    • profile image

      ShellbackJack 3 years ago


    • profile image

      ShellbackJack 3 years ago

      The U.S. Was Despised When George W. Bush Was President B/C The World Knew That Bush's Wars Were Illegal

    • profile image

      ShellbackJack 3 years ago

      George W .Bush And Dick Cheney Cannot Leave The U.S. And Go Abroad For Fear Of Being Arrested By Other Countries B/C Of Their War Crimes

    • profile image

      ShellbackJack 3 years ago

      Republicans & Conservative Pundits Are Extremely Frustrated B/C The Tea Party Is Being Exposed As Racist Thugs

    • profile image

      ShellbackJack 3 years ago

      The 1% & GOP Don't Want Americans With High IQs Who Are Capable Of Critical Thinking. They Want Obedient Workers, Grunts & Foot Soldiers

    • profile image

      Shellbackjack 3 years ago

      "The Bushes Are A Sneaky Bunch. They're Evil & Corrupt. I Do Not Not Trust These People. They Even Stole The Election"~Ronald Reagan Jr.

    • profile image

      Shellbackjack 3 years ago

      "Oh The Reagan Years" When Seniors Were Eating Dog Food To Survive While The Reagan Administration Stole Billions From Social Security

    • profile image

      ShellbackJack 3 years ago

      Craig, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Shifter 90 Percent of the wealth up to the wealthiest 10 per cent, wiped out the middle class and decimated the U.S. economy. The Reagan administration was the most scandalous in U.S. history. One hundred and thirty eight of his staff went to prison. Reagan at the advice of Alan Greenspan raided the social security trust fund to the extent that Reagan's own budget director David Stockman resigned in disgust. After nearly 300 U.S. marines were blown to smitherines in Lebanon, Reagan did absolutely nothing. He ran like a cocker spaniel with his tail between his legs. since Reagan was already senile while in office much of his policy was influenced by wife Nancy's astrological readings. yet you say Reagan had it right? Fact anyone who isn't wealthy and supports a Republican candidate for President is either a fool, stupid or just a racist and ignorant redneck. Imanoutkast, you and Craig know very little about socialism. There are many versions of socialism and Hitler's version was nothing near the type of socialism that exists today in countries such as Sweden, Norway & Denmark where College is free vs students in the U.S. (Corporate States Of america) who are in debt up to their years from exorbitant tuition rates and loans that keep them in bondage to the point to where they're required to live at their parents home because they can't afford to live on their own. Hitler's Fascist version of socialism was very different from Sweden, Norway and Denmark where they have a strong middle class, affordable healthcare for everyone, poverty is virtually nonexistent and the rich pay more in taxes and are prould to do so unlike the greed merchants in the U.S. who line the pockets of Republican leader to destroy programs that help the poor in order to give themselves bigger tax cuts. The religious right has morphed from the teachings of Christ to a perverted form of Ayn Rand Objectivism and is essentially a recriutment grounds for the Tea Party which is the modern day Jim Crow Republicans who give voice to racists, bigots, greed merchants, nazis and ignorant rednecks whose hatred for Liberals and minorities is much stronger than their need to vote for the party that actually represents. ie. they vote Republican who wants to end the parents' social security, medicare & medicaid by turning it over to their crooked friends on Wall street so they can get a kick back. Imanoutkast and Craig if Jesus came down to your doorstep and told you you had it wrong you would spit in the Lord's face and stone him because Tea Turds are impervious to truth and therefore have no honor or dignity and you will not listen to truth. If you would stop watching that den of lies Fox News which was thrown out of Canada and other countries and is nothing more than the propagandsa machine for the GOPs fascist agenda perhaps you might hear the truth. Sinclair Lewis said it best: "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." Also Mahatma Gandi Said "I Like your Jesus but I don't like your Christians, Your Christians are so unlike your Jesus." The religious right have sold out the poor and middle class by allowing themselves to be duped by religious right Leader-corporatists Pat Robertson, James Dobson and Ralph Reed who use two wedge issues: Abortion and gay rights to cause them to block vote for the GOP in exchange for preserving the church's tax exemption status. Jesus was a socialist because like other socialists today he was altruistic and cared about others including the poor and have nots. people like you love to sectively choose certain parts of scripture to support your corporate greed and fascist agenda. Your ignorance is causing the U.S. to move rapidly toward Feudalistic Servitude or Indentured Slavery where a vast population of extremely poor people will be ruled by a handful of billionaire tyrants as you're already seeing with the Koch brothers who along with the Bush family's ancestors had strong ties with Adolph Hitler.

