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12V Farm and Stable Lights for Stabling Horse Box and Barn

Updated on June 18, 2012

Powerful Low Voltage 12V OnSolar lights For Farm, Barn and Stable Illumination

Often there is a requirement to illuminate a remote stable block or barn area with bright, quality light. When there is no local 240V ac power source available options can be limited. When considering how to safely illuminate an area such as horse stabling, barns, sheds, workshop or remote building in these circumstances one may first consider using a portable petrol or small diesel generator. However, this can be problematic with regard to storage on site and also for fuelling either from the point of view of safety or security. Another option would be to employ a quality 12V battery (sized according to your project) and either charge via a roof mounted solar panel (and charge regulator) or just recharge the battery by taking back to 'base', or keeping two batteries in rotation. This is because there is now a range of high quality 12v DC Fluorescent lamps / bulbs available which can be employed in just about any regular Bayonet Cap (B22) or Edison Screw (E27) light fitting. Fittings for outdoor areas are available form many of the large DIY stores and can be fitted to provide a weatherproof light source in just a couple of minutes. We recomend using a suitable inline fuse and some good twin core quality cable.
It is possible to illuminate large areas such as barns and remote buildings using one or two 20 watt low energy 'A' rated 12v fluorescent lamps and smaller eareas with 11 Watt CFL's. Each lamp is near equivalent to a 100w regular incandescent lamp and has a bright white colour suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting. With a low power consumption, a modest lead acid battery can provide hours of reserve. For a permanent solution, we recommend employing a Solar PV (photovoltaic) module to trickle charge the battery during daylight hours.

Remote Lighting Using 12V Fluorescent OnSolar lamps
Remote Lighting Using 12V Fluorescent OnSolar lamps

12V DC OnSolar Lamps are ideal for use in remote locations such as Barns and Stable blocks

Farmers and horse owners can use OnSolar 12V CFL and LED lamps to illuminate outbuildings stables and entry areas!

Many people are now finding they can install a simple 12V circuit and start illuminating stabling and remote farm buildings with out great value CFL and CCFL lamps.

A single 12v 11w Fluorescent lamp or even a 7W 12V CFL can provide a great lighting source for a stable or single horse stall. All that is required is a regular light fitting (available from your local DIY store), suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use as the case may be, a good quality 12V battery (which can be taken home and charged every week or so as required), a simple light switch / pull switch and some ordinary 'ring main cable to install your circuit. We highly recomend fitting an inline fuse rated at 5 amps to protect each lighting circuit and prevent problems in case of mice, etc, damaging cables.

To save time and make your system more user friendly, you may wish to consider fitting a simple solar PV panel and regulator. We recomend at least one 20W panel (suitably positioned to achieve maximum charging benefit and to prevent theft) for every 5 watts of power in use (assuming an average 2 or 3 hours a day use in the UK). If the lamp(s) are used for extended periods, your 12v battery may require either more or larger solar PV panels to provide sufficient charge or removing for supplemental charging at home every couple of weeks during the Autumn / winter periods.

The 12V / 24V Floodlighting Option is Here!
The 12V / 24V Floodlighting Option is Here!

The 12V / 24V LED Floodlight Has Arrived!

Super Bright Illumination Using High Power LED lamps

LED Floodlights are now available to illuminate any area where a simple 12V DC power supply is available. Lighting for store rooms, stabling, barns, outbuildings and task lighting on tractor or other vehicles!

Available with an automatic voltage selector built in these little units will work on your 12V and / or 24V DC supply without adjustment.

12V 10W LED Floodlamps

Romote Locations can be powerfully illuminted using a 12V battery supply

One 12v 20W compact fluorescent lamp is near equivalent to a regular 100W lamp

Remote buildings including stables, barns and storage areas can be cheaply and powerfully illuminated using 12V 'Compact fluorescent lamps'. An 'OnSolar' 11W lamp provides an equivalent light output to a regular incandescent lamp whilst consuming under 1 amp from your 12V DC battery / power supply. Better still, using a single 20W 'CFL' will provide near equivalent illumination to a standard filament lamp of 100W and still use under 2 amps! Installing a small solar PV panel can ensure the battery is trickle charged daily, keeping the battery in good health and ready to provide powerful light. This means one can work in safely during the hours of darkness without having to use clumsy hand lamps, etc.

See 12v 20w Fluorescent lamps here

What sort of 12/24V DC lamp would you really like to use to illuminate your barn, etc ... - More Power Required?

For larger area's and special outdoor flood lighting applications, now have high power low ebnergy LED 12V / 24V Flood lights available. See our other page here: See our other page here

Do you need bigger 12V / 24V DC Lamps?

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