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Farage V Salmond On In/Out EU Debate

Updated on February 25, 2016
EU Flag.
EU Flag. | Source
David Cameron.
David Cameron. | Source
George Osborne.
George Osborne. | Source
Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage. | Source
Alex Salmond.
Alex Salmond. | Source
UKIP Poster.
UKIP Poster. | Source
SNP Poster.
SNP Poster. | Source
Scottish Parliament.
Scottish Parliament. | Source

Farage Only To Happy To Debate With Salmond.

Former leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party) Alex Salmond who gave up his leadership of the party and the job of First Minister for Scotland in 2014 after Scotland rejected independence and who now sits in Westminster as an SNP MP has challenged UKIP leader and MEP Nigel Farage to a debate about the UK being in or out of the EU.

The EU In/Out vote is pencilled in for June according to sources close to David Cameron who met with EU man Donald Tusk at 10 Downing Street to hammer out some kind of a better deal for the UK to stay in the EU to which Nigel Farage called the deal "Pathetic" and Alex Salmond denounced it as a "Sham".

Alex Salmond in his chat with Murnaghan on Sky told him that if the UK voted for Brexit (the UK leaving the EU) Cameron and Osborne's positions as PM and Chancellor respectively would become untenable and they should do the honourable thing and resign.

A spokesperson for Nigel Farage said Farage was certainly up for the debate and Farage has debated the subject of the EU before with Nick Clegg once leader of the Lib - Dems and Deputy PM and Farage clearly won that debate. However Salmond is a different kettle of fish to Clegg not laid back like Clegg was but more confrontational and if this was a heavy weight boxing match both Farage and Salmond would be worthy opponents of each other as they both love to brawl that is vocally about issues they are concerned about. Who will come out on top of such a debate with Salmond and Farage I would not like to speculate.

Of course many pundits feel that Salmond during the debate if and when it takes place will be mentioning Scotand's place in the UK should the voting public in the UK vote for the UK to leave the EU. If many people in Scotland vote to stay in the EU and voters elsewhere in the UK overwhelmingly vote to leave the EU then this could force another referendum in Scotland about whether Scotland should stay or go out of the UK.

The Obama administration has said it would prefer the UK to stay in the EU but Cameron has got his work cut dashing between London and the respective EU capitals including Brussels trying to find some backing for his deal with Tusk while at the same trying to appease the Euro - sceptic members of his own party including in his cabinet. Recently I did another article about Cameron losing his hair and going grey well obviously all this dashing around to Europe and trying to appease the Euro - sceptics in the Conservative party is not going to help his poor old head of hair.

Back to the supposed debate between Nigel Farage and Alex Salmond in many ways now politicians debating issues have become ten a penny in the UK whether it be party leaders debating like they did when it was the general election or individual politicians like Farage and Salmond debating issues.


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