      George W. Bush raided the social security trust fund to support his two illegitimate wars that he and Cheney lied to the American people to get the U.S. involved . Neither Reagan nor Bush ever replaced one dime of the money they stole from the SS fund.

    • profile image

      Craig 3 years ago

      ..... reagan was only in charge for two terms... we were prosperous. Bush went against the model he set by raising taxes, clinton cut taxes...but didn't curb spending..bush followed by cutting taxes...but also did not curb spending... obama raised taxes, and spends money I argue that Reagan had it right.

    • imanoutkast profile image

      imanoutkast 3 years ago from Earth

      Dealing with the last post from ShellbackJack, there are some distortions and assumptions here. Let's address them candidly...

      Firstly, you seem to be asserting that Christ was a socialist based on his life and teachings. You never prove that assertion, but instead use his teachings and various views, which are sometimes associated with socialism, to arrive at an unnecessary conclusion. Let's take each aspect and examine it, to hopefully get to a more solid, meaningful discussion. But before we do, we need to make sure we understand exactly what is meant by socialism. Socialism is defined as the following: a system of societal organization where the means of production are owned by the public, or community, as a whole, as opposed to individuals.

      Immediately, anyone who is familiar with Christ's teachings will recognize that this sort of idea is nowhere to be found in his teachings. Christ was not about any earthly system, he made it clear that he was about his Father's business, which was to set humanity free from the bondage of sin, to heal our hearts, and give us life overflowing. His followers were called out on their belief that he came to basically start a revolution against the Romans who had been oppressing them for quite some time, they were of course completely wrong. So now to your claims about who he was and what that means for socialism.

      "Jesus was anti war"

      Yes, "blessed are the peace makers" I think can only be interpreted to mean he was anti-war. But this is not exclusive to a socialist ideology, as defined above.

      "anti rich"

      Again, this is not exclusive to socialist ideology. Furthermore, we should discuss an important distinction between the common anti rich sentiment of socialists and the message that Christ had for the rich. We have to remember what Christ's purpose was, it was not to bring social equality through a system; he was not concerned about social status whatsoever, he was only concerned with the heart. We see this in his pronouncement: "No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money." This has nothing to do with the goals or claims of socialism, but everything to do with an individual's relationship with God.

      "healed the sick for free"

      I sincerely hope you're just forgetting the fact that Christian charity has historically done just that, and continues to do so throughout the world today. It simply does not require socialism. Some will try to say that churches operate on a socialist model, similar to the early church sharing their belongings, as described in Acts. But the important distinction here is that it is voluntary, as opposed to a socialist system of least in every proposal I've heard of socialist government, it is not voluntary.

      Transitioning away from Yeshua a bit, you imply that such legislation as The Affordable Care Act and similar approaches in other countries is equivalent to Christ not charging money for the healings that he performed:

      "He didn't charge the poor an arm and a leg like you Republicans want to do as you continually want to deny them affordable healthcare which is working very well in Canada, Germany, Denmark Sweden and other socialist countries"

      Christ did these things out of his own free will. To say that using government force to bring about something like what Christ did is completely contrary to something as basic as the Golden Rule. This is really a poor comparison.

      "If you don't want your tax dollars going toward helping the poor then don't say you want a country based on "Christian" values, because you don't."

      First of all, I'd like to meet someone that has consented to all the taxes they pay. I'm not saying such a person couldn't exist, but my point is that if someone has not consented to the taxes they pay, then it is theft, pure and simple according to basic moral principles.

      Secondly, the assumption is often that people won't give to help one another out without government taking on that role, which is absolutely ridiculous and completely false. In an honest dicussion, this comes down to efficiency -- is government or private charity better in this respect? It should be obvious that the incentives are completely different for government, as it extracts resources through the force of law, therefore it does not earn the money which is to go to helping the poor, and the predictable effects of bureaucracy and politics crop up. On the other hand, in stark contrast, private charity has to be as efficient as possible because it indeed does rely on voluntary donations. Therefore it more often ends up being effective and not counterproductive. If it wastes its resources, it will cease to exist, most often not so with government, unfortunately.

      Furthermore, to blindly assert that tax dollars are going to help the poor at all is an assumption. It is absolutely justified to question whether any government policy, especially as we see the increasingly Orwellian nature of legislation these days (deceptively labelled as one thing, accomplishing another intended goal), actually brings about the goals sought after. It has indeed been proven that certain government policies with stated intentions of helping the poor have actually made their situation worse.

      To wrap it up, blindly asserting that Christian values and government use of tax dollars are one in the same should not only be seen as an assumption, but flawed as a matter of principle and practicality.

