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Farewell My Soldier

Updated on November 28, 2014


A memorial
A memorial
Vineland memorial park
Vineland memorial park
One of our remembrances.
One of our remembrances.

Marines in Firefight with Taliban

Farewell Afghanistan

This poem is written to honor our soldiers. Because of their sacrifice, we get to live another day in relative safety. It is dedicated to them with love.

Farewell Afghanistan

The desert sands are like the

Sun’s fire beneath my feet.

My lips are as dry and delicate

As rice paper. I walk slowly,

My whole eyes search for the enemy

While my soul prays that I find none.

I long for my lady at home,

But my wartime lover

Is cradled in my arms.

She is a beauty, cold as steel,

Faster than stars falling from the skies,

My semi-automatic love.

I hold her close to me

With gratitude. I call her

Mary, for like the mother of God

I look to her to keep me safe.

In the corner of my eye

I see a movement

Undefined, too late for Mary to

Protect me, I hear the fireworks.

A robot boy, too young to die, too young to

Kill, barely a man, cross-wired

For an unrighteous cause

Has given his life in an effort to take mine.

In an instant, it is the fourth of July.

I am home in my real lover’s arms.

The pain grows from my gut

To my heart, and in my soul I whisper,

“I love you,” then

“Be safe,” and then


I see her tears attempt

To quench the thirst in my soul,

And my world fades to black….

Support our Troops

Attached there are several links that will bring you to organizations that offer support to our troops. Please feel free to browse them or add a few of your own.

Remember, they are gone, but they should never be forgotten.

Senator Obama visits with American troops in Afghanistan

By Staff Sgt. Adora Medina ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Staff Sgt. Adora Medina ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Stephen Petraeus searches a house in Chak District, Wardak province

By Pfc. Donald Watkins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Pfc. Donald Watkins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Another Poem for Our Soldiers

 I was going through my files today and I found another poem that I had previously written with our soldiers in mind. I decided to add it to the end of this hub. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope everybody gets it!


Not Just a Number

He’s not just a number.

He’s a man.

He needs.

He wants.

He feels-

He’s very real.


He is a soldier

Defending this land.

He just might lose

A leg,

Or a hand,

Or his life.

Someone else caused this strife.


But it doesn’t matter.

He is a soldier.

He is a hero.

He is a man.

He needs, he feels,

We should remember that

He is not just a number.



US Soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan surprising their loved ones

Army Ranger Suicide Before 9th Deployment To Iraq/Afghanistan


Do you know someone that was sent to Iraq/Afghanistan more than three times?

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