    • profile image

      tommy 3 years ago

      Are we forgetting Hitler? Biggest baddest Socialist ever!

    • profile image

      ShellbackJack 4 years ago

      Jenny, You could not be more incorrect. First of all I probably read the bible before you were born. You say Jesus was not a Socialist? Let's look at his life. Jesus was anti war, anti rich, pro peace and healed the sick for free; He didn't charge the poor an arm and a leg like you Republicans want to do as you continually want to deny them affordable healthcare which is working very well in Canada, Germany, Denmark Sweden and other socialist countries. You religious right wing hypocrites always assume that people who need social safety nets are lazy and refuse to work. That's just so narrow minded and reflective of "Neanderthal Reasoning" which is so typical amongst you Tea Baggers to justify pillaging social security which seniors paid into all their working lives and then give your wealthy masters, the one per cent, more tax cuts.

      If you don't want your tax dollars going toward helping the poor then don't say you want a country based on "Christian" values, because you don't. To quote Mahatma Gandhi: "I like your Jesus but I don't like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Jesus." I believe Gandhi could understand the needs of the poor and he was calling out the racist U.S. Christian Community which has aligned itself with the GOP (Greedy Old Party) in order to maintain its tax exempt status in exchange for block voting against the party of its own interests.

      For every job opening in the U.S. there are three applicants. Why is this? I'll tell you why because your wealthy masters with the help of their republican puppets have outsourced those jobs due to sheer greed. Your republican party of greed, in order to "make Barack Obama a one termer" blocked 39 jobs bills submitted by the President. So your assumption that the poor and Socialists are lazy is just untrue and asinine. "Levitical Law?" I believe that's old testament crap anyway. We know what Jesus said about the rich (the camel & eye of the needle) and "when you do unto these you've done unto me."

      I've read the bible probably more than you but I don't use it to justify oppressing poor people, starting wars and bashing people who have a different orientation than me as you right wing fascists do. You obviously know very little about "Socialism" which has many different versions. Yes Fox news always likes to refer to Marx. Lennon, Castro & Che Guevara. What about Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland just some of the socialist countries where the quality of life is much better for its masses than the U.S. since Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush shifted 90 per cent of the wealth up to the wealthiest 10 per cent and the middle class vanished into the ranks of the poor.

      Karl Marx invented the "progressive tax system" which is used in the U.S. today as a means to combat income inequality, but the wealthy, with the help of their paid off republican politicians, circumvent this system in the form of tax shelters and loopholes. Since Reagan began busting unions (air traffic controllers) in the 80's the income disparity between CEOs and the working class has gone from 30 to 1 to 450 to 1 which is by far the largest in the world. Fact: Reagan was already senile while still President and his policies were dictated according to wife Nancy's astrological readings. This was brought out by Reagan's own son, Ron Reagan Jr.

      The church has somehow morphed from the teachings of Jesus to some perverted, heartless form of Ayn Rand Psychosis, devoid of love and altruism.

      Jesus was for the poor and against the greedy rich and he abhorred hypocrisy. Jesus was against wars which make the rich richer while poor kids shed their blood for oil. Perhaps you should stop watching Fox and listening to right wing, hate radio.

      Unless you're too much of a moralist to listen to the truth I'd admonish (good Christian term Huh?) you to watch this 3 minute video to shed some light on how your Republican Party is helping to destroy America:

    • profile image

      jenny 4 years ago

      Obviously you have not read the bible. Jesus was not a socialist. In Mathew

      25:24 Jesus condemned the lazy servant, where the servant accused the master of being unfair like a typical socialist. You obviously don't know bible history where in Levitical law property ownership is protected by God. Jesus also said if you don't work you don't eat. But whatever makes you all feel good. Just don't use Jesus to justify your agenda.

      Oh and do your homework. In socialism government becomes your god and you become its slave.

    • ShellbackJack profile image

      ShellbackJack 4 years ago

      Thanks Shannon, You're absolutely Right I Just Forgot Duh!! Today I Would've Also Included Pope Francis & Mother Teresa. Thanks For Your Insight!

    • profile image

      Shannon Nelson 4 years ago

      The Dalai Lama should be added to this list. He's a SELF-PROCLAIMED socialist. Or as the tea party crowd would call him "Nazi-loving secret Muslim."

    • profile image

      Sooner28 5 years ago

      Keep speaking truth to power!

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great Hub, ShellbackJack. FoxNews is a total mouthpiece for Republicans and especially for ultra conservative views. It is not shocking that they ignoren socialists or use them as whipping boys. It is quite sad though.

    • profile image

      kxwaal 5 years ago

      It's always hilarious when capitalists quote Orwell to me during debates. After I inform them Orwell was "one of us filthy socialists", they often just stare blankly.

    • imanoutkast profile image

      imanoutkast 5 years ago from Earth

      6 words: Ludwig von Mises, "Socialism". Read it.

    • profile image

      Che 5 years ago

      Please remove Tony Blair from this list. He is NOT a socialist & his inclusion undermines the whole point you're trying to make. He got the Labour Party's commitment to socialist values removed from their constitution.

    • ShellbackJack profile image

      ShellbackJack 5 years ago

      LastMan I couldn't disagree with you more. Yes capitalisn did help bring prosperity to many back during the 50's & 60's as millions of the poor entered the ranks of the midlle class. Today, as a result of 30 years of Reaganomics just the opposite has taken place due to greed: The middle class in the U.S. is rapidly vanishing into the ranks of the poor partially due to the exporting of U.S. jobs abroad, out of greed, by the "Mitt Romneys of the world, " and due to stagflation whereby wage increases have remained at a constant for 30 years while inflation has taken it's toll. The diparity between CEO's salaries and the average working class person's salary is unconsienable. The average person cannot afford a visit to the doctor's office any longer. Under Reagonomics (Reagan's Trickle Dow Economics) 90 percent of the wealth in the U.S. has trickled up to the top 10 percent out of greed. Capitalism was a great institution a few decades ago but today the U.S. is experiencing the "evils" or "excesses" of capitalism due to greed. This is unaaceptable and must be reversed. How dare you suggest that I leave if I don't like capitalism! I, along with millions of others will use the power of the ballot to change things, vote out the corporate fascists and strenthen social programs that help the poor and middle class.

    • profile image

      Callum 5 years ago

      As someone from the UK, I totally disagree with Tony Blair as a socialist. He turned Labour from a party for the workers to just another party for the elite.

      @LastMan; prosperous for who exactly? 20% of the American population still live in poverty.

    • profile image

      LastMan 5 years ago

      Communists. If you don't like Capitalism and how prosperous it has made America, then get out.

    • profile image

      SanXuary 6 years ago

      When the real Jesus gets here they will have stoned themselves to death. There are a lot of people waking up but there is no real force behind it yet. Until they quit supporting these two political parties and begin to support all the people by demanding that they be represented the game will only continue.

    • ShellbackJack profile image

      ShellbackJack 6 years ago

      You have keen insight and a rare perception SanXuary. Too bad so many people are ignorant of the truth who continually feed on right wing fascist propaganda coming from FNN.I rub elbows with these people everyday but they are so brainwashed and impervious to the truth that if Jesus came down to their doorstep and told them they had it all wrong they would either run him off or stone him. People like you and me need to find a way to reach these people somehow if we have time to save this country.Thanks for your comments.

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      SanXuary 6 years ago

      I love how we condemn Socialism but deny how we force millions into social systems to begin with. Mandatory education, a rigged system that insures millions can never get ahead in life, unaffordable health care and run away greed. When you insure that millions will always live in a monetary system that insures that wages will never increase above the cost of living and taxes will always be the burden of the middle class. You have forced millions to live in a socialist system with no choice. We claim to be a Democracy but we are a Republic. They claim to Represent the people but they represent corporate America. Fox news claims to be news but they are a propaganda machine. When they condemn socialism they are only condemning everyone who is only simply getting by and are forced to be one regardless.

    • ShellbackJack profile image

      ShellbackJack 6 years ago

      Thanks faceless 39. Although I am not a socialist per se, I do believe that we do need socialist programs in this country to assist the poor, elderly, dysfuntional and homeless. I do not believe in unbridled capitalism which only breeds more greed, crime and corruption. We need a balance of both systems so achievers are not held back yet seniors are not rummaging through trash receptacles in search of aluminum cans and our war veterans are not relegated to the status of being homeless derelicts who live on the streets of our cities.

    • Faceless39 profile image

      Faceless39 6 years ago from The North Woods, USA

      Voted up, useful, and interesting. I'd argue that neither the democrats nor the republicans have our interests at heart. In fact, I'd argue that corporate lobbyists control, at least monetarily, who wins the presidency. The president passes laws that benefit the corporations who sponsored (him). Thus goes the interminable cycle.

      Che Guevara is considered an evil bastard because the US government doesn't want anyone getting any ideas. Here's more info. for whoever is interested:

      I agree with parts of your argument, but I think that picking either side is a mistake. To move forward, we've got to think outside of the box: Buck the system! :)